October 16th, 2017


Bae Doona confirms Netflix drama "Kingdom" + supporting cast

"Kingdom" is a zombie thriller period drama. It will follow a Crown Prince during the Joseon Dynasty who investigates a mysterious new plagued within his territory. He eventually discovers that the illness is actually a zombie epidemic. The Netflix drama added Heo Joon Ho and Jeon Suk Ho in supporting roles. They will potentially work alongside Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong and Joo Ji Hoon. All three are currently in talks to board "Kingdom."

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Sources: @Netizentown | @KoreanUpdates/Naver | Korea Portal

This drama was first announced in March, but we finally got some casting confirmed. As of yet, Joo Ji Hoon and Ryu Seung Ryong have not confirmed but I'm excited for Bae Doona! Joseon zombies with the writer of Signal, what a dream combination.

Gil Receives Sentence At Final Trial For 3rd Drunk Driving Incident

Singer Gil has received a sentence for his drunk driving incident.

On October 13, the final trial for Gil’s third drunk driving case was held at Seoul Central District Court.
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the fact that this is his third offence for the same crime, yet he's not going to jail for it ..

Sources: Soompi via Naver & Sports Chosun, gif
motherfucking kim minkyung


Rise BOMbshells! Is Bom featured on the new Epik High album?

  • YG released a teaser earlier today featuring the artist lineup in Epik High's 9th album.

  • Rumors have been running wild since then that the MAMA-winning-soloist Park Bom is in fact the mystery figure (or any of the women tbh) in the picture.

  • And the speculation is not unfounded. Both YG's personal account AND the YG Family account are following Bom on Twitter [16/10/2017].

  • Biggest evidence of them all though may be the hint of Bom's return in trailer #2 of YG's new reality show. A hint that came from Epik High's DJ Tukutz.

source: @ygent_official

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VAV releases performance teaser for new single, “SHE'S MINE”

The dance is choreographed by 1million, and the song is produced by Ryan Jhun. (Not surprising: he's A Team's in-house producer, but you might know his work, as one of many who did Shinee's “Lucifer” and P98's “나야 나 (It's Me [Pick Me])”. They'll be doing a preview show on V Live on the 18th. Comeback's on November 1st, too!

are you interested, omona? will you be checking the song out? how well am i selling this???

SOURCE(s): a team@yt; vav@vlive