July 8th, 2017

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Monsta X Hyungwon to take a break from activities due to health issues

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon unfortunately has to take a break from the group’s activities in order to recover from a health issue.

Shortly before 11 p.m. KST on July 7, MONSTA X’s fan cafe updated with a message from Starship Entertainment that first included an apology to fans for having to convey bad news ahead of MONSTA X’s first world tour “BEAUTIFUL.”

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😭 starship better watch their backs 💣🔫🔪☠️ this is the second time in what a month??
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WANNA ONE Pick and Announce their Fanclub name!!!

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[so what are we??]WANNABLE!

"It's a word formed by combining Wanna One and Able together. We (the fans) are able to make everything come true."

Source: Mnet Official via wannaonesub | @WannaOne_twt

they also used their new greeting: "All I wanna do! Wanna One!"

it's been 7 hrs since they announced it, and i think i'm fine with it now. it could've been worse i guess, plus the meaning is nice.

p.s. check out my wanna_one comm for more updates


This is for a CF song, NOT a comeback song. The girls are still currently promoting Happy.

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the worst thing about stanning big groups is the sourcing lmao. [op thoughts on ~fandom drama~ that might start wank]the amount of salty sones when the concept photo for this came out...embarrassing. snsd doesn't own the style of white top and jean shorts, not everything is about copying snsd, calm tf down 😂
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TWICE’s Dahyun surprised her fans by still entertaining the crowd at a canceled baseball game that she was supposed to throw the first pitch for.

On July 7, Dahyun was scheduled to throw the first pitch for the baseball game between LG Twins and Hanhwa Eagles; however, due to rain, the game was canceled.

Normally, when a game is canceled due to rain, the athletes of the home team do a ‘rain ceremony’ for the fans who made it out for the game by sliding on wet plastic mats. This time, Dahyun also took part in the ceremony by running from the third base and sliding into the home base.

Dahyun said during a V Live later, “Thank you for giving me so much attention.” She explained, “I heard that the athletes would slide on plastic mats if the game is canceled due to rain. So I told the staff there that I would like to do it as well, and they allowed me to do it. I’d like to thank the staff at LG baseball club.”
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this was so cute and funny!!!

Cre.Ker Ent denies reports of Joo Haknyeon debuting in new boy group,says matter is undecided

Former “Produce 101 Season 2” trainee Joo Hak Nyeon recently gained attention for reports regarding his possible debut.

On July 7, a source from his agency Cre.Ker Entertainment stated, “It’s true that Cre.Ker is preparing with the goal of debuting a group of boy trainees sometime in September or October. However, we have not yet decided if Joo Hak Nyeon will be part of this group.”

The source continued, saying, “Joo Hak Nyeon is also currently practicing hard. At the moment, his next steps have not yet been confirmed.”

Meanwhile, one media site reported that Joo Hak Nyeon will be debuting in Cre.Ker Entertainment’s first boy group, tentatively called “Cre.Kers.”
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They've lost 10k twitter followers overnight because fans are pissed at lack of feedback. Not sure why you'd think angering the fanbase of your most popular trainee is a good idea but hey.
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FAVORITE (페이버릿) - Debut Showcase (Party Time, Hello, My Day, Flashlight cover)

1. Party Time

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member teasers | album preview + mv teasers | 'party time' music video | album listening post

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queens of vocal-less backtracks! it turns out that the produce 101 member, gaeul, is actually the rapper - she still gets to show off her nice vocals though. the only track that they didn't perform is 'my day'.