May 26th, 2017


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Please have a happy Friday & enjoy your weekend.

Actors Cha Ye-ryun and Joo Sang-wook get married

Actress Cha Ye-ryun tied the knot with actor Joo Sang-wook on Thursday.

The wedding took place at an outdoor venue of the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, and was attended by celebrities such as Go Ara, Jang Keun-suk and Lee Min-jung. It was hosted by Jo Jae-yoon, Joo’s close friend. Singers Bada, Wax and JeA also performed a wedding song for the couple at the ceremony.

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They met on set of Glamorous Temptation. I hated that drama so much lol! I can't believe I watched all 50 episodes, I was so angry at it most of the time.

source: KPopHerald

Flashback Friday

It’s Friday! On my way to Vegas for a quick trip to see Celine I AM SO EXCITED! And I’m excited for most of the songs this week on Flashback Friday. Every week I go through the charts in a past year for this Friday and post the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Let’s see what we listened to in the 4th week of May, 2009.

#3 SeeYa, Davichi, and Ji Yeon from T-ara “Women’s Generation”
I’ve already posted the video, so here’s a live performances. Oh wow the outfits lol. Those shorts are not flattering.

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BTOB Members' Individual Activities Round-Up

Eunkwang Tones Up for Hamlet Musical

BTOB’s Eunkwang is fitness goals in his latest Instagram update!
On May 19, Eunkwang uploaded a photo showing off his muscular, toned body with the caption, “This is quite embarrassing, but I made up my mind and started to work out to become like Hamlet, who has a great body.”
The left side of the photo shows the singer before he started to work out, and the right side shows the result of his hard work and long hours in the gym.
However, he isn’t done yet. “My halfway point check is in two months. I’ll see you then. Hope everyone works out hard,” he added, revealing that he’s still far away from his personal fitness goals.
Meanwhile, Eunkwang is playing the role of Hamlet in the play production of “Hamlet” running from May 19 to July 23.

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Oh In Hye

Omona Exclusive: Will Kim Kwang Soo or MBK Entertainment Ever get Their Shit Together?

MBK Entertainment (previously known as Core Contents Media) is a large entertainment company established by Kim Kwang Soo in 2007.
The company enjoyed early successes with acts like Seeya, Davichi, and T-ara. However, MBK has failed to become a consistant powerhouse idol churner like SM, JYP, or YG. While the latter companies have made blunders and gotten entangled in scandals and lost groups, they still manage to "create" new successful groups to replace old ones.

MBK not only has made numerous PR or management blunders, they have failed to produce idols to compete in the 3rd Generation of idol groups. In fact, CCM underwent a bankruptcy in 2014 and was bought out by MBK Co., Ltd. While MBK may stand for Music Beyond Korea, if Kim Kwang Soo doesn't pull it together they may not even release music in Korea for much longer.

Below are some examples of groups destroyed by poor management decisions.

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What are your thoughts about CCM/MBK? Or Kim Kwang Soo?
Wonder Girls: Yeeun


Our favorite soloist and Queen of Hair Dyes Yeeun aka Ha:tfelt turns 28 today! To celebrate her birthday I'm going to share five of my favorite Yenny moments!

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Omona! What are your favorite Yeeun songs, lyrics, moments, performances? I really appreciate how bold and outspoken Yeeun is. She's also very passionate about her music... remember when she wrote JYP a 11 page letter explaining why he should let her use the songs she wanted on her album? Let's hope she blesses us with more music soon!

Drama News Round Up - High Ratings for Finales

Three new dramas premiered on Monday night, fighting against the finale of SBS's Whisper. My Sassy Girl takes over that spot starting Monday, May 29. (OP note: I am having the hardest time trying to find subbed teasers for this!) Over on KBS, Mystery Queen wrapped its run on Thursday. Follow up drama Seven Day Queen premieres Wednesday, May 31. KBS premieres their new Friday/Saturday drama slot with The Best Hit starting next Friday.

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Not much news this week with all the drama premieres. I'll try to get posts up with trailers/news for the new dramas before they air this week. As always, what are you watching Omona?

Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won Welcome Baby Girl

Last fall, Baek Ji Young announced that she was pregnant and expecting, four years after her marriage with actor Jung Suk Won.

The actress was expected to give birth on May 24 but, on May 22, Baek Ji Young’s management agency, Music Works, announced, “Baek Ji Young gave birth to her daughter earlier today. Both she and her child are healthy.”

The occasion is all the more meaningful to the couple, as Baek Ji Young experienced an unfortunate miscarriage the first time she was expecting in 2013.

Source: Soompi/Osen