June 23rd, 2017


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o hai thar 1st ffa of the summer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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170622 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
NCT 127

'Cherry Bomb'


'Why Don't You Know'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 1671 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 1500 44
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 654 424
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1500 338
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 1000 810
Final Total 7325 7087

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Sources: Mnet K-Pop, Korean Music Shows, Skpb K-Music Live [M], neotechs

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are you kidding me he just arrived in seoul this morning what is he even doing there if he's not part of the comeback???
i am NOT okay, my summer is now cancelled

Flashback Friday

Every week I go through the charts for this day in a past year and share the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more as honorable mentions. Let’s see who was on top for the 4th week of June, 2009. The top three songs have already been posted, so we’ll see some live performances. Look how big the sets were at MBC back then! So much room to run around!

#3 Outsider “Loner”
I feel like this was his one big hit. It did really well and was on the charts for weeks. I’ll always remember it because of how fast he is.

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sources: MBCkpop 1 2 3, 2pm, SMTOWN & Naver

Inconsistencies found in sexual assault accusation against Dongho + Pledis responds (updated)

NU’EST‘s Baekho was recently accused of molesting a girl eight years ago on a bus ride home from cram school. The accusation was posted up online by the alleged victim and Pledis Entertainment only issued a general warning against false rumors, which didn’t help the situation.

Now though, the alleged victim’s initial post about this incident back in May was found and netizens began to point out inconsistencies in that story, especially when compared to the new post.

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source: asianjunkie, bh_ajflekclsdo, cafe.daum via nudongs, 801zoffl
i smile brian

HF Music Company P101 Trainees Pre-release song - I'm Your Light

Click picture to go to link!

HF Music Company trainees may have been eliminated from Produce 101 but they've been keeping busy! The trainees have constantly held V lives and had instagram updates on their official account to let fans know what they're up to. Trainees Woo Jinyoung, Park Woodam, Jo Yonggeun, and Jeong Woncheol recently released a fan song titled "I'm Your Light" on V app!

Sources: HF Music Company V App | Mnet Official 1 2 | Project H Next Boys Instagram

this is legitimately so good?? i didn't really notice the hf boys until woo jinyoung came in for the position evaluations, but if this is the type of music they'll be releasing, i'm definitely keeping an eye on them! are you still following your favorite eliminated trainees, omona?

Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara's Agencies Deny Marriage Rumors

Over a year after first denying dating reports, rumors have linked Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara once again.

A recent rumor spread that the actors were spotted together on Cheongdam Wedding Street and that they are preparing for a wedding. On June 23, Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara’s agencies responded, “It does not make any sense. We don’t know why these kinds of rumors are being spread without even evidence,” and emphasized, “The reports are false.”

Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara both starred in KBS drama “I Remember You” in 2015. Rumors were first spread in early 2016 and heightened when Park Bo Gum wore a ring to a fan sign for “Reply 1988.” Back then, Park Bo Gum revealed in an interview, “It was surprising seeing dating rumors with Nara” and shared that they are good friends.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum is taking a break and working on selecting his next project, while Jang Nara was last reported to be filming for drama “Housewife Detective” until production was paused in April.

Sources: Soompi/Nate

Choa clarifies her leaving AOA has nothing to do with her relationship

After Choa announced that she would be leaving AOA on social media, there have been many speculations as to why she may be doing so.

In her post, Choa explained that she was leaving AOA because she was suffering from depression and insomnia. However, on June 23, SportsSeoul* released photos of Choa with Lee Seok Jin, the CEO of Najin Corporation. The pictures had been taken on their way back from a personal trip to Japan they took between May 3 to May 9. They were also accompanied by Choa’s two sisters.
*people are speculating @/_straightsmiles sold those pics 1 2

While Choa denied that they were dating last month, the two look quite close in the photos, making many wonder whether there was another reason why Choa may want to leave the group.

After these speculations surfaced, Choa took to her Instagram once again to deny these rumors. Here is the full translation of her post:

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[Meanwhile FNC...]
Although AOA’s Choa wrote on her Instagram that she will be leaving the group, her management company, FNC Entertainment, denied that this is confirmed.

They said to Mydaily News on June 22, “In terms of leaving the team, we are in the process of talking about it. It has not been decided. We will be deciding on the future steps after more discussion.”

Meanwhile, after several speculations that she may be leaving the team, Choa wrote moments earlier on her social media that she will be leaving AOA due to depression and insomnia.

Translation of Choa's previous IG post
Previous Omona post "Choa leaves AOA"

Source: queenchoa_, Soompi 1 2, OH_mes, seulgisolomon, ch0sshi
Jennie AIIYL

Secret Forest Ep 1-4 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Hwang Shi-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) had brain surgery when he was a child, which caused him to lack emotion. Now, Hwang Shi-Mok works as a prosecutor. He is rational, but cold and lonely. He is also one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. One day, a dead body is thrown in front of him. He meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo-Jin (Bae Doo-Na) at a murder crime scene. They work together to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor's office and solve a serial murder case.
Original title: 비밀의 숲
Cast: Cho Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Joon-Hyuk
Director: Ahn Gil-Ho
Writer: Lee Soo-Youn
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 10, 2017 --
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
Watch here: DramaFever

Source: DramaFever,AsianWiki

Is anyone watching this drama?

red velvet confirmed for july comeback (+ some rumors)

tl;dr: sm entertainment confirmed yesterday afternoon (kst) that red velvet will be making a comeback in july, their second of the year. the articled stated that they recently finished filming the music video for their title track, which is said to be a "bright and cheerful song" that matches the mood of summer. some other articles also referred to them as summer queens so we'll see how this ends up going.

[spoiler cut!!]

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source(s): @kinoshiitas (1) - @maomaosforehead (1) - naver via starnews (1) @theseoulstory (1) - @smtownengsub (1)

i saw some speculation that boa's "comeback" is actually just a digital single that won't be promoted because she has some schedules coming up in japan so i don't know how accurate that is. and it's also being said that nct 127 is finishing their promotions next week so people are assuming that not only leaves open a comeback window for red velvet but exo as well. some people are expecting teasers as early as the 27th, the day after boa's song is released. i, for one, wouldn't be surprised!!

BLACKPINK - '마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)' Making Film + Comeback Live

(watch it on V Live with subtitles)

✨Comeback V Live✨

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Source: BLACKPINK | BLACKPINK on V Live | @blaecpink 2 3 4 5 6 | @blackpinkpics 2

i love them! they've grown so much since their debut; they're all much more comfortable in front of the camera now (rosé still a little less so) and the friendship that they have is adorable <3
Kitty kitty

Jaejoong And UEE Confirmed As Leads In Upcoming Time Slip Drama

On June 23, it was confirmed that JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and UEE have both been cast as leads in KBS’s upcoming time-slip drama called “Manhole” (tentative title).

KBS’s “Manhole” is a comedy drama about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening in the present. Kim Jaejoong will be playing the lead male role of Bong Pil, who is a character that has been studying for the civil servant exam for three years and is the neighborhood’s token unemployed person. He’s an immature character who doesn’t feel the need to grow up and depends heavily on his father, who is a postmaster.
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source: Soompi, naver
jun ji hyun

Wanna One's show appearance fee is more than 2x I.O.I's + more post-broduce news

Officials stated on June 23rd, "Due to the hot interest in Wanna One, their appearance fee has increased sharply. It is nearly three times as much as I.O.I's appearance fee."

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source: news1 via r/broduce101, naver (1, 2) via oh_mes (1, 2), naver via soompi

jaehwan rn:

Drama News Round Up

With the current crop of dramas winding down in the next few weeks, casting news for the next round is being finalized and script readings are taking place. tvN drama Circle (which is great and you should watch it) airs its final two episodes this week.

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Sources: Dramabeans/IS Plus   Dramabeans/Osen/Chosen Plus  @kdrama_news 1 2 | @OH_mes/Naver | Soompi/Naver | @OH_mes/Naver | Dramabeans/Sports Donga/Herald Pop | @OH_mes/Naver | Dramabeans/Ilgan Sports/Herald Pop

Be sure to check the drama tag for drama discussion posts. What are you watching, Omona? What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to?

Lee Byung Hun Confirmed for Kim Eun Sook Drama

OP note: I couldn't find a good source to use with more info on the casting, so the following info is from a month ago when it was announced KES was writing a new drama

Kim Eun Sook announced her new drama, a period piece set at the turn of the twentieth century titled Mr. Sunshine. The drama is set in 1900 to 1905, and tells the story of a soldier in the righteous army falling in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. It begins in 1871 when the hero boards an American military ship as a little boy during the Shinmiyangyo, a U.S. military expedition to Korea that resulted in a battle. He lands in the U.S. and then years later returns to Korea as an American soldier, to the country that abandoned him. While stationed in Korea, he’ll meet and fall in love with a nobleman’s daughter.

The term “righteous army” refers to Korea’s long history of commoners taking up arms to protect their country against foreign invaders, dating back to Goryeo. The righteous army made a comeback in 1895 to 1905 as Japan imposed more and more control over Korea, and eventually became the backbone of the independence movement’s guerilla militia during the Japanese occupation.

Mr. Sunshine is planning to air in spring or summer of 2018.

Sources: @OH_mes/Naver | Dramabeans/IS Plus

Lol at this casting. I'm glad I don't have to suffer through another KES drama just because I like an actor in it. It's already crossed off my list.