August 1st, 2017

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well that escalated quickly: uee & kangnam have broken up

Kangnam's agency has confirmed the news.

sources: @theseoulstory, naver

"dating", "busy schedules"

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Celebrity M and N's dating news has been gathering attention, but the reality is otherwise. People who know M and N say they're not romantically involved like they appear to the outside world, N is far from the ideal of M. But since it was reported, they're just playing along with it.

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Dalshabet, Sonamoo, Berry Good, and Dreamcatcher to gather for ‘Girls Live Concert’

Dalshabet, Sonamoo, Berry Good, and Dreamcatcher will hold a performance together.

On the 24th, Interpark notified the public of the “Girls Live Concert” with Dalshabet, Sonamoo, Berry Good, and Dreamcatcher. The performance will be held on August 19 at 7PM at the Seoul Jangchu Arena.

Officials say, “We are waiting for the stage of Dalshabet, who captivate with an upgraded sexy and mature charm, and Sonamoo, who are cheerful summer girls who have have receive attention as the most anticipated group in the second half of 2017 as their appeal with cuteness and loveliness. Additionally, they will be together with Berry Good, who have raised attention lately with their “Bibbidibobbidiboo” of a bright and fresh charm, and Dreamcatcher who possess a fantasy charm from a rock metal concept girl group, which is unique in Korea.”
There are plans in Busan following the Seoul concert. The Seoul concert tickets go on sale on the 26th at 7PM.

source: dalshabetglobal via naver
Taeyeon | My Voice

Girls' Generation 'Holiday Night' Teasers for Taeyeon

Trans: To me, SNSD is like a country. It's a process of discovering what I can do best. Within SNSD, I've been able to do diverse things. Everyone eventually goes back to their home, and their hometown, so I hope members are home-like. I hope that SNSD can be a (home-like) existence to (each member of) SNSD.

Taeyeon is channel 1 and 'Girls Are Back' is channel 10.

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SOURCE: SMTOWN 12 + @GirlsGeneration 12 + SonexStella 123 + Oh_mess + woonuh + TippaCha

yesss at this song
Woozi laughing but not
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F.T. Island's Jonghoon and Son Yeon Jae broke up

Today during Jonghoon's Tokyo fanmeeting, he revealed that they broke up after the news of the dating came out. She felt uneasy after the news of their dating came out, so they broke up.

Credit: Colourful247

Sad that it ended like this for them.
[They seemed like a cute couple from the pics.]
Kitty kitty

P.O.P’s Yeonha Takes A Break Due To Health Issues

P.O.P’s Yeonha will temporarily be on hiatus due to health issues.

Her agency, DWM Entertainment, released a statement on August 1 which stated, “Due to her busy schedule, Yeonha’s health is in poor condition and she is currently undergoing testing to see if she has myasthenia gravis (nueromuscular disease). As an agency, we hold the health of our artists to the upmost priority and decided it would be best for her to take a rest and focus on treatment.”

The agency also said, “We apologize to P.O.P’s fans for the worrying message and hope that Younha gets well soon. Please continue to support the group.” P.O.P will continue to promote their first mini album “Puzzle of POP” as a five-member group.

I hope she'll be ok, she's just 17

source: soompi, naver, popcorn-girls

“Produce 101 Season 2” Contestant Kim Yong Jin Reveals That He Has Glaucoma

Kim Yong Jin, who appeared in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” revealed that he has received a diagnosis of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a condition of the eye in which the pressure inside the eye increases. It can lead to various vision issues, including blindness in some cases.

On July 31, he wrote on his Instagram, “Glaucoma at the age of 21… I am so unfortunate. I just hope I don’t go blind.”

Meanwhile, Kim Yong Jin had also revealed recently that he will be releasing a solo album with a self-written song, making the news all the more heartbreaking.

We hope for Kim Yong Jin’s speedy recovery!

sources: soompi, naver

he was one of my faves, i hope he's gonna be okay :((

Primary Comeback August 4th


omona he did it again (or not?): JB makes another homophobic statement (UPDATE)

JB of GOT7 recently did an interview regarding the JJ Project, which includes him and GOT7 groupmate Jinyoung. Well, he wanted you all to know that he loves him, but totally no homo.

No need to make it a federal issue or whatever, but paired with other statements like this (mistranslated but still the general vibe remains), he is definitely King Of No Homo.

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source: asianjunkie, @got7jjai, chilHD

i knew i should have requested a "bye felicia" tag in the last tag request post

🌻 T-ARA celebrate 8th anniversary including Soyeon and Boram 🌻

T-ARA recently came back with "What's My Name" without Soyeon and Boram however this didn't stop the former members to celebrate with the other girls. T-ARA and Queen's share a symbol of a sunflower 🌻  - sunflower is the flower of adoration and the Korean meaning is "facing the sun" so for us (T-ARA and Queen's) it symbolises "I only have eyes for you". This analogy has become a symbol in our fandom. Ssoram showed their support on social media by posting sunflowers and so did OT4. With this in mind and other news such as Boram telling Queen's to trust T-ARA and not MBK, fansites posting about T-ARA reuniting and the members liking those posts - is there a possibility of a reunion at the end of 2017???

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source: my knowledge as Queen's, hyominmmd twitter, screencap by cgeun on onehallyu, instagram: boram, qri, hyomin, jiyeon 1,2, eunjung 1,2, soyeon 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

My faith in OT6 is once again restored. Favourite memory of T-ARA? Who was your initial bias and who do you like the most now? And of course since T-ara are THE Queens and Chameleons of Concepts what is your favourite concept/song by them?
[my answers]My initial bias was Hyomin ever since I saw her perform on stage and she has remained my queen since then - great taste in movies, music, aesthetics, fashion, kind hearted, dorky. My favourite memory is probably when they became my #1 ultimate group - I knew/loved them since debut but only realised my ultimate love during Number 9 era. I think the time when my face appeared on their showcase and they teared up also is one of my biggest highlights. I'm super grateful for that opportunity and to be recognised as a loyal Queen's that even my face was shown in Hyomin's birthday video. My all time favourite song by them is For You but going by title tracks it is Sugar Free/Number 9/Roly Poly and concept is Roly Poly or the Day by Day/Sexy Love videos.

GFriend - "Parallel" album listening post + will perform their first stage on water!

Tracklist (+Timestamps)
01. (00:00) Intro (Belief)
02. (01:12) Love Whisper
03. (04:45) Ave Maria
04. (08:01) One Half
05. (11:36) Life Is A Party
06. (14:37) Red Umbrella
07. (18:02) Falling Asleep Again
08. (21:46) Love Whisper (Instrumental)

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source: themrmonsterific, gfriend part

they're doing really well! their m/v has hit 6mil views and they're currently no1 on melon<3
what's your fave track, omona?

queen of the world tbh

Shannon's MV for Hello (and comeback performances)

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Sources : MBK Ent @ youtube, KBSKpop @ youtube, SBS Inkigayo @ youtube

(sorry mods, hopefully this time I didn't forget anything!!) The MV was released yesterday but I'm pretty sure I didn't see it posted around here and I thought it would be nice to share. Shannon is a pr*ck but this is a very good song and this mini is her best release to date, imo. The choreo is really nice too.