May 17th, 2017

i'm serious brian

Day6 is hilarious in their interview with MTVAsian, hint at fandom name!

Stop DAYdreaming fam, we are back with DAY6's answers to your questions!
We handed the mic over to you guys to be our special interviewers for DAY6 and took it to our Twitter and Facebook pages to get YOUR questions for DAY6. The response was overwhelming – more than 1,500 questions from fans around the world! Aaaaaand TADAHHHHH – the boys have chosen 15 of your creative and quirky questions! Check out if they've chosen yours:

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Source: MTVAsia

this was such a cute and fun interview. some of the answers were pretty interesting though, and help, dowoon is too adorable for words

Kim Soo Hyun Promises An Appearance On “Infinite Challenge” If There Is A Bowling Special

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has made a special voice appearance on “Infinite Challenge”!

On the recent episode of “Infinite Challenge” on May 13, the members spontaneously gave a call to actor Kim Soo Hyun. The members were talking about how much the actor likes bowling, and HaHa happened to have his number.
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JinJin black and white


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Astro 'DREAM PART.01' Comeback Navigation
☀️ Moving Teaser
🌙 Timetable - Day and Night Versions
☀️ Concept Photos #1
🌙 Concept Photos #2

tvN is Panicking, Moves/Adds Drama Slots

Cable station tvN has announced a significant change in its scheduling plans, going six days a week with drama programming. tvN is adding a Wednesday-Thursday drama slot to the schedule, and will be shifting its Friday-Saturday shows to a more traditional Saturday-Sunday slot.

One station rep explained that the decision comes out of the station’s recent ratings slump in an effort to breathe new life into things. After all, while tvN has been home to many of cable’s biggest success stories, it also has its fair share of underperformers; this year has produced lower-than-expected ratings for many of its offerings, like Introverted Boss, Tomorrow With You, and Chicago Typewriter.

The first tvN drama to be affected by this scheduling change will be Forest of Secrets, the pre-produced thriller starring Jo Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na (OP note: I've seen different sources say that it will be starting the beginning of June and will affect the last episodes of Chicago Typewriter, I haven't found a clear answer yet). It premieres on June 10 as a Saturday-Sunday drama. The Wednesday-Thursday drama block will launch in July, no announcement yet on which drama will premiere then.

Sources: Dramabeans/Joins

The recent successes of jtbc and OCN compared to their own failures must have them scrambling. I like having their dramas to watch on Fridays, I'm annoyed at this change. Omona, what are your favorite tvN dramas? Your least favorite?

Spring Got A Little Sweeter: Baek A Yeon To Make Comeback In May

Baek A Yeon will be making a comeback in May.

Reports came out on May 17 from multiple sources in the industry that the singer is gearing up to release a new song. JYP Entertainment confirmed the news and said, “Baek A Yeon will be releasing a new song on May 29. We will be releasing more details in the near future.

This will be her first solo song since “So So” one year ago, and approximately half a year since her duet with GOT7’s JB, a special seasonal song called “Just Once.”

Baek A Yeon will be going head-to-head with idol groups like Highlight, ASTRO, and APRIL, who are all releasing new songs on the same day. They are set to join a May roster that features other heavyweights like PSY, TWICE, iKON, SEVENTEEN, and SISTAR.

Are you excited for Baek A Yeon’s return?

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Stylecast 2017 Ep. 15

Hosted by Ashley from Ladies' Code & Xander Eusebio

Sunglasses / Gel creams / Off-shoulder fashion / Cat's eye look

Every week we bring you what's hot now in the Korean fashion & beauty scene! Protect your eyes with a cool pair of shades, and keep your skin happy with some lightweight gel creams that are super hydrating and chock full o' vitamins! Give a little attitude with winged eyeliner! It's a look that we see often on celebrities and if you have trouble getting both sides even, tune in for the tips that our Makeup artist Ra Jae-kyung has for you.

I love all those sunnies! I picked up some mirrored Gentle Monsters just last month. I'm also going to try that trick with the eyelid tape. Dedicating this post to lightframes, the only other person on Omona who seems to like this show lol!

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Song Hye-kyo’s family once blackmailed by manager


Actress Song Hye-kyo and her family were once threatened by her previous manager, revealed a TV program Monday. In an episode of a celebrity investigation program on Channel A, a reporter on the show shared that in January 2005, Song’s mother had received an unidentified blackmail letter.

It read, “I will ruin you and your daughter by pouring hydrochloric acid on your bodies unless you give me 250 million won ($223,520). If you don’t want to see your daughter’s body rotting and melting for the rest of your life, then you should really think about it. I have already prepared a large amount of toxins and hallucinogens.”

A police investigation found that the blackmailer was Song’s former manager, who the actress had worked with for three years.

“Song’s mother was so shocked by the letter that she spent the days in tears,” the reporter said. “But she didn’t press charges against the manager because she didn’t want to believe that he could have done such a thing.”

The manager reportedly decided to blackmail Song after he was fired from Song’s agency over an embezzlement allegation.

...the fuck? I hope he got locked away.

source: KPopHerald

Park Bo-gum and Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong chosen to be most ideal teachers

Park Bo-gum was chosen as the top celebrity that Koreans want to have as a school teacher, according to a local internet lectures company. The survey was conducted among nearly 920 students on Monday, Teacher's Day, asking “Which celebrity do you wish could be your school teacher?”

About 36 percent of the respondents picked Park as the top choice, while Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong was chosen as the No. 2 choice.

“Since Park Bo-gum is not only handsome but was also a student who studied hard while going through a busy schedule, students likely picked the actor,” an official from the company said. “Meanwhile, the students mostly thought that Kim Se-jeong could be a cute and charming teacher.”

Other top picks include Park Hyung-sik, Park Bo-young, IU, Yook Sung-jae, Red Velvet’s Irene and Song Joong-ki.

Omona, who do you have dirty professor/student fantasies about? think would make a cute and charming teacher?

source: KPopHerald

AOA’s Seolhyun Receives Offer To Appear In Upcoming Historical Film Starring Jo In Sung

AOA’s Seolhyun has been offered a role in an upcoming historical film.

On May 17, a source from her agency FNC Entertainment, stated, “It’s true that Seolhyun has received an offer for a role in the film ‘Ansi Fortress’ (working title). She is currently considering the project. Nothing has been decided yet.”

The upcoming historical film “Ansi Fortress” depicts the 88 days of battle between Yang Manchun (with the Goguryeo army) against the invasion of 500 thousand Tang Dynasty troops who tried to capture Ansi fortress.

Meanwhile, actor Jo In Sung has confirmed his role in “Ansi Fortress,” which is set to start film production in August of this year. The film is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2018.

source: soompi, mydaily
baby!JY pout

GOT7 Jackson & Jinyoung for OhBoy! May 2017 Issue

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Omona, you don't even know how soft the 'wang gae park gae' couple makes OP, they're my weak spot (Wang gae Park gae a.k.a Wang puppy Park puppy a.k.a the couple name Jackson came up with for him and Jinyoung.) Look at them being all boyfriend-y and beautiful (with and without dogs).
PS. bless whoever put them is those shorts.
BTS | Taehyung smile
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Sports Kyunghyang 12th Anniversary Special Edition Interview with BTS

BTS "The last 4 years were so spectacle to the point we can't remember the previous 20 years"

Seven member group BTS's (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jimin) 2017 was glorious than any other's. With the sensitivity of the early 20s that perfectly fits their age group, they completely swept the hearts of the "youths" from 10s to 20s. The people who swept off their feet didn't necessarily limit to Koreans. Fans around the world go wild because of their voice and body moves, and we're sure the number would be increasing every minute. This is the period when the youths of the people who sing about "youth" shine the brightest.

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of "Sports Kyunghyang", we selected group BTS who is currently busy with their second world tour concert "WINGS TOUR" as our interviewer. BTS perfected their musicality, and star quality as an artist and captured their identity in their music through their album "WINGS" which released end of last year and "WINGS Extension" which released earlier this year. Their global influence is proved by their entry in the US Billboard chart, ranking in iTunes charts around the world, and the number of the audience attending their tour concerts. And these boys are preparing their entry to the US Billboard Music Awards. BTS who is currently on their world tour expressed their present, past and future with words deep from their hearts during the exclusive interview with "Sports Kyunghyang". What other groups than BTS could express "Sports Kyunghyang" that is still young and fresh?

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Source: Sports Kyunghyang 1, 2, 3 via PeachsinodaWorld 1, 2, 3

CNN Interview with "The Princes of K-Pop"

A rarity in pop, South Korean boy band SHINee has been together for nearly a decade.

The chart-topping five-piece are wrapping up their world tour in Hong Kong on May 20 and Taiwan on June 11.

SHINee has "been a top 3 popular boy group for nearly 10 years now," says Paul Han, co-founder of allkpop, a site for K-pop gossip and news, which has 10 million monthly readers worldwide. "They are a proven entity so no need to question their staying power."

Together since 2008, these "Princes of K-pop" are now nearing their early to late 20s. They've constantly evolved, kicking off specific pop-cultural trends with their unique mix of fashion and R&B fusion. They are also known for their dance skills, winning multiple awards for their performances.

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Source: CNN