September 4th, 2017

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JYP Confirms that Taecyeon Quietly Enlisted in the Military Today

Taecyeon has enlisted for active service today (September 4th) on the 9th anniversary of 2PM's debut.

He was careful not to reveal the details of enlistment during 2PM's V LIVE broadcast yesterday, and enlisted quietly today in the presence of his family and fellow 2PM members.

Taecyeon had to make an effort to enlist, having to give up his American citizenship. He was qualified to do public service due to a herniated lower back disc, but after surgery and therapy he was deemed eligible for active service.

JYP Entertainment confirmed, "It's true he is enlisting today."

Ok Taecyeon debuted in 2008 and has been active in both 2PM and as an actor. His last project before enlistment was the OCN drama Save Me.

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I wasn't ready!! Serve well, Taec!

Edited to add the article translation & picture with Jun. K
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#To9etherForeverWith2PM - 2PM Celebrates Their 9th Anniversary

Click Image to Watch Video

Yesterday, 2PM held a special VLive to celebrate their 9th Anniversary. Highlights include:
- Wooyoung introduced himself as Junho
- The boys talked about "FINE" - Taecyeon refuses to listen because he says it's about Eddie's future. They talk about losing pets ㅠㅠ
- Each member filling out a questionnaire for another member, hilarity ensues
- Chansung forgot Junho's birthday - Junho gets upset, calls him an asshole (lol)
- Minjun announced he and Khun went to Thailand, got married, and went on a honeymoon #neverendinghoneymoon
- Nichkhun said they were getting a divorce
- Members tease Taecyeon about eating a lot and gaining weight before enlisting
- It was revealed that Taecyeon and Minjun were originally supposed to enlist on the same day
- Taecyeon will not reveal when and where he will enlist because he wants to enlist quietly with just his family and members
- Members wrote letters to each other to be opened next year
- Taecyeon thought they were supposed to write a letter to their ex-member (former = jeon, all = jeonche)

What's your favorite thing about 2PM's brotherhood, Omona? Favorite 2PM memory? Favorite 2PM song? 9마워 4랑해 2PM!

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Teasers for "Argon"

The short 8-episode drama is the newest project from PD Lee Yoon-jung of Cheese in the Trap and Coffee Prince, and tells the story of an investigative broadcast news team called Argon. Kim Joo-hyuk plays Argon’s team leader and the face of his network, an idealist who treats his responsibility to deliver the truth like his life depends on it. While the public only sees him as a trustworthy anchor and a gentleman in a suit, behind the scenes he’s a picky perfectionist who gets called the devil by his staff because he works them into the ground.

Chun Woo-hee plays a reporter who gets transferred to the Argon team with only three months left on her temporary contract. She’s got average specs but boundless energy and passion for the job, and she’s a conspiracy theorist who believes that her insatiable curiosity is her greatest asset. The drama is about her growth as she joins the Argon team and gets grilled and trained to within an inch of her life by Kim Joo-hyuk, and comes out a real reporter on the other side.

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Argon premieres Monday, September 4.

Sources: tvN DRAMA 1 2 | Dramabeans/Xports News/Star Chosun | Dramabeans/Kookje News

This show being only 8 episodes is definitely a selling point to me. There should be more short dramas like this.
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2PM Sends Their Brother Into the Army (Pics & SNS)

Earlier today, Taecyeon privately enlisted into the Korean Army. There was no press present, so there were no photos from the media. Taecyeon was joined by his family, fellow 2PM members, and several the staff members who are close to him, including some of 2PM's former managers. Several kind souls who were also in attendance, sending off their own sons and brothers, shared a few photos and videos on Twitter.

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I'm dying at that first video. I'm so proud of him. And I'm glad that the other boys were there to see him off. Apparently, the division he's training with (White Horse Division) is close to the DMZ. We're not sure which unit he'll end up in, but either way, I hope he stays safe and has very little to no issue. He looks happy and proud, and that makes me feel better. And you guys... he looks SO good! I'll probably start actually missing him in a few weeks.

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Highlight Lee Gikwang 1st mini album 'ONE': MV and album listening post

Title track 'What You Like'

You can listen to the full 7-track mini album below.

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Omona! Fanny packs: yes or no?

Yes, I love looking like The Rock in the 90s
No, I care about my appearance

Jackson for Men's Uno, Grazia and MRRM

Jackson has been actively promoting in China since the announcement of his studio opening. This week four new photoshoots have been released: one for Men's Uno, two for Grazia, and one for Hong Kong's MRRM, it was Jackson first magazine spread in his hometown.

On September 3rd he appeared on a popular show Go Fighting (with Yixing, Show Luo and others), he's also confirmed to appear on Happy Camp. On the same week his followers exceeded 6 million on Weibo and 7 million on Instagram.

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Men's Uno Weibo / Grazia Weibo / Team Wang Weibo / daisyyfields 1 2 / JacksonWDaily 1 2 3

Rescue Me/Save Me Ep 9-10 Discussion Post

Synopsis: A girl is surrounded by suspicious people and quietly whispers, “Save me!” in a dark neighborhood alleyway, and a couple of unemployed youths hear her and run to her rescue. They discover that she’s trapped in some kind of pseudo-religious cult and try to help her, but what ensues is a sequence of horrifying tension-filled events that make us wonder more about the science of the human psyche.
Cast: Taecyeon, Seo Ye Ji, Woo Do Hwan, Cho Seong Ha, David Lee
Director: Kim Sung-Su
Writer: Jo Geum-San (webcomic), Jung Shin-Gyu, Jung Yi-Do
Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: August 5, 2017 --
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20

Watch Here: Dramafire

Sources: AsianWiki MyDramaList
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BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her 'Serendipity' Comeback Trailer

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💜 LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' Navigation 💜
🌸 Album Details: Part 1 | Part 2
🌸 Comeback Trailer: 'Serendipity'

[💜 LOVE YOURSELF Series Navigation 💜]💜 LOVE YOURSELF Navigation 💜
🌸 Jungkook Poster + Concept Details
🌸 First Batch of Posters
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🌸 #화양연화TheNotes
🌸 Highlight Reel '起' (To Begin)
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🌸 Highlight Reel '轉' (The Turning Point)
🌸 Highlight Reel '起承轉結'

Edit: Added Jimin's tweet.
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2017 ISAC and other MBC Shows Cancelled or Put on Hold Due to the Ongoing Strike

Filming for MBC's 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships has been cancelled due to the current strike being held by union members of public broadcasters KBS and MBC.

The company-wide strike is calling for the resignation of MBC president Kim Jang Gyum. “Infinite Challenge” and “I Live Alone” will be temporarily off air. The 2017 DMC Festival has also been canceled, and filming for MBC’s upcoming drama “20th Century Boy and Girl” has been put on hold. Furthemore, “Music Core” has been confirmed to temporarily be off air as well.

For those interested, you can read this post & this twitter thread to learn more on what the strike is about:

Source: instiz | Naver via Soompi | @Author_Min
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sunmi's “GASHINA” part change up vers.!

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sunmi's backup dancers look like they're having so much fun during the switch part, tbh! i wanted to post just guk-joo's back when it was posted but i'm—now—really content that i didn't. i love every version of it. (guk-joo posted one of “BABE” on her insta, too, and the other two dancers are tagged in that one!)