July 27th, 2017

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JJ Project reflect on themselves, GOT7 and "VERSE2" for The Star August Edition

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"There was a lot of interest from people in hearing that JJ Project is coming back.
[--] It made me think that the group 'JJ Project' was not in vain, so thank you."
- JB

*sobs* I hope their comeback does well, they've worked so hard on it.

Now aside from OP being sappy, this is a nicely encompassing interview.
They talk about their upcoming album and what it's gonna be like, got7,
future plans, hobbies, dating and more.
Note: These were the only scans of the photos I found atm, if I find better ones I'll switch to those

Check out JJP's latest "Verse 2" eye candy teasers here!

@mods sorry take this one instead, I forgot a few photos from the previous one

The King Loves Ep 5-8 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Won is a crown prince of Goryeo. He has a pretty appearance, but he also has a lust for conquest. He is best friends with Wang Rin who comes from a royal family and is his bodyguard. Beautiful Eun San appears in front of the two young men. She is the daughter of the richest man. The three become good friends, but things change after Wang Won and Wang Rin both fall in love with Eun San.
Cast: Im Siwan, Yoona, Hong Jong Hyun, Park Hwan Hee, Oh Min Suk
Director: Kim Sang Hyub
Writer: Song Ji Na
Network: MBC
Episodes: 40
Release Date: July 17 - September 19, 2017
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Watch Here: Viki Dramafire

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WILD KARD in EUROPE ticket prices

General Admission £45
Wild Kard Package 2 £85
Wild Kard Package 1 £85
Ultimate Kard Package 2 £115
Ultimate Kard Package 1 £115

Lisbon, Madrid, Milan:
General Admission 50€
Wild Kard Package 105€
Ultimate Kard Package 135€

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Teasers for Sooyoung's New JTBC Web Drama

Teasers have been released for JTBC’s first-ever web drama Someone You Might Know. It’s a mystery-melodrama combo that is centered around a workaholic variety PD, played by Sooyoung, who’s suffering due to the sudden death of her boyfriend Kim Jin-young, played by Shim Hee-sup. The only last remnants she has of him are locked up in his cell phone, which has a four-digit passcode. When a happy-go-lucky rookie PD with the same name as her deceased boyfriend (played by Lee Won-geun) joins her production team, she dislikes him on sight but continues to be strangely attracted to him.

The first teaser shows a smartphone screen, where two separate notifications from both the Kim Jin-youngs pop up, asking Sooyoung’s character, Lee Ahn, to meet up. Multiple attempts are made to crack the code, and at the end of a frustrated moment, the phone is unlocked and opened to a Facebook page where Lee Ahn types: “The last chance I’ll have to meet you, 10 tries.” The photos beneath her posted status show her with each of the Kim Jin-youngs, and Sooyoung’s voiceover simply says “Ten times,” as the teaser closes.

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Someone You Might Know begins airing on July 31 through NaverTV. The show will run for 10 15-minute episodes.

Sources: JTBC Drama 1 2 3 4 Dramabeans/WowTV/HeraldPop
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Yongguk & Sihyun the.the.the MV Teaser #1

Source: Choon Entertainment

Produce 101 alum Kim Yongguk and label mate Kim Sihyun (also joined produce but left early due to health reasons) are going to debut as a duo with their 1st Mini album on July 31. Yongguk is best known for his If It Is You and Boy In Luv performances on the show, also his Call Me Yongguk intro video.

this looks and sounds reeeaally nice. is Choon a rich company?? i'm guessing this is an august frogs MV.