May 16th, 2017


B1A4 Jinyoung Confirmed To Produce 'Idol Drama Operation Team' Title Song

Beside this certified bop news, agency confirmed he will make a cameo on the upcoming drama
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Dean Confirmed To Be Making A Comeback This Month

On May 16, it was confirmed that R&B vocalist Dean will be making his comeback in just a few days with a new single album.

The talented singer last released music earlier this year in February with his single album titled “limbo.” His title track, “come over,” which featured vocalist Baek Yerin of 15&, received a great deal of love when it was released and has continued to maintain a steady position on domestic music charts.

Besides his own comeback album, Dean will also be collaborating with vocalist Suran for her album, as well as artist Loco, who will be making his comeback soon as well.

Dean’s new single album will be dropping on May 20.

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🌹Roy Kim roundup - new M/V, live performances, album listening🌹

"Suddenly" M/V (title track)

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🌹 "Egoist" M/V

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Note: the album title has been translated as "Blossom," "Blooming Period" and "Blooming Season" but it's officially titled "Blossom" in iTunes.
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VICTON Is Getting Their Own Reality Series: VICTON's Born Identity!

(cc for subs)

VICTON members have entered Freezer High!
What's the story behind Chorong becoming the most popular girl in school?
The members of VICTON who debuted just 7 months ago challenge themselves to a reality program to find their real characters.
The first story of "VICTON's Born Identity."
Check out VICTON members' challenge to find their real characters every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.!

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this looks so fun! i'm excited for them! also, i'm glad it's on 1theK because they almost always provide subs!!
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STAR ver teasers of KNK's 'GRAVITY' comeback are up!

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☄️Gravity Comeback Navigation☄️:
☄️Comeback Schedule☄️
☄️Concept Photos☄️: Sun☼ Moon☾ Star☆

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YEZUS releases teaser images for solo comeback Anck Su Namum!!!!!

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Anck Su Namum was a movie character who was Pharaoh Seti I's mistress
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SISTER'S SLAM DUNK - Season 2, Episodes 12(?) + 13

Sorry guys! Looks like KBS World COMPLETELY forgot about episode 12. (They didn't even put up clips!)
Just click on the pic to access the video. (It's the best we could do.)

Episode Highlights:

  • The girls testing out their smarts

  • The girls putting the finishing touches on choreography (Coach Hwa Young reprimanding them for talking too much! lol)

  • Our 2 Youngs (Jin Young & Chae Young) playing 1 vs. 100 (They did pretty good! Their contemporaries, on the other hand…)

  • Jin Young getting rap lessons from Jessi and Defconn

  • Jin Young finally becoming the rapper she always wanted to be!

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Source: kshow123|KBS World TV
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Choa Gives Explanation For Her Absence And Apologizes For Worrying Fans

AOA’s Choa has returned to reassure fans after worries emerged of her prolonged absence. This follows a statement released by FNC Entertainment on the issue.

On May 16, Choa took to her personal Instagram account to explain and said, “Hello, this is Choa! I was a little surprised by all the attention I got for the first long break I’ve had since my debut, but I’m sincerely grateful that you were thinking of me even when I’m not there.

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NCT DJs Johnjae and Taeil expose their dark pasts on NCT Night Night

In such a dark time where we're lacking NCT activity and posts, which OP is ofc very sad about, NCT Night Night is the only thing that provides some good content. Monday nights on NCT's radio show is a corner entitled Childhood Dream where, in the weeks before, Dreamies Mark, Jeno and Jisung each visited and talked about different topics related to childhood. Yesterday, the guest was NCT's tiny oldest hyung Taeil, who will also return next week, and the main topic of the show was Me Back Then: Dark History Fashion. Unfortunately for us, this is one of the episodes that wasn't viewable so we can only enjoy their honey voices.

🙈 johnjae talk about doll-like children and jaehyun says he was never called handsome as a kid, johnny calls bullshit
🙈 nct's funniest taeil on how he picked his yellow outfit to fit the theme of childhood and how it could have been a lot worse if the stylist didn't stop him bc he wanted to wear shorts too
🙈 the difference between taeil on and off screen is really big, he talks a lot more when they are just among themselves and taeil says he hopes he can show that side of himself soon
🙈 they discuss birthdays and how they used to celebrate when they were younger. taeil says he'd like a computer for his bday next month because he currently has monopoly over johnny's laptop. johnny later says he'll put a ribbon on his head and be taeil's bday present #notbad
🙈 taeil talks about how he was back in his school days, how he was kind of a show off and a lot noisier and they talk about THAT photo
🙈 they bring back taeil's ost because of you (i missed this meme) and he sings a little snippet of it too
🙈 for today's topic, they air out embarrassing past secrets: in 2nd grade taeil was really into dragon ball so he went to school with his hair gelled up to like like he was super saiyan. jaehyun (when he was 7-8) used to wear his cap at 45 degrees to be hip-hop and had a pair of leopard print sunglasses he was proud of. johnny used to be into the backstreet boys and sync and used to style his hair like them and he was the first guy at his school to wear skinny jeans
🙈 taeil recommends some music: daft punk, disclosure and the 1975

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omona do you have a dark fashion history? what were your favourite fashion items when you were younger?

THE OMONA PLAYLIST ♪: Guilty Pleasure - Results!

I didn't think I had to say this, but obviously a guilty pleasure song for others, won't be the same as yours.
Some people truly hate how much they love Wolf. And I don't blame them.

If you're A-okay with the terrible and trash songs you like, and this wasn't for you? Cool.

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The polls will be closed Thursday, May 19, 12AM PST

I will be curating a playlist(s) (based on my own taste, or lack thereof) in the next coming days. But, I'll make a suggestion thread where you guys can name a playlist theme and I'll add it to the list so it can be included in polls for next time. You can specify if you want ME to create a playlist for that theme or you'd rather all members participate in creating it. Either way, is fine.