June 5th, 2017

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Narsha talks about group disbandments, hopes BEG stays 2gether 4ever

Narsha opened up about her thoughts on the frequent group disbandments recently and assured her fans that Brown Eyed Girls members are still close.

In a recent interview, Narsha voiced her sadness about other groups disbanding, saying, It takes time to realize that you shine when you’re together. In some cases it’s a pity. She advised other groups that, “To each their own, but I hope [other groups] give another thought before making the decision to disband.

She also expressed her trust in her fellow Brown Eyed Girls members. “I think we were able to stay together for such a long time because we are so different,” she said. “We understand and respect that about each other. Despite our differences, our taste in music merges well.”

Narsha hopes that Brown Eyed Girls will stay together as long as possible. She noted, “I don’t know what we will be doing in the future, but we want to maintain the Brown Eyed Girls team. We all agreed that we can individually do different things, but we want to preserve our precious team forever.”

Finally, she revealed that her dream is to keep producing the music that she loves. “I just hope that [our albums] always stay relevant, and sound and look good to our fans,” she said.

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monsta x's ✨ SHINE FOREVER ✨: i.m's teasers

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wasn't prepared for this—i thought they were gonna do visual line first, again. ngl i looove the styling so far. mx hasn't worn anything close to casual clothes since rush era which was coincidentally their last fun-brite concept... lol, maybe this is a good sign


P.O.T has been expelled from his division and must re-enlist

He's served 3 months already but when he enlists again it will be reseted so he will have to complete 1 year and 9 months.

Source: @theseoulstory


Gain on police investigation "Why should I go to the police station? This is tiring."

Article: Gain responds to police announcement of internal investigation "Why should I go to the police station? This is tiring"

"Yes he offered it to me but he's claiming he never smoked it so that's his problem. I have a panic disorder, why should I go to the police station? This is tiring."

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source: gainstagram, netizenbuzz, nate (1, 2), naver

Visual and teenage actress queen Kim Yoo Jung rejects lead role in “School 2017”

Previously, it was announced that actress Kim Yoo Jung was considering a role in the upcoming drama, “School 2017,” which is a continuation of the “School” series running since 1999.

On June 5, Kim Yoo Jung’s agency, Sidus HQ, came out with an official statement delivering some unfortunate news for fans of the actress and the series. They said Kim Yoo Jung will not be taking the role.

Meanwhile, gugudan’s Kim Sejong and actor Kim Jung Hyun are still considering taking roles in the upcoming drama, and KBS is also looking at other potential castings.

Hopefully, Kim So Hyun's fans can stop with the hate comments and fan war now.

source: soompi, naver

part-time worker from BRODUCE 35 shares her experiences

Hello, this is Joy (OP note: not from Red Velvet). Honestly, what I'm going to talk about here is not something that just happened recently. It already happened around a few weeks ago, but I haven't had any time to write the post so here I am now. I got this part-time work because of my friends.

The location is at English Village in Paju, so I took a bus to get there. What I needed to do was to shoot the interviews of the trainees, they were in the middle of practicing so it took a long time to finish. I took a walk around while waiting for them, and once they walked out of the training center, I took them to another building and interviewed them right away. That was all I needed to do.

I didn't know anything about Produce 101 before, and because of the interview I got to know a little bit about the show. They talked about benefits and stuffs.

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sources: pannnative, pann

(SPOILER!!!) who got eliminated from BRODUCE 35?

The latest elimination from BRODUCE 35 was on June 3rd. 13 trainees had to leave, while the remaining 22 moved in a dorm together to practice for the guerilla concert and the finale BRODUCE episode. They are prohibited from using social media while being in the dorm. Trainees that didn't make the cut have been spotted out on about since then. Take it with a grain of salt tho, nothing has been confirmed.
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SF9's Rowoon News Round-up: Drama Casting & a solo CF!

On June 5th, it was reported by OSEN that Rowoon will be joining as a main character for the new KBS2 drama School 2017.

Rowoon's acting has been noted through the Click Your Heart web drama, and according to an official, Rowoon's desire to act and other great talents was a reason why he was considered.

School 2017 will be a drama looking into the lives of 18-year olds and the lives of secrets and thoughts they experience.

Kim Sejeong recently joined the official cast lineup. The drama will begin filming in mid-June and broadcast in July.

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Sources: Naver via /u/balloon_wanted | innisfree | @sf9singapore | @ZuwoonSingapore | @SF9NATION

Actor!Rowoon is making a return!! Move over Lee Minho! (Rowoon replaced LMH as innisfree's new face lol)