September 3rd, 2017


✨IU Announce A Surprise Comeback For September + Lee Hyori Collaboration ✨


IU Will Celebrate her debut anniversary (on september 18th) releasing a sequel to Flower Bookmark
Additionally both Lee Hyori and IU decided to give a season finale present to "Hyori BnB" viewers composing a song together with Lee Sang Soon (Hyori husband)
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The Return of Superman Ep 197

[A Great New Discovery in Everyday Routine ] Jaesi, Jaea, Sua, Seola, and Sian prepare a special day for their dad who is leaving for the national soccer team training. Hiwjae takes the twins to a blood donating center. While their dad is busy donating blood, Seojun and Seoeon spend a fun time together. Singer Kim Jongmin visits Seungjae’s house to spend the day as Seungjae’s uncle.

lol at Rohui's "I am fickle. I am mischievous. I am cheeky."

source: KBS WORLD TV
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170903 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Yoon Jong Shin

'Like It'



Wanna One


Album Sales (음반) 0 14 500
SNS 606 2184 1737
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 7 11 425
ON-AIR 500 334 278
Digital Sales (음원) 5316 4400 2784
Final Total 6429 6943 5724

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, Memory Lane

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OMONA'S PICK: MV Producers/Directors Part 3: Lumpens 🎥

Omo! It's time for another installment of "OP is obsessed with finding out who makes what MV for no real reason at all". I like this next group because they always produce beautiful, high quality MVs. The color palettes are well chosen, and there's always something new to discover with every re-watch. Without further ado, here's another one of my favorite MV Producers/Production Houses:

Lumpens is a Seoul based video production house that started in 2014. Possibly best known for being BTS's go to prod company, having worked on 9 of their MVs. They also worked with other groups like Wonder Girls, SISTAR, Block B, and SPICA.

Some notable elements repeated in their work:
- rich colors (sometimes muted)
- art film teas
- explosions / things breaking / falling
- slow close-ups on deadpan faces
- steady camera work that allows the choreography to really shine

Watch some of their MVs below and let me know in the comments if you notice any other similarities in their work

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Sources: lumpens | CJENMMUSIC Official | 1theK | jypentertainment | starshiptv | B2Ment

MV Producers/Directors Series
🎥 Part 1: VM Project Architecture
🎥 Part 2: Naive Creative Studio

I just realized that the girl groups they worked with have disbanded... what a sad coincidence. Which of their MVs are your faves, Omona?

Also, I thought I'd be able to churn these posts out monthly.. I overestimated my motivation. lol
motherfucking kim minkyung

DIA’s Yebin And Somyi Announce Appearance On “The Unit”

Members of DIA will be joining KBS program “The Unit”!

On September 4, Yebin and Somyi took to the group’s official Instagram to announce the news themselves.

They wrote, “We thought it would be right to first share the news ourselves to our AID fans that are always with us and support us. We put it a lot of thought and concern to come to this decision.”

They continued, “We thought a lot about how to express our thoughts with our members, agency staff, and our CEO, and we decided to talk to our members first. The members gave us lots of support and respected our decision. Afterwards, we told agency staff and made the decision after discussing with them.”

Yebin and Somyi then expressed their worry at fans being too surprised by the news and explained that they wanted to grow more and get evaluated through the program.

“We are so thankful to our members for believing in and loving us, and more than anything, as DIA is so precious to us, we will work even harder. We will not mind the outcome and return as Yebin and Somyi who have grown further. The support of AID fans will give us great strength! We always thank you and love you,” they concluded.

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sources: soompi, mbk.dia

the group will continue to promote without them, in the same way they did without chaeyeon and heehyun during pd101 i guess

YoonA To Release Second Solo Track For SM STATION

YoonA is next up for the second season of SM STATION!

On September 4, SM Entertainment revealed that she will be releasing solo track “You Are My Star” this week in both Korean and Chinese.

This is her second solo track after “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway,” which was released for SM STATION in March 2016 and featured 10cm.

The Korean and Chinese versions of “You Are My Star” will be revealed via online music sites on September 8 at 6 p.m. KST.

source soompi


Jessica from Mnet's Idol School talks about her experience on the show

- says she's happy that she got eliminated
- participated because she wanted to find out if being an idol is the right job for her, she was a trainee before and appeared on broadcast but never officially debuted
- knew on the first day that she's not suited for the idol job, regretted going to korea for it
- says she can't diet and is not cute
- met many friends on the show
- is done with K-Pop

source: JessicaDew 제시카듀