June 6th, 2017

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ANDA Update - Music, Photoshoots & A PUPPY

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monsta x's ✨ SHINE FOREVER ✨: minhyuk's teasers

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this is my least favorite batch so far, ngl. i'm not a huge fan of minhyuk's hair (r.i.p. the dark hair during fighter + the bright red he had last set of teasers, tbh). and, as an aside, they've started filming MONSTA X-RAY SEASON 2, here's some ig pics: kihyun, misc members (shownu, minhyuk, jooheon + i.m), jooheon + minhyuk

SOURCE(s): officialmonstax@twitter; s_o__o_y21@ig (via fymonstax@tumblr); wonho_@twitter; nmc_hyungwonho@twitter (all orig. insta posts deleted)
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in today's who asked for this news: super junior to make a comeback in fall

According to an exclusive report from Star News, Super Junior will be meeting fans this fall.

The report claims that the SM boy group will release new music in either late October or November. It has been almost two years since their last release which was their 10th anniversary special album “Magic.”

Most members have completed their mandatory military service duties. Eunhyuk and Donghae will be discharged in July while Choi Siwon will be discharged in August. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun will not be able to join the comeback due to their military service responsibilities.

sources: soompi, naver

G.Soul leaves JYP and joins H1GHR MUSIC


After 17 years under JYP Entertainment, G.Soul has decided to leave the company and join Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone's label H1GHR MUSIC. G.Soul and Jay Park became friends while both of them were still part of JYPE and have remained friends ever since.

Current artists under H1GHR MUSIC are Korean artists Sik-K, Groovy Room, as well as American artists Yultron,Avatar Darko and Raz Simone.


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T.O.P's mother made a brief statement to press - her son has yet to regain consciousness

Follow-up to this post.

T.O.P’s mother has just made a brief statement to the reporters gathered at the hospital, where T.O.P is still currently being held in the ICU. At about 9:35am KST this morning, T.O.P’s mother was visibly shaken and distressed when she emerged from T.O.P’s room for a moment with his manager, and told the reporters who flocked to her, “When T.O.P came to the hospital he was definitely unconscious. He still has not regained consciousness, it seems like those reports [saying otherwise] are misrepresentative.”

Following this statement, T.O.P’s mother and manager received no further questions, and returned to T.O.P’s ICU room.

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source: moonROK via FROMTHETTTOP, naver via OH_mes

Female Cast Confirmed for Age of Youth 2

Actresses Ji Woo and Choi Ara will be joining three of the original cast members from the first season, Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, and Park Eun Bin.

Park Hye Soo was supposed to return for the second season, but she had to withdraw from the drama due to scheduling conflicts. Her character Eun Jae will be played by Ji Woo instead.

The story of “Age of Youth 2” will take place a year from where the first season left off. Han Ye Ri’s character Jin Myung lands a job, Han Seung Yeon’s character Ye Eun finishes taking a break from school, Park Eun Bin’s character Ji Won is still single, and Ji Woo’s character Eun Jae goes through a painful breakup. Choi Ara will be playing the role of Jo Eun, the new housemate who moves in after Ryu Hwayoung‘s character moves out of the share house.

Sources: @OH_mes/Naver | Soompi/Naver

It looks like Park Hye Soo is out (to my devastation) because she's doing Swing Kids, a movie with Kyungsoo. Ji Woo was previously in a mini drama called "The Universe's Star" with Suho and I can't find anything definite on Choi Ara.
Edited with new info: I am not here for a recast, I would much rather have the character gone altogether. I'm bummed that the more info that comes out about this season the less excited I am :(
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up10tion's WOOSHIN to go on hiatus due to declining mental health

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ICYMI: at the end of last year, there was an incident wherein people thought wooshin touched somi's chest during a video the show posted on twitter. it was debunked—several times—by the show and there's a 10 page forensic lab analysis proving that there was no contact between wooshin and somi, if anyone wanted to know the reason behind his hiatus. up10tion's also preparing for a comeback right now, i'm guessing for late june/early july, and wei posted on their fancafe about it... inadvertently

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