July 22nd, 2017

question time: is the idol success rate in korea low? is the industry oversaturated? some say "yes".

To be fair: the translation above isn't exactly in line with what the article is about. TL;DR: It discusses, like said, how 436+ idol groups have debuted since 2007 - so, in the last decade. Of all these groups there are only a few that have come out of each year that had seen proper "success". Under the cut is a list of groups that the article highlight by year:

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i figured it'd be interesting to post this here and maybe have a discussion about, like ..., how oversaturated the idol industry has become in the last five years - and how there's been more groups debuting lately than ever despite the fact that public interest in newer idol groups has waned - unless they're formed from a reality show or come from a popular company. thoughts? opinions?
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JJ Project "Verse 2" Track Cards 5 & 6

JJ Project "Verse 2" Track Card 5 "Don't Wanna Know" (JB)

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Another co-written track by JJP!

Even thought the teasers have been all angsty so far, that doesn't nessecarily mean the songs will be? But they've taken an interesting approach with the teasers. I like it. It's a plus their voices are so pleasant...

Swiss blogger makes racist comments about Koreans, the internet is nhft

We’re pretty sure most people don’t expect to encounter racism when they visit a beauty blogger’s website, but that’s exactly what happened this week when Zurich, Switzerland-based blogger Cocomadkilla posted a review of a Korean beauty brand, and felt the need to include some extremely offensive language.

Cocomadkilla’s website has since been taken down, and her Instagram account has been made private, but BuzzFeed captured a screenshot of the offending blog post about Glowrious, a beauty brand that sells Korean skin care products in Switzerland, and it’s not pretty.

Per BuzzFeed, Cocomadkilla wrote, “As you may have noticed, you discover a lot of funny stuff in the east [sic], many of us don’t understand the ‘Ching Chongs’ with the black hair and funny clothes (hihi). But what makes us all the same, [sic] is our love for sleek and beautiful skin.”
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170722 MBC Music Core

Winner's Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Red Velvet

'Red Flavor'




'Don't Know You'

Digital + Album Sales (음원 + 음반) 6000 3826 4387
Music Video Charts / MBC Radio Viewer Votes (동영상/MBC 라디오 시청자 위원회) 1927 298 354
Text Votes (문자 투표) 1500 311 33
Final Total 9427 4435 4774

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