August 31st, 2017

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JIYOON releasing new single “저기요 (HELLO)” on september 12th!

TL;DR: “저기요 (Hello)” was originally written for 2YOON, by Primary, and like all things at Cube, was pushed to the side and ultimately ended up being unused. Despite Primary saying he'd compose a different song for her, Jiyoon wanted to release “저기요 (Hello)”; the release got pushed back, yet again. It was supposed to come out in July. Jiyoon also mentions Hyuna—says she's an industry veteran, and that there's “no room for comparison” between the two of them because of that.

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SOURCE(s): donga (translation via cherryblurs@twitter); gangdongwoo@ig; ninanomuu@ig (some other pics deleted); officialjenyer@twitter (translation via 4mf_trans@twitter)

Alex for Reddit AMA

Alex went on Reddit and did her very own AMA today where she answered a bunch of questions. Obviously she wasn't able to spill the tea on everything because of "confidentiality on some topics", but nonetheless she had interestings stories to tell. I'm not gonna post every Q&A, check out the full AMA at the source.

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sources: reddit, alex twitter
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2PM's Junho releases tracklist for first EP "Canvas"

All songs written and composed by Junho; Canvas, Instant love, Fine, and Run to you are from his Japanese EPs; Nobody Else and WOW are solo remakes of 2PM tracks; the new (last) song is You'll Forget Anyway feat. Cheeze; Sana from TWICE will be featured in an MV for Instant love.

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sources: @follow_2pm, @jerwiepenpan

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Happy Jungkook Day!🎂 Birthday Tweets + Jungkook Posts 2U Cover

2U (cover, 2017)
Performed by 정국
Vocal Arrangement by 정국 @ Golden Closet
Mix Engineer - 박진세 @ World Wide 스튜디오
Photo by Vante

*Original Track : 2U - David Guetta ft.Justin Bieber

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SOURCE: BTS soundcloud | bts_bighit | bts_twt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 | allforbts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 | jeon576 | BTS Facebook | gif: starcast
edit: added bday photo album + jimin's tweets + jeon576's post
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Twice filming a new, old movie?

Twice were spotted doing some kind of a shoot in their Like Ooh-Ahh outfits today. People were saying there was too much crew just for a photo-shoot, other people were saying not enough crew for a movie-shoot. Since a comeback is all but guaranteed for October at the latest, it's not really surprising they would be filming. The outfits are interesting though.

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sources: pengjeongnam_ 1, 2, ryuhohyun_99
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Wanna One looms large over K-pop : Insiders warn that group’s success hurts the industry as a whole

Since their debut, boy band Wanna One has been setting record after record. On Aug. 7, Wanna One held their debut performance at Gocheok Sky Dome in western Seoul, an arena that can hold a maximum of 25,000. Their song “Energetic” topped music charts immediately after its release.

The unprecedented popularity

The response to Wanna One has been more explosive than anyone could have imagined. Yet, the group has been met with criticism since before they even set foot on stage. The rapid rate at which Wanna One has been able to flourish thanks to the huge investment of CJ E&M, a large entertainment company, was a source of concern for many management agencies who complain that the group has a significant advantage over the competition.

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Source: mengnews

really, really interesting read with lots of different connotations. wanna one is being worked to the bone and basically anything they touch is gold, and i hadn't thought about how that would reflect on the rest of the industry.
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"Trophy Cat" (aka Aaora and Friday from Double A) x Edward Avila - BODY MV

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Trophy Cat, a name for the production duo of Aaora (singer) and Friday (producer) from everyone's favorite pro-gay indie idol group AA, have teamed up with youtube beauty blogger and #1 AA fanboy Edward Avila to bring us this track.

The two members of Trophy Cat and Edward went to Kcon together, where Edward and Aaora performed Body and Double A's debut song Because I'm Crazy. Asianjunkie wrote up an account for everyone here who loves AA like I do.

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Previously Edward and Aaora have been seen hanging out, learning drag slang, going shopping, getting plastic surgery, etc on Edward's youtube channel.

This song is actually charting! It's currently #7 on itunes Kpop chart. Their previous song, Stay, charted as well, achieving #3 on itunes Kpop chart in June.

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Basically, I'm so disappointed in AA fans on omona for not being on this! I know we have some fans on here...

Edward Avila on Youtube
account">Yaaaaaas on AsianJunkie
Ella Pavilando on Youtube
Trophycatfriday on Instagram
AA tag on Omonatheydidnt
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Day6 releases Jae's teaser for September "I Loved You"

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Source: Day6 Twitter | Day6

Every Day6 September
Teaser Image
Member Teasers: Sungjin | Jae

okay i actually gasped out loud when i saw that gif, he's SO good-looking????? i want to die, holy crap, what is this aesthetic. i'm not gonna make it to their concert, guys, these teasers will kill me instead


♥ 9.05 - B.A.P [BLUE] RELEASE ♥ 9.01 - M/V TRAILER VER. 28.29 - M/V TRAILER VER. 1


11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear (according to Soompi)

When people talk about music in Korea, most refer to R&B and K-pop groups, yet there aren’t many who talk about rock music. This underrated genre certainly deserves more attention, especially considering many K-pop groups use elements of rock in their own music. So take a look below at some of Korea’s greatest rock artists. You’ll be surprised at how talented they truly are.

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??? @ lack of day6 amongst others

rock/band appreciation time? \o/
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Pentagon DEMO_01 Track List

01. Like This (title)
Composed by Flow Blow, Hui | Lyrics by Hui, EDawn, Yuto, & Wooseok | Arranged by Flow Blow

02. It's Over
Composed by Kino | Lyrics by Kino, E'Dawn, Wooseok | Arranged by Ferdy, Kino

03. 오늘까지만
Composed by Ferdy, Jinho | Lyrics by Ferdy, Jinho, E'Dawn, Yuto, Wooseok | Arranged by Ferdy

04. 멋있게 랩 (E'Dawn, Yuto, & Wooseok)
Composed, Lyrics by E'Dawn, Yuto, & Wooseok | Arranged by E'Dawn

05. 설렘이라는 건
Composed by Hui | Lyrics by Hui, E'Dawn, Yuto, & Wooseok | Arranged by Son Youngjin, Kang Dongha

Source: @CUBE_PTG

AAAHH! The title track is composed by Hui and Flow Blow (and producers of P101 Never & WN1 Energetic), and all the songs have the members in the credits as composers and lyricists!! I can't wait to hear it all!