July 15th, 2017


PERFECT ANGELS NCT have been volunteering and sponsoring students at a local school for over a year.

NCT has been volunteering at a multicultural school Da Ae since April 2016, dancing, crafting, cooking, and preparing lectures for the students.

Principal Lee Hee Yong said "Actually, I thought they would visit us just for the meantime only."

While speaking with the Principal, NCT stated "We started it because we liked it. We began serving here since April last year and I think we were able to get along with the students because we have lots of foreigners in our group."

TaeYong has also been sponsoring a scholarship fund for 4 students to go the school since his debut. This year, the students who have received this scholarship wrote letters to thank him. A teacher at the school says "Taeyong was so shy after reading the letters. He took pictures with the students. All of our students want to receive this scholarship... But Taeyong told me that he hope not to show the pictures to public as he don’t want the students get harmed because of him.”

Source: Naver via Hellokpop

The Naver article has a bunch of pictures from the last time they visited on July 5, and it's super adorable and everyone should look because they're just amazing and perfect and yes.
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Rolling Stone India Interview with RapMon

K-Pop’s Biggest Boy Band BTS: ‘We Write About Things People Don’t Want to Say’

Rap Monster, leader of the South Korean boy group, discusses their intense lyricism, addressing taboo topics, fan theories and Daler Mehndi

If you’re a millennial with an Internet connection, chances are, you have seen the letters ‘BTS’ flood your social media timeline at least once in the last few months. Tidbits of information about the Bangtan Boys (also called Beyond the Scene and labeled as “South Korea’s biggest boy group” by publications) make numerous rounds on the Internet everyday—articles from prestigious publications gush about numerous accolades (their recent Billboard Top Social Artist victory over pop giants Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is a common favorite) and the awe around the seven-member group’s Herculean social media power often precedes their music itself.

After six months of trying to score a conversation with the group that Time magazine declared as one of the most influential artists on social media, it’s a little surreal to receive a confirmation. When the day arrived for the conversation with Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster, the main rapper and leader of BTS, it went from dreamlike to nerve-wracking. However when we finally do connect via Skype, he takes the lead and breaks the ice immediately, asking how I’m doing and, “What time is it there?” It is 6:33 pm in Mumbai to Seoul’s 10 pm and just like that, talking to him is the easiest thing in the world.

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Source: Rolling Stone India

International KINGS & QUEENS aka. KARD make their tv debut in BRAZIL #whenwillyourfaves

Literally the definition of #whenwillyourfaves, KARD, made their international TV debut tonight in Brazil! They appeared on the show "Programa Raul Gil", a music show, and performed their inofficial debut song "Oh NaNa". They also did a quick interview and danced with kids.

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sources: twitter @jennie_lao 1, 2, @KARD_BRASIL, @pgmraulgi, @JiwooBR

They haven't been on a korean tv show yet but already made their debut in brazil, slay kings & queens!!!!
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170715 MBC Music Core

Winner's Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'As If It's Your Last'




'Don't Know You'

Digital + Album Sales (음원 + 음반) 2743 3393 5071
Music Video Charts / MBC Radio Viewer Votes (동영상/MBC 라디오 시청자 위원회) 1523 849 603
Text Votes (문자 투표) 424 1500 36
Final Total 4690 5742 5710

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sources: MBCkpop, Korean Music Shows

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