August 29th, 2017

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JEONG SEWOON debut teasers: concept photos, “JUST U” m/v teaser + album preview

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the credits for this mini are stacked. i also kinda wish they went and released more photo teasers, the b-cuts are better than any of the ones released


Hoya revealed to be the only member who has not renewed his contract yet

They're still in discussions over a new contract Woollim is also discussing scenarios in case Hoya decides not to re-sign a contract

sources: oh_mes 1, 2, naver

Wheesung changes stage name and starts own label

Wheesung is starting anew with his own label!

The singer parted ways with YMC Entertainment last year after his contract with the agency came to an end. He set up an independent label called Realslow Company, and he will now be promoting under the stage name Realslow.

Through this new name and label, Wheesung aims to return to his roots and produce some soulful R&B music. He also hopes to create a good environment for other artists he might be recruiting.

The singer is currently working on a new album, so fans will be able to hear his music soon. Best of luck to Realslow in all his future endeavors!

source: soompi, naver

Kangnam shows that he's trash, says he wants to hit Kyungri

Kangnam is facing netizen criticism after a recent episode of a Naver TV’s web variety show that he stars in with 9MUSES’ Kyungri.

The two are known to be good friends after appearing on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” and have continued to show off their friendship through this web variety show in which they work part time jobs in Italy.
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sources: soompi, insight

rosé h8s yg

It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets Episode 1

Episode 1:
kshowonline | VIU

“It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets” is a reality program focused around celebrities who like to stay at home rather than venture outside, for various reasons. Starring Highlight's Junhyung, EXO's Xiumin, Wanna One's Daniel, Park Jae-jung, and Lee Sang-woo.

Source: MBC_entertain | kshowonline | VIU

friendly reminder that you are poor: celebrity real estate edition

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and actor Seo Kang Joon just became neighbors and new homeowners.

Kim Jaejoong recently purchased a luxury, 184 square meter apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. According to Woman Sense magazine, he paid 2.1 billion won (approximately $1,865,000) for the apartment in a newly built unit.

Seo Kang Joon also purchased a unit in the same high-rise building for 1.6 billion won (approximately $1,421,000). His unit measures out to be 125.4 square meters.

According to the apartment management, the building is famous for their luxury, hotel-like services including on-site dining, room service, housekeeping service, and valet parking. The high rise is also located near the Han River and Seoul Forest, which is a highly coveted area due to its spectacular views and strategic location.

Furthermore, they will now be neighbors to Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and other high-profile celebrities who own units in the building.

sources: soompi, nate


New Epik High Album in October + IU Feature Confirmed

Rapper Tablo appeared on the live music program “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” Saturday, announcing the upcoming return of his rap trio Epik High.

“We’ve continued to make music. Now, I think we’ve completed an album that we can let you hear,” Tablo said on the KBS show. “After three years, it will be an album that will make you feel ‘autumn’ for certain.”

Epik High’s new album will drop in October.

YG Entertainment announced Friday that singer IU will be featured on the new album, the rap group’s ninth studio LP.

Epik High’s last album, “Shoebox,” was released in October 2014.

Consisting of additional members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, the alternative hip-hop group has enjoyed an international following since its 2001 debut.

Source: KPopHerald
seoyoung 1

Girl group AMOR debut with "Push Baby"

(members from left to right at start of video: ESeul, Sodam, Suri, J, Moa)

AMOR is a new girl group under Troy Entertainment (couldn't find any other info about the company, but they already have 5 likes on facebook so there's that!) The group debuted with the single Push Baby on August 10th. The song doesn't have an MV as of yet, but there's a dance practice video and plenty of live performances on YouTube.

For a profile of all members, check out this post on Amino.

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Source: YouTube: 걸그룹 아모르 amor, 하늘석양, Ajacijoa

the song and choreo are pretty fun!

Pentagon DEMO_01 Concept Image 2

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Source: @CUBE_PTG

AAAAHH!! They look good!! those fake tattoos and ruffle turtleneck things are silly, but otherwise!!!

can i hope for some collab stages with Hyuna (at least for her songs), since they'll be promoting at the same-ish time?