October 9th, 2017

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[ENG] Wanna City

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“Wanna City” is a program featuring the process of becoming “variety idols” through game training.

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i love this weird hilarious show, you really get to see their chemistry and what goofballs they all are.

come visit the wanna_one comm! i have a masterlist of all of their subbed shows & variety appearances

"Revolutionary Love" teasers and posters

For this drama, Siwon transforms into a third-generation chaebol who disguises himself as an unemployed slacker. And whilst he’s going about living his secret identity, he meets Kang So-ra, who despite her great education and qualifications, hasn’t managed to secure permanent employment. He’s followed around by his secretary and childhood friend, played by Gong Myung, who is elite in every way except for his birth. Gong Myung dreams of becoming like Siwon, but right now he works as a glorified babysitter for his immature friend, cleaning up the messes that Siwon creates.

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Revolutionary Love premieres on Saturday, October 14 on tvN.

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SBS 'Master Key' Reveals New Set of Cast Members for Episode 3

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So yes, the show will be changing up some of their cast members each episode, with some exceptions. The new cast list has 5 new faces: Mingyu (SEVENTEEN), CNU (B1A4), Lee Elijah, P.O (Block B), and Hani (EXID).

“Master Key” is a game program where the cast will play psychologically intense games in order to find who holds the “master key.” Viewers of the show will also have the chance to actively particpate as “watchers.” Players with the most supporters will receive special benefits during the show.

Sign Up Here >> Vote Here

Voters are eligible to win a special prize via lottery. You can vote once a day.
Voting period is from October 8 to October 9.

First episode airs October 14.

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Source: program.sbs.co.kr

i don't really have time to follow another show, but they keep casting my faves!! ENOUGH!! 😤😭
mx ♡ loml

BTOB reveals tracklist for their 2nd album #Brother_Act

source: officialbtob

🍁 Concept Teasers #1 / Concept Teasers #2
🍁 Individual Sketches
🍁 Tracklist

another hyunsik title track (and so many other songs) thank you 😭 i'm so excited for 13 whole blessings!