July 16th, 2017


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op's note: i spent way too much time on this asklghlakshglashg. do tell me if you would like this to be a weekly thing or something, I'd be glad to keep my boys visible and in the public eye :D

I'm Live with G.Soul

Joining us on this episode of I'm Live is the rapper, vocalist and songwriter G.Soul! G.Soul made himself known to the public at the tender age of 13 through a talent-search show. He pleasantly shocked everyone with his outstanding talents, but had to endure many years until he made his debut in 2015. To no one's surprise, the musician has been wowing everyone with his soulful vocals and versatile music with elements of R&B, deep house, jazz and reggae since his debut, as if quenching his thirst for music. Recently, G.Soul joined the hip hop label H1GHER Music, founded by Jay Park, making us anticipate his synergy with the label.

On this episode of I'm Live, G.Soul shows off his versatile qualities and impressive stage manners with some of his all-time greatest hits, including "Dirty," "Excuses," and "Love Me Again." Also, the artist had a fun-filled Q&A session with the audience.

source: ARIRANG TV

The Return of Superman Ep 190

Seola and Sua invites Minha, a boy they like from kindergarten, to play at their house. Meanwhile Seungjae gets banned from sweets and attempt to buy some with fake money and gets busted. The twins, Seoeon and Seojun, go to the mountain and take care of three little goats who lost their mother.

Seola, girl…you got to slow it down a little. Give the boy some space LOL. I know that there’s a big crew of people looking after the kid at the house, but Jiyong needs to put all the locks on the doors all the time. Seungjae goes on a date with an older girl and annoys her lol. William gets some birthday presents and is starting to talk a lot more now. We get a glimpse of a new family coming next week, Outsider and his daughter!

source: KBS WORLD TV

minho reveals that shinee has the "upper hand" in contract with sm

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this was said on a variety show last week but i found it kind of interesting that shinee has benefit in what they make / in general over sm now. i'd kind of been wondering for awhile because they let them (and boa ... and tvxq ... and soshi ... and i guess sometimes suju) get away with a lot so i figure there must have been some big change in their renewal contract back in 2015. not that i blame either shinee for pushing it or lsm for agreeing to it, seeing as how much $$$$ shinee have been bringing in for the company from their japanese promotions alone in the last two years. like they were the top ranked touring korean artist in japan for the first half of the year and have four dome concerts coming up in september, so.

#Riseyoungjae is in New York!

After successfully meeting Sanjoy and Elliott Yamin, two of his favorite singers, through social media, Youngjae is now in New York City where they are officially working on a collab!

You can listen to a snippet of the song below.

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Are you ready for Talentjae to make his US debut?

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🔞 A Monsta XXX Post 🔞

Monsta X were in Chicago recently for their tour in America, and while that’s great and all, the primary thing to take away from it was Kihyun cheering on the reveal of Wonho‘s monsta p.

source: @chaehungwon + AsianJunkie

seoyoung 1

RUMOR: Boy group D.I.P has some openly gay/bi members?

D.I.P is a boy group that debuted in November 2016 with the music video Fizz. According to interactions found on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, members Seungho and Yubon appear to possibly be in a relationship, and leader Hyeongseong's Facebook profile states that he's interested in both men and women.
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Sources: Twitter: @jewelhyunsoo (1, 2, 3), Facebook: Jang Seungho, Yubon (Bnish), Yang Hyeongseong, Instagram: @_seungbon_, @bon_and_b.nish

never thought i'd be submitting a boy group post lol... normally i would be hesitant to spread this kind of info, but it's all out in the open on their public profiles so if they really are gay/bi, they're not being outed against their will. or maybe it's just another "bromance"?
sica judging

Jessica To Make Comeback To Celebrate Her 10th Year Since Debut, Antis have a Meltdown

Jessica will be making a comeback in August with a new album. (OP note: SNSD's 10th anni is this coming August 5th)

Her representative said on July 17, “Jessica will be releasing her third mini album in August. This will be an album to commemorate her 10th year since her debut as a singer. She is currently filming the music video for her new song in Korea.”

They added, “The album will include a song that was written to show her heart to her fans.”

Jessica debuted as part of Girls’ Generation in 2007 before choosing (🙄🙄🙄) to go solo in 2015 2014 to pursue her goals as a fashion designer.

sources: soompi, naver, gif saved on my laptop

antis seething cuz it's snsd's 10th anni. she literally debuted on this day, it's her 10th anni too 🙄
hani running
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170716 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Yes I Am'


'Don't Know You'


'As If It's Your Last'

Album Sales (음반) 89 36 0
SNS 447 312 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 294 0 116
ON-AIR 834 250 700
Digital Sales (음원) 3286 5500 3628
Final Total 5119 6098 7944

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, krungpopwendy05

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