June 15th, 2017


super rookie rookie rookies K.A.R.D to finally debut next month

According to various sources from the K-pop industry, K.A.R.D is getting ready to officially debut in mid-July!

They have reportedly finished recording their debut title track and filmed a music video in Las Vegas and Los Angeles last month.

Meanwhile, fans from all around the world are eagerly waiting for K.A.R.D’s official debut. K.A.R.D’s three pre-debut songs, “Oh NaNa,” “Don’t Recall,” and “Rumor,” have gathered tremendous amounts of attention for their catchy tunes. Their music video for “Don’t Recall” has over 20 million views on YouTube, and their latest track “Rumor” took first place in iTunes K-pop Charts in 13 countries at the time it was released.

sources: soompi, naver
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BaiduTzuyuBar got a Tzuyu birthday ad to play in New York's Times Square!
Her birthday vlive has been subbed, watch it here!

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happy birthday to my cutie squishy tall bambi cow-owning child who i would fight the world for!!!!! SHE JUST WANTS TO RAISE PUPPIES AND COWS AND GROW OLD WITH THEM 😭😭😭
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Queen Sica to participate Billboard Asia’s EDM Compilation Album

It looks like Jessica will be trying out the genre of EDM!

On June 15, her agency Coridel Entertainment announced that the singer will be participating in an EDM compilation album titled “Billboard presents ‘ELECTRIC ASIA Volume 1.'”

The album has been planned by the Asian headquarters of Billboard and will contain EDM tracks that have recently been popular in Asia. Jessica will be remixing her song “WONDERLAND” into an EDM version for the album, which will be released worldwide.

Coridel Entertainment commented, “We were able to gain this opportunity thanks to all of you who have given so much love to her second mini album ‘WONDERLAND.’ We hope you will continue supporting her.”

sources: soompi, naver
snottie irl ♡ reve finale

monsta x's ✨ SHINE FOREVER ✨: album preview

( v live link )

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there's also, already, a comeback v live scheduled and the album'll be released on 6pm of june 19th, so i'm still wondering if they'll spoil it during their concert dates. aaaand my music taste released seating charts + ticket info for you eurobebes

mx ♡ loml

First teaser image of Heize's upcoming mini entitled '///' + Onew to appear in MV

Rapper Heize has announced the title of her new mini album and set the comeback date for June 26th.

The teaser image for the new mini album has raised curiosity amongst fans. Representatives have shared that the title of Heize's new album, '///', stands for 'you', 'dark clouds' and 'rain' and have asked fans to anticipate this release which is the result of Heize's hard work.

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source: naver, translated by me / girlgroupzone, naver

Stylecast 2017 Ep. 19

Hosted by Ashley from Ladies' Code & Xander Eusebio

Ep. 19 Aesthetic Products / Color Pigment / Straw hats / Beautiful Baddies Makeup
Every week we bring you what's hot now in the Korean fashion & beauty scene! Some aesthetic salons use amazing products, and we'll share some of those with you today. Plus, customized makeup you can use as for shading, eyes, lips and cheeks! There are some beautiful baddies in TV dramas these days that you can't help but admire for their striking makeup style. Makeup artist Eun-jung shows us how to leave an equally powerful impression with an MMO inspired by our female villains on TV.

I want that blue algae all over my face. Is "dry rose" what we're calling "dusty rose" now? Those pigments are cool, but seem too messy for me. I like the eye makeup for the makeover, it's not too over the top.

source: ARIRANG TV

"Selfie Studio" in Korea Changes the Definition of Photoshoot

Selfies are a big part of life for Korean people, especially for those in their 20s. In pursuit of the perfect selfie, young Koreans buy nigh countless selfie-related products, with selfie sticks, “fish-eye” lens filters, and tripods becoming bestsellers for online retailers. However, a camera on a selfie stick alone cannot make a perfect selfie; you need a perfect background, too!

To satisfy the need for the selfie-friendly backgrounds, an agency in Korea has opened a studio fully reserved for selfie-takers. Life Studio is a prefab studio where hundreds of photoshoot walls are set up for visitors to put together their perfect selfies.

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I'm not really a selfie person, but I think it's a cute idea. For couple pics or taking silly pics with friends. Or photographers getting some practice. Probably cheaper than paying $30 to take pics in a swimming pool of giant sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream wtf OP you're lactose intolerant you don't fucking need the ice cream whatever I'm low key looking forward to it.

source: Korea Daily US & Life Studio Facebook

'Okja' director throws jab at Cannes for abrupt rule change

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho on Wednesday threw a jab at the organizers of this year's Cannes Film Festival, saying that it should have fixed its rules regarding streaming-only films before inviting his Netflix movie "Okja."

"It would have been preferable if the Cannes festival would have put the rules in order before inviting us. Inviting us and creating a controversy, what an embarrassment," Bong told reporters at a media event for "Okja" in Seoul.

The Netflix film about the friendship between a genetically modified "super pig" named Okja and a farm girl was among 18 titles chosen for the main competition lineup for the 70th edition of the festival last month.

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It's not on the "Coming Soon" page for my local CGV Cinemas in LA either.

source: Yonhap News
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Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Don't Wanna Cry'


'Why Don't You Know'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 3531 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 1500 220
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 924 445
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1035 1500
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 1000 760
Final Total 8990 8732

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Sources: Mnet K-Pop, Korean Music Shows, KPOP MUSIC LIVE [Official]

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doing this in Juhli's stead this week. i'll update this when more performances come out

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Broduce 20: Who is the Center?

Super Hot & Hands On Me Snippets w/ "Hidden Center"

Center Evaluation Videos
Hands On Me Super Hot
main vocal Kim Jaehwan main vocal Ha Sungwoon
sub vocal 1 Kang Daniel sub vocal 1 Kim Samuel
sub vocal 2 Ong Sungwoo sub vocal 2 Kang Dongho
sub vocal 3 Bae Jinyoung sub vocal 3 Yoo Seonho
sub vocal 4 Hwang Minhyun sub vocal 4 Ahn Hyeongseob
sub vocal 5 Jung Sewoon sub vocal 5 Lee Daehwi
sub vocal 6 Joo Haknyeon sub vocal 6 Choi Minki
sub vocal 7 Yoon Jisung rapper 1 Im Youngmin
rapper 1 Park Woojin rapper 2 Kim Jonghyun
rapper 2 Park Jihoon rapper 3 Lai Guanlin

Source: Mnet Official

what are your guesses, Omona? who is the center for each song? and which one are you most excited to hear/see?