October 25th, 2017


Lovelyz Confirmed To Make November Comeback

Lovelyz is returning very soon!

Although a November comeback was reported last month, it was not confirmed at the time.

On October 25, the girl group’s agency Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Lovelyz is making a comeback in mid-November. They recently completed filming for their music video.”

This will be Lovelyz’s first release since their repackaged album “Now, We” in May. As November 12 marks the group’s third anniversary, this upcoming comeback will be an extra special gift for fans.

source: soompi, naver

b1a4 rose

Coming to Korea? Kakao Taxi is in English!

Kakao Taxi App Now Completely Redesigned With English

Popular ride sharing app Kakao Taxi has undergone an update, making the app more accessible for a wider range of users- including English speaking users.

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Source: 10Mag, my phone

If you're in or coming to Korea, this is a great app to use if you plan on staying out late. The subway and buses stop running between 11:30 PM and 12:30 Am and don't start again until 5:30 AM. If you need to get home Kakao Taxi is great. It will find your current location, but you need to know some Korean to read the map and find where you want to go. If you have any questions I can try to answer them.

🐈 ♡ rv's familiar
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monsta x's #PROTOCOL_TERMINAL: shownu's teaser

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PRTCL TERMINAL comeback navigation:
🔩 piece of protocol: one / two
📸 concept teasers: kihyun / jooheon / shownu
🎛️ miscellaneous: schedule / album details

shownu looks so good! his shirt reminds me of my fave futbol club's official merchandise and that's all i can about now. i like the two following kihyun's a lot more than his, ngl

edited to fix my copy-writing!

owky then joon

Lee Joon Leaves A Parting Gift - Written By Thunder

Lee Joon released'What I Want To Give' a pop balad with smooth, passionate vocals via his company Prain TPC.
Written and produced by singer/songwriter Cheondoong along with Cosmic Raiders' KAZEF.
This is the former MBLAQ member's first solo track since his debut and it seeks to convey his sincere feelings towards the fans who have been with him for a long time.

Lee Joon enlisted in the army and started his basic training on October 24th.

Source: Prain TPC

Beautiology 'The Cushion' web drama with Jung Ilhoon, Yoo Seonho and Lena

Beautiology brings us this web series "The Cushion" starring BTOB's Jung Ilhoon, PD101/CUBE chick Yoo Seonho and popular makeup vlogger Lena. Their aim is to research on makeup products and eventually launch a new cushion. Seven episodes has been released so far in Beautiology's Youtube channel and all are subbed.

Episode 2: The First Meeting
Episode 3: Color Pop Pop
Episode 4: Skin Tone (What are Jung IlHoon and Yoo Seonho's Personal Color?)
Episode 5: Beauty Power (Ilhoon vs Seonho Beauty Exam)
Episode 6: Coverage (Ilhoon & Seonho takes on the Lie Detector Test)
Episode 6.5: Special extra episode

Source: Beautiology's YT

This is such a funny show. We see Lena fangirling over Seonho and Ilhoon being a brat. I live for Ilhoon's crazy reactions and Seonho's innocence.
rosé h8s yg

Wanna One "1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)" Individual Teaser Images: Kuanlin, Daehwi, & Sungwoon

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Source: @WannaOne_twt 1 2 3

Daehwi looks adorbs with the purple hair! Any guesses for where the last 4 boys will be? Kang Daniel on a bed with a box of gummies? Yoon Jisung on the balcony with flowers?

come join the wanna_one comm for more udpates!

INFINITE Talks About Next Album And Sunggyu’s Upcoming Solo Album

It looks like both INFINITE and member Sunggyu will be making comebacks soon!

During a V Live broadcast held on October 25, Sunggyu shared, “We’re recording some new music these days for our upcoming album. I’m recording both INFINITE’s album and my solo album.”

In regards to the group’s upcoming album, Sungjong commented, “We’ll be releasing a full album for the first time in a while, and it’ll contain a solo track from each of the six members. However, we’re wondering exactly what kind of album we should create.”

“Personally, I want us to try something different this time. We showed performances up until now, but along with that, I want to try something with more mass appeal. I want us to return with a track that appeals to the public,” he added.

INFINITE will be making their first comeback this year as a six-member group following Hoya’s departure.

Source: Naver via Soompi
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RM Talks BTS Album, Fame, Worries, and More with DAZED

We speak to rapper RM of BTS, the seven-member boy group whose ultra-dedicated fanbase have made them the most prominent South Korean act to break the west

The phone line crackles out of Seoul where it’s nearly midnight, and where RM, the leader of seven member South Korean group BTS, is looking back at a crazy month in which they broke records – some their own, some they never even thought they’d achieve – one after the other in a relentless wave.

“I feel like we’re a balloon…,” RM says, surmising the time period, and there’s a tinge of disbelief in his voice. That’s unsurprising given their latest mini-album Love Yourself: Her is the biggest selling K-Pop album in pre-orders ever (over a million in domestic alone), and with the lead single “DNA”, they’re now the fastest K-Pop group to hit 10 million, 20 million, then 100 million YouTube views. Then there are those killer chart standings – #14 on the UK album chart, top 10 on the US Billboard 200 album chart – while DNA not only reigned over worldwide iTunes charts but rose to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100, the highest position ever for a Korean group.

Expectations had, naturally, run high for their comeback; BTS (rappers RM, J-Hope, Suga, and vocalists Jimin, Jin, V and Jungkook) reached ‘phenomenon’ level last year with their second studio album WINGS and moombahton-style single Blood Sweat & Tears, yet 2017 has already provided an almost unbelievable new layer of success. Every day now brings another milestone, another article or another Western radio station playing the frisky, echoing electro-pop of “DNA”, adding to the feverish atmosphere around them. If their powerhouse fandom, known as A.R.M.Y, even felt momentarily overwhelmed by it all, then they’re not alone.

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Source: DAZED
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JTBC's Mix Nine - A Contestant Primer, Part 2

Here's another 15 company & contestant profiles for JTBC/YG's Mix Nine! As before I'm starting from the bottom of the official instagram and working my way up. For ease, I'm posting them as individual agencies as much as I can, but grouping agencies together where they're all in the same audition group.
In this post we have lots of boy groups, some upcoming girl groups, YG trainees past and present, the RBW horde, and some almost-members of Seventeen. Part 3 will probably be up on Saturday because I drafted it and then accidentally deleted the entire thing, so I need some time to get over that.


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Chrome Entertainment are sending Be.A, formerly known as K-Much and Gamulchi. They debuted in 2012, lost a member to acting, and reformed as Be.A in 2017 while adding Boys 24 contestant BomB/Park Wooyoung to bring the members (Yang Honggyu, Jung Yeongkyun, Milly/Kim Jaeoh, Ato/Park Sunghyun) up to five. All of the members will be competing, and as they are now Chrome Entertainment's only idol group since Bob Girls and Crayon Pop both disbanded, Chrome probably have a lot of hopes invested in them.


Produce 101 contestant Shin/Ng Sze Kai initially returned to her Hong Kong/Korea group As One before debuting solo earlier this year under UNLSH Entertainment, singing in her native language and promoting in her homeland. UNLSH have other Hong Kong acts under their belt, but appear to be taking the opportunity of signing Shin to try and branch out into the Korean market. The other two trainees competing are Lee Yujin and Jung Yoojung.


JYP have a good track record with audition/debut shows, perhaps being responsible for helping kick the trend off by creating Sixteen after YG's Who's Next: WIN. They're sending previously-revealed Shin Ryujin and also Ban Sunmin, who was known to be a trainee at JYP but was never much talked about, so her addition here over other better-known trainees is a bit surprising. Hopefully this will help to balance Somi's fame in JYP's next girl group, if they do well.


A lot of agencies are sending only one trainee, and there are a few individual/no agency trainees, so JTBC seem to be posting those in sets/having them audition in groups. In this post, JTBC reveals that Boys 24 contestant Park Doha will be competing under no agency, as well as predebut Seventeen members Yao Mingming (now in ACEMAX BLACK) and Kim Doyoon under BYKING and JB respectively. All three boys still have interested fans from their previous groups.


H.U.B debuted in February this year under New Planet, and is formed of soloist Watanabe Rui, who had previously debuted in 2016 with 'Exciting', as well as three other members. Despite their lack of popularity at home, overseas fans loved them enough for them to already have a US tour. Just prior to their US tour they added a fifth member, PD101 S1 Lim Hyosun, who you can catch on KBS' The Unit. Rui will be H.U.B's only representation on Mix Nine.


Yong Yong (Na Huisoo) seems to come from a dance background, with her instagram and her friends' instagrams including a lot of dance videos. She debuted earlier this year with 'Scribbling', which might seem like a move geared more towards an UPRS4 appearance, but with no new season in sight for the infamous rap competition, Mix Nine may have to do. She has great stage presence and fantastic dance talent, and her style definitely meshes with the YG image.

sources: habkorea.net, Real Girls Project, GENIE MUSIC, MONT Official, jtbc.mixnine (2, 3, 4), Brave Entertainment, DanalEntertainment, 1theK (2), Maxxiiz ANGE, Be.A, unleashentertainment, H.U.B

same questions omona! + how many of the yg trainees will be in the final group? now taking bets.
ngl i'm kind of rooting for yongyong and ppl, you know i love an underdog.