September 18th, 2017


LOONA to join YG's audition program "Mix Nine"

It's hard to believe but there are other audition programs out there in Korea besides "The Unit", with one of them being YG's "Mix Nine" which will air on JTBC. The show will be produced by Han Dong Chul, who previously worked on “Produce 101” and “Show Me the Money.”

sources: oh_mes, naver
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Highlight to come back on Beast's 8th Anniversary (October 16th)

Group Highlight will be making a fall comeback!

On September 15, a source from Around Us Entertainment confirmed earlier news reports, stating, “Highlight is currently preparing for a comeback, with a release goal of October 16. This album will be a mini album, and all the members have already finished shooting the album’s jacket photos.”

A source also explained that the members are avidly participating in this album, as they were regretful they could not spend their seventh debut anniversary with fans last year (cause they left Cube).

October 16 marks when Highlight first debuted in the industry as BEAST back in 2009. This year in 2017, the group will be celebrating their eighth year since debut with their new upcoming album to commemorate the special occasion.

This upcoming comeback will also mark Highlight’s third release in 2017 alone, after “Can You Feel It?” and repack “Calling You.”

Meanwhile, Highlight member Lee Gikwang is currently promoting his solo title track, “What You Like.”

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The Kings Are Back! TVXQ to release two solo tracks for SM STATION

SM is kicking off a TVXQ week by teasing two separate station releases for both members of TVXQ. Yunho will release 'Drop' on September 25, while Changmin will release 여정 (In A Different Life) on September 28. These will be their first releases since their recent discharge from the army.

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Rescue Me/Save Me Ep 13-14 Discussion Post

Synopsis: A girl is surrounded by suspicious people and quietly whispers, “Save me!” in a dark neighborhood alleyway, and a couple of unemployed youths hear her and run to her rescue. They discover that she’s trapped in some kind of pseudo-religious cult and try to help her, but what ensues is a sequence of horrifying tension-filled events that make us wonder more about the science of the human psyche.
Cast: Taecyeon, Seo Ye Ji, Woo Do Hwan, Cho Seong Ha, David Lee, Jung Hae Kyun, Park Ji Young, Jo Jae Yun
Director: Kim Sung-Su
Writer: Jo Geum-San (webcomic), Jung Shin-Gyu, Jung Yi-Do
Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: August 5, 2017 --
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20

Watch Here: Dramafire

Sources: AsianWiki MyDramaList

I'm actually caught up in time for a discussion post for the first time in this show's run! It's so so good. Are you ready for next week's finale?
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BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 HER Album Listening Post

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Lyrics: DNA, Best Of Me, Mic Drop, Pied Piper, Illegal, Go Go, Outro: Her

Source: K-MUSIC Channel

[💜 LOVE YOURSELF 承 HER Navigation 💜]💜 LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' Navigation 💜
🌸 Album Details: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
🌸 Comeback Trailer: 'Serendipity'
🌸 Concept Photos: L + O | V + E | Naver Special
🌸 Comeback Special: 'BTS NEWS' @ Vlive on September 18, 8:00pm KST
🌸 'DNA' MV Teaser: 1, 2

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🌸 Posters: Jungkook | First Batch | Second Batch
🌸 #화양연화TheNotes
🌸 Highlight Reels: '起' (The Beginning), '承' (The Undertaking), '轉' (The Turning Point), '起承轉結'

Will update with links when made available.
I'll make a round-up post with articles from the press conference later today. I'm too busy trying to breathe atm.

Edit: added lyrics.
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BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 HER Press Con Round-Up, D-3 Teaser, Possible Europe 2018 Tour?

BTS Discusses Goals For Their Comeback And New Album “Love Yourself: Her”

The members of BTS held a press conference on September 18 and honestly opened up about their goals for their new album “Love Yourself: Her.”

When asked how they felt when they heard that stock pre-orders for their new album had surpassed over 1 million copies, BTS expressed their delight and gratitude as they said, “We were so surprised when we heard the number. For our last album, we recorded stock pre-orders of 700,000 copies, and we were so grateful to our fans for that. We were hoping to get around 800,000 stock pre-orders for this album, and we were surprised by the actual number. We see this achievement as our fans’ way of showing their love and trust for us.”

BTS has been steadily doing well on overseas charts, including getting four consecutive albums on the Billboard 200 chart. When asked what their goal is for the new album, the members stated, “We agreed that our goal is to get in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It isn’t easy because you need to sell lots of albums, have your music streamed a lot, and have your songs played on the radio. We weren’t sure if we could do it with this album, but thankfully, more U.S. radio stations are taking an interest in our music. We hope we get in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With all of the interest and anticipation for our new album, it’s something that we really want to achieve.”

They concluded with, “We really want our album to top the album charts. We hope our songs are loved.”

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Let me know if I missed anything.
Edit: added one more.
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A Big Ol' Good Day Post: Interviews, Concert, Photoshoots, and Other Fluff

GOOD DAY debuted on August 30th with their first mini album, All Day Good Day, and they've been busy ever since! Let's get up to speed with their activity beyond debut stages and showcases.

This post is media heavy!

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