May 23rd, 2017

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BTS Billboard Music Awards Round-Up pt.2: Articles, Interviews + VLIVEs


Baek, Chanyeol and others form Bowling League

Bowling is apparently back in fashion so obviously everyone's favorites are forming a bowling association!

The bowling league named Team One was formed by 30 celebrities including EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun, Choi Tae Joon, Super Junior’s Shindong, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, Girl’s Day’s Yura, Tei, U-KISS’s Hoon, Lee Seok Hoon, ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun, Bae Seul Gi, g.o.d’s Son Ho Young, Kang Sung Min, former rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji, musical actor Min Woo Hyuk, and more. The team will be led by captains Son Ho Young and Chae Yeon and sub-captains Min Woo Hyuk and Bae Seul Gi.

Chae Yeon and Lee Hong Ki previously gained attention for trying out for the professional bowling selection matches last year. Some members of the team have already been bowling professionally, making it through selections and competing.

In addition to holding regular events, Team One will also host various special events with citizens to help out those in need and come up with many programs to make bowling a more popular sport.

Source: Soompi, , Osen , gif, other gif

I see no one invited Jungkook because they don't want to lose every time. Also where's my Ilsan Hulk at?!
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🌈Astro Release Special ASMR 'Good Knight' Clip🌈

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Source: ASTRO VLive Channel, astrcs

Really this is just a video of them reading lyrics from Dream Night (upcoming album track 5) slightly slowly and at a normal volume, but at least they look cute, lol.

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Astro 'DREAM PART.01' Comeback Navigation
☀️ Moving Teaser
🌙 Timetable - Day and Night Versions
☀️ Concept Photos #1 | #2 | #3
🌙 'BABY' M/V Teaser 1 + B-Cut Teaser Photos
☀️ Track List
🌙 Album Highlight Medley

Son Gain hospitalized.

On May 23, Mystic Entertainment took to Brown Eyed Girls’s official fancafe to say, “We are writing to announce that Gain will unfortunately not be attending the event she was scheduled to appear at on May 24 due to her health.”

They continued to write, “Though she had hoped to attend the event as she has had to suddenly cancel her previously scheduled activities, Gain plans to rest and receive hospital treatment at the recommendation of her doctor.”

The agency also promised they would update fans on the singer’s condition should anything change.

Source: Soompi Naver

Apparently it's cause of stress + fatigue, hope she recovers soon :(

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Winner's Seunghoon for Singles Korea

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Armed with confidence strengthened from experience, WINNER Lee Seunghoon’s existence appears even in swaying shadows. Discontinuous accidents, shattered time, and mad cheers made people forget his real self.

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Sources: article and IG translated by CHRISSY96_ 1 2, scans by goduandme5 1 2 3, winnercity, maetamong, singlesmagazine

He's writing poetry now too? He is endlessly fascinating to me. Plus hott.
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What've BLACKPINK been up to? Here's a small round-up post!

The girls have been very busy lately. They performed at the YG x UNICEF Walking Festival and at a whole bunch of University Festivals, shot a couple of CFs, did a segment on My Little Television, and are currently preparing for their confirmed comeback in June and Japanese debut in July. Here's a small round-up:
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Sources: ROSE | 여금 | PIERCE | woonhak asobino | Lovely Chu | @JennieKimBar_CN | MBCentertainment | RΛMBO | | @YGDreamers

i miss my girls! i'm glad to see that they're getting more and more comfortable on stage and in front of the camera. i love Rosé's "SAY WHAT??" crowd hyping during Boombayah. June can't come soon enough!

Kim Tae Hee and Rain are expecting!

Kim Tae Hee and Rain are going to be parents!

On May 23, Kim Tae Hee’s agency Ruach Entertainment stated, Kim Tae Hee is currently 15 weeks pregnant, so she has to be careful for the time being. However, rather than having the news be released as medical treatment, she believes that it is her duty to be the one to share the news to everyone who has cheered her on.”

Her agency continued, saying, “She will be focusing on prenatal education and plans to work hard as a wife and a mom.”

Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae Hee officially tied the knot at a cathedral in January of this year.

Congratulations to the couple!

sources: soompi, edaily
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🛫 NCT airport post featuring new bubblegum hair colors! 🛬

The beanie boyz performed in Kuala Lumpur at I.SEOUL.U concert along with RV and Yesung and they tried to hide their comeback hair as best as they could! This is just an excuse to yell about their imminent comeback.

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source: beautiful soul // lumosty // i'm not ur angel // shot a love (2) // vanila ice // fallingtoU // whitechocojh // my principe mark // astra boy // hug me // flipside // born singer // sweet impact // legolas win // the patronus // afterglow // have a mark on mark // chocolate // juvenile hyun // unphysical // cheil taeil // witty boy // wintherose // gleam // incredible hc

god taeyong's pink hair!!!!! i'm so in love (we're matching) according to a trusty rumour, they're preparing to cb in like 2 to 3 weeks with their first full album!!!!!!!!! so nct life in osaka should be airing soon too
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FTISLAND 10th Anniversary Special Digital Single - 'Love Sick' Moving Poster + Teaser Video

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Source: @FNC_ENT | FNCEnt

this is a special digital single (remake?) of their debut song Love Sick, they'll be making a comeback with a new album in June (details here) also, go check out their website! it's so pretty!

the guy in the poster is fnc dungeon dweller N.Flying's Cha Hun!
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[OMONA DISCUSSION] Why are girlgroups at a greater risk of disbanding?

The past 17 months have seen the disbandment of many popular K-Pop girlgroups. A total amount of 11 girlgroups have ended their career, compared to only 4 boygroups. What's even more shocking is that many girlgroups were still successful and profitable acts with a huge fandom, making it hard for fans to understand why their faves would leave the scene for good. This post is trying to find answers to the question why so many girlgroups have called it quits in the past, and which team is most likely to be the next one.
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Girlgroups that have announced their disbandment in the past 17 months are KARA, The ARK, 4MINUTE, RAINBOW, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, SPICA, MIXX, T-ara, Crayon Pop and SISTAR. Many were predictable, some were surprises. Which team do you think will announce their break-up next, OMONA? Take part in the poll and discuss in the comments below!

Poll #2068088 Which girlgroup will disband next?

Which girlgroup will disband next?

miss A
After School
Brown Eyed Girls
Girls Day
Nine Muses

pic sources: soompi, naver

Bong Joon-Ho's 'Okja' @ Cannes (+ New Trailer & Steven Yeun Being Cute)

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Source: Netflix | Festival de Cannes 1/2/3/4/5 | News1 1/2

Bong Joon-Ho and the cast field questions about the film's method of release, director's inspirations, and briefly touch upon the film's themes of nature and animal rights, adolescence, and the bridging of culture.

Excited for the film?
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Be.A releases teaser for debut song 'Magical', OP is in tears

sources: be.a official youtube

I haven't been posting updates here about the comeback as info has been released, so here's some quick links to everything you need to know!
Be.A's debut album, <MAGICAL REALISM>, to be the first in a trilogy about magic
Be.A Finally Joins V-App
<MAGICAL REALISM> Group + Individual Teaser Images
<MAGICAL REALISM> tracklist + song & choreo description
Be.A 1st SIngle Album <MAGICAL REALISM> is currently available for pre-order (comes with poster)

(@ mods, im tagging this both debut and comeback because the members themselves are unclear which one they're doing and have used both phrases to refer to this album/promotion cycle.)