October 10th, 2017


The Return of Superman Ep 200

Sian and Donggook visit the public bathhouse together. They spend an unforgettable day together at the bathhouse as they scrub each other’s backs, play jokes, and have fun together. Meanwhile, William visits the hair salon with Sam for the first time ever to cut his long hair. Afterwards, they spend time together in Itaewon. Taeyoung and Rohui go on a trip together on a special train. Rohui explores the unique train that even has a foot spa and makes sweet memories with her dad.

I didn't know the show was back on, so this is a day late lol oops! That train that Rohui and Taeyoung go on is so cool! And she is so smart..."You have two names". Sian in little running shorts! Cute! William gets his first haircut and then go to a Hungarian restaurant. All the children meet up together for the first time.

source: KBS World TV
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Pentagon's Wooseok Releases MV for Solo To-Do List Track 'Lift Off (feat. E'dawn)'

Music Produced by KINO
Composed by KINO, WooSeok
Lyrics by WooSeok, E'dawn
Arranged by KINO
2nd Camera: Shinwon
3rd Camera: WooSeok, E'dawn

Source: United CUBE

this is fun! wooseok's voice really reminds me of mino's sometimes... i'm glad CUBE is giving the boys (and the other cubies) freedom to make and release these creative projects monthly

also, HAPPY 1 YEAR PENTAGON!!!!!! I'm so proud of you guys and all you've accomplished in a year!
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Jay Park talks to CNN about his past idol life, his career and getting signed by Jay-Z

When Jay Park became one of the first and only Asian artists signed to Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation, earlier this summer, the hip-hop world was rattled. Not that Park, who was born to Korean immigrant parents in Seattle, was overly concerned. In fact, it's the type of thing he's grown accustomed to.

"Me, being Asian-American, I was always looked at as an outsider. I always had to fight for my place," Park told CNN during a recent interview.

For an outsider, Park is very much "in" at present. The 30-year-old rapper has seen his celebrity status soar in recent months. In addition to working on his debut Roc Nation album, he's also preparing to join the second season of "Asia's Got Talent" as a judge. The popular show premieres October 12 across 27 countries in Asia.

"Jay Park has clearly become an icon for those struggling to make a name for themselves," said Flowsion Shekar, CEO of Koreaboo, a popular content platform specializing in K-pop with a reach of over 50 million. "It shows that Asia is not being ignored ... You can be an R&B singer, a rapper, a singer from Asia and have ambitions to takeover a global market. You can be recognized by the greats."
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source: CNN