October 8th, 2017

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Amor - 'Push Baby' debut M/V, dance practice, Pops In Seoul profiles

AMOR are the first girl group from Troy Entertainment. They released their debut single, 'Push Baby' in early August, but have only recently released the accompanying music video.

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the song's alright if very generic but the girls are really fun, i'm already stanning j.
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171008 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Autumn Morning'





Album Sales (음반) 0 359 71
SNS 0 3500 219
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 51 486 0
ON-AIR 500 364 91
Digital Sales (음원) 4967 2712 4954
Final Total 5518 7421 5335

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Samuel Seo roundup post: magazine shoots + new M/V + Dingo

Ya boy Seo's been busy doing photoshoots, filming a Dingo live with Nucksal, releasing a song for a compilation EP and getting ready for a comeback. According to Instagram, his new single "off you" will be coming out October 27.

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Pannchoa's fanaccount from KBS K-pop contest

The admins at translation blog pannchoa entered a K-pop contest and were flown out to Korea for a performance where they got to see/meet some idols irl.

Some of you may know by now but back in June, we entered a dance competition with some of our friends for the 2017 Kpop World Festival held by KBS! We very luckily won first place and seriously didn't imagine that we would be picked to be sent to Korea! :D

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Source: pannchoa 1 | pannchoa 2

tl;dr: stan Johnny Suh

Davichi released 2nd Group Teaser Pic + Minkyung's Snippet of Title Song '나에게넌'

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Davichi to Comeback on October 11
Group Teaser Picture
Haeri's Teaser Picture
Minkyung's Teaser Picture

impatiently waiting for the m/v teaser ..

Sources: @officialdavichi, @iammingki