September 5th, 2017

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Dahye and Uji reported to have left BESTIE

The article mentions that YNB is looking into recruiting new members to rebuild the group and in the meanwhile, Haeryung and Hyeyeon will continue with individual schedules.

source: oh_mes, naver



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Bulldok's Sora announces she has left the group

Bulldok’s Sora has let fans know that she has left the group.

On September 3, Sora posted a message on her Instagram that reads as follows:

“To Hotdoks, all the fans who love me, and everyone who has helped me, hello. I am Sora, who was Bulldok’s main vocal. I truly thank the fans who loved and supported Bulldok’s Sora all that time. Although my journey as a member of Bulldok has ended, I will not rest and will devote myself once again so that I can continue to be active. Thank you!”

Bulldok made their debut in 2016 as a five-member group under KCONIC Entertainment. It was announced in May that member Hyung Eun had left the group.

source: soompi via sora's instagram (sol_x.x)

i'm 99% sure that their hiatus, sora leaving and kimi getting a solo is all because they had to boot hyunggeun and therefore lost their star member. i wonder whether genie & say are still in the group (or with kconic). i'm sad & pissed, they all deserved better.

Song Ji Hyo and Jo Woo Jin confirmed for tvN one act drama

Song Ji-hyo will be playing the lead in a one-episode drama called Chief B and the Love Letter, which comes as part of CJ E&M’s program for rookie screenwriters called OPEN. It’s part of their efforts to seek and foster new talent, and this project comes from OPEN writer Shin Soo-rim and will air on tvN and its online streaming service TVING.

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Sources: @gapiplus Dramabeans/StarNews/IS Plus

Apparently this new OPEN program is supposed to be like the KBS one episode drama specials.
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It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets Episode 2

Episode 2:
VIU | kshow123

“It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets” is a reality program focused around celebrities who like to stay at home rather than venture outside, for various reasons. Starring Highlight's Junhyung, EXO's Xiumin, Wanna One's Daniel, Park Jae-jung, and Lee Sang-woo.

Source: MBC_entertain | VIU | kshow123

Xiumin arrives today! We'll see how he deals with having to clean up after his messy roommate, Daniel.

👑 CL 👑 and her uncentered choker go to event

mazurbate🆑 In the Mood for Love at the opening of @thomassabo HK-I'm also gonna slap you @yangachi__ for not centering the choker #VirgoProblems #Mazurbated

After shocking fans with her honesty, and threatening the rest of the world with a potential comeback announcement, 👑 CL 👑 decided to resume her fashion-darling activites.

Just a few hours ago the noted businesswoman attended the Thomas Sabo opening event in Hong Kong, where she stunned the crowd with her intense stare and bold fashion choices

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source: mazurbate, @WeLoveChaerin ( 1, 2, 3), @BaddestFemaleCL, @jester_yee ( 1, 2)