September 16th, 2017

Mischievous Detectives Ep 3

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i can't believe i didn't notice them dancing to olg and open up the first time through. this is a complete fanservice of a web drama and i have no problem with it. are there like 12 episodes planned? like 4 cases, three episodes each? easiest entertainment i've ever had the pleasure of knowing

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Happy #SunshineYoungjaeDay; "Victim of Love" is (pre-)released

The result of GOT7 Youngjae's meeting his idols and collabing in New York is finally here: Youngjae's collaboration track with Sanjoy, Elliott Yamin and Stephen Rezza was posted on Youngjae's Soundcloud account today.

You can download the track for free today by signing up through Sanjoy's official website (or wait until the track is officially released tomorrow if you don't want to sign up.)

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It's also Youngjae's birthday today, and he and the other members have been posting on social media:

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Winner's Jinwoo spotted wearing a Confederate Flag T-Shirt

Korean boy band WINNER member Jin Woo was criticized and called out by fans for wearing a t-shirt with a confederate flag.

A photo of Jin Woo and Song Min Ho was posted on WINNER's official Instagram account showing the former wearing the controversial t-shirt.

The t-shirt appears to be a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) item and confederate flags are part of its history. Confederate flags are seen by many as a symbol of hatred and racism in the US.

Fans posted comments on WINNER's Instagram account telling them to delete the photo. As of today, it was no longer posted on the account.

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Sources: International Business Times, @tacitslumber
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BTS on Knowing Bros Preview, Get over 6 Million Followers on Vlive, Comeback Show D-5 Teaser

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Source: JTBC Entertainment, Soompi, Mnet K-POP

There's also another update about the ~collab but OP has had a very long day and doesn't wanna talk about that anymore or see anything related to it so if anyone is interested I think Clevver has the information. I haven't read the article myself, I just saw a tweet about it.

I want everything that's happening in that teaser kthxbye.