August 20th, 2017


Kwon Hyunbin of Broduce 101 for 8seconds +making his drama debut

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It's probably been a couple years since I posted in omona so sorry for any mistakes!
I know Hyunbin is not very popular here at omona but I've been marathoning Broduce 101 and while I found him annoying at first he's really endearing when he starts to try his best.

Jackson Wang - 1st Solo Single 'Papillon' - D-6 Teaser

A battle with yourself begins.
一场与自己的“博弈” -August 26th-
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🦋 Papillon 🦋
D-7 Teaser

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Kitty kitty

Lee Hi round up & comeback news

On August 20, a source from YG Entertainment confirmed that Lee Hi is preparing for a comeback set for this coming September. The source stated, “Lee Hi has been consistently working on tracks for her album,” and added that the format of the album is yet to be determined.

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Dara finds out wh(Y)'s she's (G)ot no album out

During the August 19 episode of MBC’s “All Broadcasts of the World,” Sandara Park wanted to ask Yang Hyun Suk why he hasn’t been planning any albums for her for the past three years.

“YG doesn’t really take out artists from the jewelry box. I want to ask for an album, but it’s not easy to make such a request,” Sandara Park shared.

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Seohyun talks about past struggles of waking up Soshi

During the August 19 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shared how her fellow members gave her grief about morning wake up calls in the past.

Seohyun began her story by saying she was in charge of morning call back when they had all lived in a dorm, and that she was always sad about it.

I have a really hard time waking up myself, but I worked hard to wake up everyone else. One time, however, Sooyoung told me to mind my own business. It was really shocking! I was pretty upset by it,” she expressed.

Upon hearing the story, Sooyoung was at a loss for what to say. Seohyun continued, “Because we were always late, I would have to wake them up. Of course, when I actually wake them up, they don’t feel too good about it. When I went into YoonA and Yuri‘s room, Yuri yelled at me to turn off the lights. I was hurt.”

Hyoyeon interjected, “I always got up fine,” to which Seohyun added, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t come out of your room!”

When asked how Taeyeon would get up, Seohyun began to talk about how she sleep talks a lot. Sooyoung interrupted and said, “I sleep talk a lot, too, actually.”

Seohyun then responded, “Your eyes were half-open when you would talk to me,” rejecting Sooyoung’s attempt to justify herself.
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FIESTAR’s Cao Lu reveals that she's poor just like the rest of us

On the August 18 broadcast of SBS’s “Baek Jong Won’s Food Truck,” FIESTAR’s Cao Lu revealed that she still has no income.

There is a system in which when an idol group debuts, the majority of their beginning income is dedicated towards settling any “balances” they have with the entertainment company. The members have a certain amount of debt that cover their training, production costs, wardrobe, and many other aspects of becoming an idol. Until they break even with their promotions, idols ultimately have no income.

Cao Lu said, “Truthfully speaking, there is nothing I know how to do besides be a singer. If I were to work for a company, I don’t even know how type or do anything. Being a celebrity is not stable. I wonder, ‘When the contract ends next year, what do I do?’ That’s why I thought that I should at least make a shop and prepare for the worst while promoting.”

She continued, My income is 0 won. For six years, I have been working passionately for close to no money. Do you understand why I’m worrying about one to two years ahead? I really want to open up a shop. Next year, I will turn 32 years old, and I’m given 500,000 won (approximately $450) to live off of per month. I feel like I really need to do something.”

Cao Lu also objectively evaluated that her busy activities from last year will not last for a long time. She said, “There’s a big difference between opening a business for profits and opening a business to survive. If there are no schedules, I starve. Life and survival are different. I think I can passionately lead the business.”

Meanwhile, Cao Lu debuted with the girl group FIESTAR in 2012. Cao Lu was in the lime light in 2015 when she appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Radio Star.” She has appeared on “We Got Married,” “Uncontrollably Acting,” and “Video Star.”

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🚨Fandom freakouts: Is Leo from Vixx dating his fansite admin? 🚨 (UPDATE)

Acknowledge this already.. Why are we overlooking this
"Is she really his fansite manager?"

t/n: people are trying to guess who that girl is, some believe it's a commoner/Weekly idol staff/fan/etc
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Shocking, right? Let's see how netizens react to this!
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exclusive gif of netizens reacting to the pictures above:

The Return of Superman Ep 195

Jiyong and Seungjae visit Jiyong’s elementary school together. Sam and William spend a special day with William’s grandmother who is visiting for William’s first birthday. Hwijae takes the twins to a special library. Seola, Sua, and Sian spend the day with Wanna One members.

We meet a new family this week, Hong Kyungmin and his patient daughter Rawon. He needs a little help, so of course they call on Professor Ki. Speaking of Taeyoung, while I did appreciate his running around in a towel, he could have totally just got some new is his house after all lol. Sian and his sisters spend more time with Wanna One, and pick their favs. Happy 1st birthday William! His photos came out gorgeous! The twins spent the night at a really nice library. OP is like $40 overdue with fines at her local library and my account has been locked for years. Seungjae succeeds in embarrassing Jiyong once again lol.

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I'm Live with Gummy

Joining us on this episode of I'm Live is Korea's top-notch vocalist Gummy! Gummy has been indulging the ears and souls of countless people since her debut 18 years ago. She's truly in a league of her own among her contemporaries and has been recognized for her exceptional ability to tackle various music genres ranging from ballad music to dance, jazz and hip hop among others.

On this episode, Gummy performs some of her all-time greatest hits, including her debut song "We Should Have Remained Friends," "Adult Child," "You Are My Everything" from the soundtrack of the TV series "Descendants of the Sun," as well as "Kiss, This Is A Tip" and "I I Yo" from her 5th studio album. The artist deeply impressed the audience with her flawless live singing skills and stage manners. Tune into I'm Live and let Gummy feast your soul!

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pristin release highlight medley for their 2nd mini album 'schxxl out'


📆 timetable
👤 silhouette teasers
👩 concept photos: rena + xiyeon ( out / in ) | kyulkyung + sungyeon ( out / in ) | nayoung + kyla ( out / in ) | yuha + roa ( out / in ) | eunwoo + yehana ( out / in ) | ot10 ( out / in ) ✨
📎 album details
🎥 jacket filming
🎼 track list
📺 mv teaser
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Want your flops to appear on KBS' The Unit? Recommend them!

Just from a glance, lots of people are nominating ToppDogg, 100%, B.I.G, UNIQ, 24K, HIGH4, DMTN, etc... to appear on 'The Unit'. As for females, Sunny Hill, Rania, Kang Sira, TINT, that 24 membered girl group LEADERS, Hello Venus, 2Eyes.... there's a lot more though.

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Another Age of Youth 2 Teaser + Cameos Announced

The teaser begins with a house in the middle of the woods on a stormy night, where a hand slowly inserts a key into a door handle, and Jin-myung suddenly opens her eyes when Eun-jae calls her name. We are told that “women who will chill your innards are coming,” as the teaser backtracks to the girls setting out on a holiday. Their journey isn’t a smooth one though, as they nearly get into a car accident on the road. One of them notes shakily that they could’ve almost died, as another says offscreen that their mother told them this year was the first of three years of misfortune for them. Ominous.

The car makes its way through the woods to a bed and breakfast, and when Kang Unni knocks on the front door, we see a man pause while sharpening a knife. The girls are rightfully wary of the suspicious B&B owner, who sneaks glances at them having dinner and stands outside in the storm in a poncho and holding an axe(!!). The teaser promises a beginning beyond our imaginations.

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Age of Youth 2 will air its first episode this Friday, on August 25.

Sources: JTBC Drama | @kdrama_news 1 2 3 | Dramabeans/TV Report

I'm so confused at the marketing they're doing for this but I am excited to see my girls again. If season 2 sucks, I can just pretend it never happened and continue to make everyone watch the perfect first season. I'll be making a discussion post next weekend.
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170820 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Ko Ko Bop'

Red Velvet

'Red Velvet'

Wanna One


Album Sales (음반) 31 1 500
SNS 2953 1404 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 500 45 194
ON-AIR 223 278 278
Digital Sales (음원) 2643 4373 5493
Final Total 6350 6202 9965

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Junho and Won Jin Ah Cast in JTBC Drama

Just Between Lovers is a tale about great people—people who don’t look all that remarkable at first glance, and who don’t appear as though they do anything of importance. However, these great people are able to withstand the coldest winds without flinching, and are able to carry on with their lives as if they aren’t in pain. It’s a story about pitiable people who comfort and embrace one another, and instead of becoming fearful of mistakes, they remain endlessly hopeful and constantly make opportunities for themselves.

Junho will play a character named Lee Kang Doo, the much-loved only child of a well-to-do family. He lacked nothing growing up, but he loses his father in an unexpected accident, and his mother to cancer. At age 20, he and the debt his mother left behind are all that’s left. Having become a delinquent borrower because of those debts, he’ll live out of cheap motels and will take odd jobs in an effort to pay the bills. Furthermore, his dreams of becoming a soccer player come crashing down when he needs to undergo three years of rehabilitation for his injured legs. However, a character will arrive who will turn his life around.

Won Jin Ah will be playing the role of Ha Moon Soo, who loses her younger sibling to an accident. She hides her pain and tries to stay strong while looking after her mother. Once she meets Lee Kang Doo, however, she’s able to bring out her hidden emotions.

Just Between Lovers will be directed by Kim Jin-won (Wonderful Days) and is being planned for a release before the end of the year on JTBC.

Sources: @kdrama_news Soompi/Naver Dramabeans/Sports Chosun

Junho did a fantastic job in Chief Kim and I'm excited he's getting a lead role, even though this sounds kind of boring. I've become a full blown Junho stan this year, I think I need an icon.