September 23rd, 2017

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BTS Interview for VOGUE, HER Enters Various European Music Charts

BTS Is Back! The K-Pop Kings Talk Their New Album and Ever-Evolving Style

It was the comeback heard around the world: BTS, the international K-pop kings, returned this week with a brand-new album. For the group’s seven members, the last year has passed like a dream: winning their first daesang (a top Korean music award), a scene-stealing appearance in Saint Laurent at the Billboard Music Awards to pick up Top Social Artist, and a string of invitations to hang with stars like the Chainsmokers, Charli XCX, Ansel Elgort (anyone, more or less, passing through Seoul was apparently eager to catch some of the BTS wave). Now, with this week’s release of their fifth EP, Love Yourself: Her, BTS are poised to capitalize on that startling momentum.

The truth is that no other Korean artists in recent memory have been able to penetrate the U.S. market in this way; in turn, that international success has made them more relevant back home, where they were once a smaller act. They can thank a dedicated fanbase—appropriately named Army—whose frenetic devotion rivals that of Directioners and whose greatest numbers lie overseas. To further tap into it, they added a new meaning to the acronym BTS in July (the original, Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts; the second, Beyond The Scene) as an alternate “brand identity.” More clear-cut, they hope to deliver a dynamic return by flipping the switch and revealing an entirely new side of themselves once more.

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Source: VOGUE, StarNews via Soompi

MIC Drop is also at #16 in the iTunes Top 20 Songs and HER is at #5 in iTunes Top 100 Albums in my country. OP is impressed.

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Upcoming Group The Boyz Receives 15 CF Love Calls Prior To Debut

Upcoming 12-member boy group The Boyz is already receiving love calls from many advertisers.

The group’s agency Loen label Cre.ker Entertainment revealed, “After announcing the upcoming debut of The Boyz, they have received 15 love calls from the advertising world.”

The Boyz’ plans to debut were first revealed in July which means they received that many love calls within three months. Love calls are coming from a variety of companies like clothing companies, telecommunications service providers, fried chicken franchises, school uniform brands, cosmetics companies, and more.

Since the group has yet to officially debut, the great amount of interest in them is quite impressive. The group currently has an average age of 18.8 and filmed a short reality show with MBC Music in which they ran a Korean fast food restaurant and served around 1,500 customers.

Several members of The Boyz are already known to the general public. Joo Haknyeon was a popular contestant on “Produce 101 Season 2,” Younghoon appeared in the music videos for IOI’s “Whatta Man” and John Park’s “DND,” Sunwoo was on Mnet’s “High School Rapper,” and Kevin was on “K-Pop Star 6.” In addition, the other members of the group have been noticed for their handsome visuals.

A source from their agency said, “The Boyz are receiving many advertising inquiries for products targeted toward young consumers. The boys will prove themselves on stage and through other areas.”

The Boyz consists of members Joo Haknyeon, Hyunjae, Sunwoo, Younghoon, Hwall, Kevin, Sangyeon, Juyeon, New, Q, Jacob, and Eric. They are preparing to debut sometime later this year.

Are you excited for The Boyz?
source: naver via soompi

If their debut song is solid than I can seriously see them becoming a monster rookie