October 1st, 2017


BTS Billboard celebration meokbang vlive + Jin and Jungkook on Let's Eat Dinner Together now w/subs!

Click the screenshot for vlive! No Jin; as Jimin will tell you, he was out sick.

Jin and Jungkook were also on a show called Let's Eat Dinner Together, in which they have to ring doorbells until someone eats dinner with them. You can find it subtitled here.

Sources: BTS vlive | kshow123

Omona, what would your twelve-year-old self have bribed your dad with to try to make him let your idol in for dinner?

Park Bo Gum's Father Uploaded Letter Regarding Son's Involvement with Cult/Church

Park Bo Gum’s father has uploaded a controversial letter about his son’s involvement with a religious cult church. According to letter, the head pastor of the religious cult church allegedly cured Park Bo Gum of a terrible illness following his birth. Park Bo Gum’s father reveals his wife was infertile, but they somehow they managed to get pregnant.

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highlighed some parts from this effed up mess of a letter. first, he scams his son and now this sh*t? #fatheroftheyear

Source: Koreaboo via Insight
if only

Siwan great at army, receives special class soldier designation

On September 28, Gyeryong Military Culture Festival’s Facebook page uploaded pictures of Im Siwan practicing hard for the festival’s performance while in uniform. Fans have also spotted celebrities including Super Junior’s Ryeowook and actor Joo Won in the photos!

The special class soldier badge on the left side of his chest caught fans’ attention. Im Siwan achieved outstanding scores in all categories including shooting and strength and reached the status of a special class soldier in just two months after enlisting, which is highly unusual.

Gyeryong Military Culture Festival featuring Im Siwan will be held from October 8 to 12 in South Chungcheong Province.

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Alternate article with more details but an awkwarder translation.

sources: armyfest2017 fb, insight via soompi, sbs star

is it too late to make 'looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you' jokes?

jennie's meh face

The Unit Auditions Day 3: Sponsored by Klenex

Today was the third recording of The Unit, which apparently started on time but still ended at 2am.

Hyuna reportedly cried today, and when Taemin was crying during Day 2 auditions yesterday Rain patted his back and Hyuna gave him some tissues. KBS should start thinking about getting a tissue sponsor for this show TBH.

There's an idol who could potentially become a variety star if he or she appears on broadcast thanks to how cute they are, however no name was mentioned.

The people who passed auditions will be immediately moved into dorming for the show and it's expected to last 4 months. An issue was not all the members in a group were able to show off their individual skills, possibly leading to elimination.
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do you prefer the new formating or the old one where i embed the individual tweets from @oh_mes?
hani running
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171001 - SBS Inkigayo x Super Concert

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]



'Autumn Morning'

Yoon Jong Shin

'Like It'

Album Sales (음반) 600 0 0
SNS 3600 0 67
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 167 20 12
ON-AIR 760 600 167
Digital Sales (음원) 2616 6600 3397
Final Total 7422 6020 3623

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, SBS

Sunmi won last week and finished her promotions with a Triple Crown.

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mx ♡ loml

Ex SMROOKIES member Ji Hansol signs with J-FLO Entertainment and joins The Unit

Although Hansol's fate has been heavily speculated on for the past year, fans were relieved when recently signs pointed to him still being under SM, only acting as a dancer/choreographer instead of being a trainee (I would expand but nobody has the time for my essay). At the end of August, Hansol was a back dancer for Taemin for his solo concerts and just this week he made an appearance in Lay's MV filmed in Paris back in July. Fast forward a week later and he's suddenly signed with new agency J-FLO, whose roster only includes a few 00s trainees, but promising to debut a new group by the end of the year, and joining idol rebooting program The Unit despite not having debuted. Other than that, there is not much information about this company.

Hansol shared the news (about The Unit) through his agency and commented, “I am thankful to fans that have waited, and I want to make it up to them. I will try my hardest.”

People are also anticipating his interactions with Taemin on the show.

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source: soompi, naver, jflo, fy!js

the kpop gods have given me too much so now i have to pay for it :(( and here i thought being a choreographer was what he wanted... but i am happy we'll get to see him for real again and although i hate the premise of this show, i hope it pays off for him. let's see variety king ji hansol