May 19th, 2017


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BRODUCE 58: Kim Taemin To Leave The Show Due To Health Issues

Another trainee has had to leave “Produce 101 Season 2” because of circumstances beyond his control.

On May 19, contestant Kim Tae Min’s agency Hanahreum Company stated that they had “some have unfortunate news” regarding the trainee. “Kim Tae Min was suddenly taken to the hospital last week due to abdominal pain, only to find that he has enterostenosis, and that surgery is inevitable,” they explained.

Enterostenosis, also known as intestinal stenosis, refers to the thinning of the lumen (inside) of the intestines, which makes it difficult for nutrition to flow through.

His agency continued, “[We] have concluded that it would be difficult for Kim Tae Min to continue appearing on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ and have decided he should leave the program after much discussion with the producers. As expected, Kim Tae Min, who had a lot of passion, is disappointed by the situation, and will work hard to quickly return to good health and return with a bettered self.”

“We would like to send our apologies to the fans who must be distressed over the sudden news of his departure, and we promise to do our best to do everything from an agency’s standpoint to help Kim Tae Min return in better health in front of everyone,” they concluded.

Source: xsportnews via Soompi | gifs via jiiya-101

good luck with the surgery, buddy! we'll miss you and your memes. :(

iKON '벌떼 (B-DAY)' Teaser Image

Source: @ygent_official

the styling choices are interesting.. very hot topic. i kind of really want that skeleton jumper

ETA: AiRPLAY and Kang Uk Jin worked on Winner's comeback tracks Fool and Really Really respectively

#stanfiestar: Yezi co-produced, composed, wrote lyrics, styled and choreographed her new song!!!!

Adding to the excitement of Yezi’s solo comeback, it has been revealed that FIESTAR member produced her new track, “Anck Su Namum.” This is Yezi’s first time producing a song since her debut.

FIESTAR’s agency announced today that Yezi participated in the lyrical and musical composition of “Anck Su Namum,” in addition to leading the visual conceptualization of the song, from the choreography to the styling. The co-producer of the song is Shinsadong Tiger.

Shinsadong Tiger commented, “The song was produced around Yezi’s charisma and her rap skills, which she displayed on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’.” He continued, “The song also emphasizes performance, in consideration of Yezi’s excellent dance skills.”

source: soompi, Star News via Naver

i love stanning talent


BIGBANG10 The Concert 0 to 10 The Final in Seoul Live CD & DVD/Blu-ray

2017.05.25 LIVE CD + DVD RELEASE & 2017.06.15 LIVE CD + Blu-ray RELEASE

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I’m finally giving up on ever getting a MADE world tour dvd, or the MADE movie with English subs (still so angry about that though). But I’ll be happily picking this up, if only for the Girlfriend live performance and for that cardigan that Tabi's wearing in the fan meeting. Also, YG is opening up an official shop, so yay for more purchasing options.

souces: YGeshop 1 & 2, BIGBANG YouTube

Flashback Friday

It’s the end of the week! I’m exhausted, but the jacarandas have also started to bloom this week, so yay! So pretty! Every week I check out the past charts for this day and post the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see what who was on top 4 years ago, in the 3rd week of May, 2013.

#3 Lee Hyori “Miss Korea”
Not a huge fan of the song itself, but I think she looks so gorgeous in the MV. I did enjoy this song more than “Bad Girls” though.

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sources: YouTubes: CJENMMUSIC Official 1 & 2, Mnet K-POP, 1theK, B1A4 OFFICIAL + & Bugs

IU joins Lee Hyori's new show

IU has decided to join “Hyori’s Home Stay (tentative English title),” as a staff member, JTBC announced Friday.

“Hyori’s Home Stay” is JTBC’s new entertainment program featuring singer Lee Hyo-ri’s real home in Jeju Island, where she lives with her husband Lee Sang-soon.

Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon, together with IU who was ‘hired’ for the job, will open the house to visitors to home stay. This is the first time IU has inked a deal to appear as a regular in a reality entertainment program.

The producers said the rare decision came from IU‘s deep-rooted adoration of iconic star Lee Hyo-ri. Shooting for the show has begun, the producers said.

source: KPopHerald
phoenix minzy

SISTER'S SLAM DUNK - Season 2, Episode 14

A nice little behind the scenes episode about the Right? MV Shoot.
If you don't like Somi's father, I suggest you avoid this episode...

Episode Highlights
• The Unnies showcasing their style + their reaction to their song
• The maknaes discussing eating habits during MV shoots (Ouch!)
• Evelyn upstaging her sister + her quip about Jin Kyung's breath
• The dance instructors getting way too into their roles
• We finally get to see Coach Fail's eyes!
• The acting coach splitting his pants (Beware that uncomfortable camera angle)
• Solo shots! (Yes to Minzy and Jin Young's little black numbers!)
• Jin Kyung's solo shoot (aka Jin Kyung being herself!)
• The Unnies giving their all their energy to the last shoot

Source: KBS World TV
mx ♡ loml

[STATION] Myron Mckinley Trio 'E-12 (Live)' MV

Myron Mckinley Trio’s STATION track “E-12 (Live)” has been released. “E-12 (Live)” is a fusion jazz song in avant-garde style with outstanding live impromptu played by the band. Myron Mckinley is the current music director and keyboardist of the legendary R&B Jazz Funk group "Earth, Wind & Fire" that holds a record of winning 7 Grammy Awards including the "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2016.

source: smtown

Drama News Round Up - Castings and New Dramas Announced

This week marked the end of Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People on MBC, with OCN's Tunnel finishing it's run this Sunday. Starting Monday, three new dramas will be airing: Circle on tvN, Lookout on MBC and Fight My Way on KBS.

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Sources: @soompi | Dramabeans/IS Plus Dramabeans/BizEnter/Xports News | Soompi/IS Plus | @kdrama_news | @kdrama_news | Soompi/Naver | Dramabeans/IS Plus
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Nam Taehyun announces debut plans and first release after his departure from Winner

After hinting at their upcoming music release, Nam Tae Hyun’s band South Club has given more details on their upcoming debut!

On May 19, South Club unveiled a teaser image for their upcoming pre-release track “Hug Me,” which will be released on May 26. It will be a ballad track with a slow tempo that showcases Nam Tae Hyun’s charming voice.

South Club will be dropping their first album in June. Nam Tae Hyun has reportedly participated in composing and arranging the tracks, writing the lyrics, and designing the album.

Previously, a representative of the artist commented, “Nam Tae Hyun recently completed filming for his music video in Germany. As it is a meaningful first album for Nam Tae Hyun and his new band, he is working his hardest to show the most “Nam Tae Hyun-like” music, so please anticipate the upcoming album.”

source: soompi/naver, soompi/naver

THE OMONA PLAYLIST ♪: Guilty Pleasure - Revival Round

You guys voted, and wanted to make the list an even 20, so here we go!
These are the 17 songs already chosen:

EXO - Wolf
GD x Taeyang - Good Boy
NCT 127 - Firetruck
CL - Hello Bitches
AOA - Heart Attack
Red Velvet - Happiness
4Minute - Hate
Kara - Mamma Mia
SNSD - Catch Me If You Can
Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single
BlackPink - Boombayah
Stellar - Vibrato
Teen Top - No Perfum On You
PSY - Gangnam Style
T-ara - Sugar Free
Daesung - Look At Me Gwisoon
Jay Park - Aquaman

The same rules from last time still apply.

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As voted on, Golden Era Kpop will be the next playlist. Please ask me any questions about the playlists in the polls if you have them.
Open to just members.
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Give me a second to make the nomination threads. Feel free to post! You have until tonight at 12AM PST to nominate and vote!