July 31st, 2017

longguo&shihyun (p101's yongguk and sihyun) the.the.the album listening post!

1. Stay here
Lyrics: Chanhwi, HASS, Bay.P
Composed by: Seo Gongryong (서공룡), Bay.P
Arranged by: Seo Gongryong (서공룡)
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This album is so good, it's been on literal repeat since it came out. Stay Here is probably my fave! stream here on melon! (I can't seem to find any other places to stream or download)

neofuego 1 2 3 | seungbin 1 | credits: reddit | lyrics: kimshihyuns.blogspot.com 1 2 3
Yeri | Red Summer

Girls' Generation 'Holiday Night' Teasers for Seohyun

Trans: I think maknaes really receive a lot of love. They told me 'You're SNSD's pride'. I'm the only SNSD maknae. I feel like I was becoming someone who represents SNSD, and I thought that. Even though the way we express ourselves are different, the way we feel is all the same. They're all on my side forever. It's a good thing that I was born. I thought it's a good thing I was born into a SNSD member.

Seohyun is channel 4 and Sweet Talk is channel 8.

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SOURCE: SMTOWN 12 + @GirlsGeneration + SonexStella+ mysonesubs + theflyers_ + @ch0sshi 12345

sweet talk got me like 👀


V-Live with Hyungseob & Euiwoong
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Sources: YUEHUA ENTERTAINMENT, singlesmania, wkorea, wkorea_man, Woong Seob, NewsAde, blue rosee99, jinbutton,
LuxGardien J Jinhoppang

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(spoiler alert: i won't)
seoyoung 1

Stellar are reportedly "too tired" to continue, want their next Makestar to fail

(video shows Stellar members signing "SOS" with their hands during a music show winner announcement stage)

Stellar fans have noticed some signs of distress from the group's members: a deleted tweet from Gayoung calling out the company for delaying their album's production, members crying at concerts and fanmeets, and an account from a fan who claims that the group wants their next Makestar project to fail.

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UPDATE: The fan's initial statement has been amended/retracted; see this post.

Sources: Twitter: @acaever, AsianJunkie, Soompi via Naver, K-Pop Amino: Shine Stellar
Lovelyz Jisoo

Lovelyz wraps up 'Alwayz' concert + talk about comeback plans

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Sources: Soompi 1, 2.
FALLIN fancams : Raw fancam by lvz_lovelinus Lovelyz | Edited fancam by supershinstudio.

FALLIN is probably going to be a bside on their next studio release, same as 'First Snow' from 'R U Ready' which was first performed on their 'Lovelyz in Winter Wonderland' concert. I doubt they'll be back in August with JIN's ankle + how packed the month already is + their labelmate Golden Child apparently debuting in August as well. Maybe early september?
Supershinstudio have more fancams if you want to check! maybe I'll make a compilation of fancams later but there aren't so many with good quality yet.


“Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Ahn Hyung Seob and Lee Eui Woong will become special MCs for SBS MTV’s “The Show”!
“The Show” will be holding its summer special on August 1, and the show has confirmed that Yuehwa Entertainment’s Ahn Hyung Seob and Lee Eui Woong will be special MCs for the day.
The two trainees received a lot of love during their appearance on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2.” Ahn Hyung Seob caught everyone’s eye from the very beginning and his evolution as a musician throughout the show was praised by many. Lee Eui Woong captivated viewers with his cute looks and charismatic rap performances. The two trainees, along with fellow Yuehwa trainees Justin and Jung Jung, have been receiving a lot of love as “The Yuehwa Sprouts.”
As special MCs, Ahn Hyung Seob and Lee Eui Woong will join “The Show” MCs Block B’s P.O and MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo for the day.
“The Show” airs every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. KST on SBS MTV and SBS funE.

Sources: Soompi, TheGsd
via: Naver