July 29th, 2017

Yeri | Red Summer

Girls' Generation 'Holiday Night' Teasers for Hyoyeon

Translation: Time has really passed by quickly. Watching all of the stage videos we've done, we thought 'we've done so many stages'. It gave us confidence to show our own colours even more?
In the past, I tried to be optimistic on purpose but now I'm happy.

Hyoyeon is channel 4 and One Last Time is channel 11.

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SOURCE: SMTOWN 12 + @GirlsGeneration + SonexStella 1234 + TippaCha 12 + baedel_ss

are there uptempo songs on this album or.... all the song sound nice, it's just where are all the uptempo songs??
rosé h8s yg

"YG Strategy Center" Teaser aka YG Family's New Reality Show

"YG Strategy Center" will be a reality show based of YG Entertainment.
Showcasing how artists, planners, marketers, staffs, etc work together
All YG artists expected to appear.
Official recording to start in September.
Broadcast time: Expected to be in November
Broadcast channel: Not decided on yet

Soruce: YG ENTERTAINMENT via Leader Jiwon

this could be fun if it actually does push through


click the image for the vlive or watch it under the cut!
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happy birthday pristin's reliable sub-leader! i stil can't believe i went from not noticing her at all during pd101 to her being one of my top pristin biases!

Thai princess is a Dreamcatcher fan, invites them to perform

On July 27, DreamCatcher held a showcase for their first mini album “Prequel” and revealed that the Thai Princess, Her Royal Highness Mom Rajadarasri Jayankura, had invited them to perform in her country.

The members explained, “We met the Princess previously when she made a visit to Korea, and she showed a lot of interest in us. We got invited to Thailand as well. We’re looking forward to the activities we will be having in Thailand.”

They also shared that they’re open to any overseas promotions and have plans to visit Japan. They said, “Whether it’s the U.S. or France, we want to go wherever people want to see us.”

Meanwhile, DreamCatcher recently returned with “Fly High” and topped the U.S. iTunes K-Pop album chart.

Source: Soompi via Naver

Omona, do you also have excellent taste in girl groups?