October 12th, 2017


PRISTIN’s Kyla To Take Break From Activities Due To Health Concerns

On October 12, Pledis Entertainment announced that PRISTIN’s Kyla will be taking a break from activities.

They revealed, “Kyla received a checkup while resting at her home in the United States during Chuseok, and the doctor recommended for her to take a break. Kyla wanted to receive treatment while carrying out PRISTIN activities, and our agency also wished for Kyla’s activities. However, the doctor advised against promoting with her current health state and said that rest should be the priority.”

As a result, Kyla will focus on treatment in the United States until her health recovers, and she will return to continue PRISTIN activities afterwards.

source: soompi, naver

rest well and get better soon kyla ;~~~~~~;
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Highlight medley and packaging details for BTOB's second full album #Brother_Act

The album will come in a single version, but will have a lot of randomised things inside aside from photocards like 7 different cds (coming as individual members), bookmarks and posters.

Naver also posted a bunch of photos from the jacket shooting, if you want to see some handsome men in a field because I did not feel like uploading all these photos.

Brother Act will be released on October 16.

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🍁 Concept Teasers #1 / Concept Teasers #2
🍁 Individual Sketches
🍁 Tracklist / Highlight Medley

omg i was scared it was sounding a bit underwhelming but from track 7 onwards it's so good. i cannot wait! and the format of the video is adorable.
i smile brian

JYPE Releases Next Three Trainees for Stray Kids

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Stray Kids: Chan, Woojin, Minho | Felix, Hyunjin, Changbin

i can't get over how deep felix's voice is compared to how baby his face is

90s Nostalgia in New "Go Back Spouses" Teaser

Jang Nara and Sohn Ho-joon play an acrimoniously bickering married couple who have grown weary with their lives and with each other in the present. They go back in time eighteen years, retaining their memories, but having regained their lost youth. The two fathers-in-law sing the Macarena chorus: Kim Byung-ok plays Sohn Ho-joon’s father, while Lee Byung-joon plays Jang Nara’s father. In between their cheerful singing, we see scenes of Jang Nara yelling at Sohn Ho-joon for not bringing in enough money or leaving her to be lonely. And he asks why she doesn’t understand him, as he sacrifices his pride on multiple occasions to provide for their family.

The two are completely surprised when they wake up one day to see that they’re in their young bodies from 1999. The video also captures the couples’ first encounters with prospective other love interests, Jang Ki-yong and Go Bo-kyul. They both have fluttering feelings for these other love interests, so I’m curious to find out whether our couple will find the spark between them again in their literally relived youth.

Go Back Spouses premieres Friday, October 12.

Sources: KBSdrama Dramabeans/iMBC 1 2 3

This teaser is hilarious

More Taemin #MOVE Teasers + Album Details!


Taemin will have three M/Vs for '#MOVE'.  He will have a 'main verison', a 'duo version' with Japanese choregrapher Koharu Sugawara, and a 'solo performance version'.

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🤘 comeback navigation 🤘
teaser clips 📺 : #1 #2 #3 #4
teaser images 📸 : #1 #2 #3

finally, album details are out! what ver. are you getting omona?
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GOOD DAY - Pick & Talk on Pops In Seoul

Viva (tallest member), Jiwon (blonde pigtail plaits), Genie (long mousey brown hair), Heejin (ponytail, leader), Lucky (space buns, maknae) and Chaesol (stood between Heejin & Nayoon (ginger hair) at the beginning) are the members who were seen auditioning for KBS' The Unit (though there are reports that all members auditioned despite only six being seen so we'll have to see what happens).
[The Unit spoilers]Viva, Jiwon and Chaesol were spotted in the Unit teaser video.


Yoon Kyun Sang and Jung Hye Sung confirmed for SBS drama

Doubtful Victory is about a fake detective who fights off hidden evils and regains his own life. Yoon Kyun-sang is confirmed for the title role of Il-seung (Doubtful Victory can also be read as Mysterious Il-seung), a framed ex-convict and prison escapee who is being funded by criminals to find a huge stash of money. Il-seung becomes part of the metropolitan investigation unit and is described as having street smarts; he’s fast on the uptake, and his body moves just as fast as his mind. Despite his lumbering swagger and fierce temper, he doesn’t say many words, and is a man’s man with handsome looks and a tenacity about him.

The character claims that after graduating police academy, he was immediately sent on a foreign mission and came back only recently. He didn’t even go through the regular rotation through the local precinct, and was directly assigned to the metropolitan investigation unit. And because of his strange resume, he’s been nicknamed the “alien” by his colleagues.

Jung Hye-sung will play an inspector in the investigations unit named Jin Jin-young. In a career field where teamwork is everything, she has no concept of sharing or compromise. She was number one throughout her entire time at police academy, and is an all-around elite badass—smart, athletic, with an impressive performance record.

Monday-Tuesday drama Doubtful Victory will begin in November on SBS, after the end of Temperature of Love.

Sources: @kdrama_news Dramabeans/IS Plus
jennie's meh face

(TW) recent super skinny pictures of Sunmi leave fans worried for her health

Sunmi has always captured interest with her unique music releases, sensual choreography, and image. However, she has recently received persistent comments about her weight.

It’s known that any camera can add an extra weight to every subject. But Sunmi appeared to be thinner than usual, almost reduced to stick and bones, on these photos. Which left many to wonder how skinny she looks in real life! Fans also understand that Sunmi always sported a petite body frame and have always managed comments skinny shaming her but even they were worried over her recent photos.
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