October 26th, 2017

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Siwon's family was fined a whopping ₩50k for dog biting incident

Following the unfortunate passing of co-CEO of Hanilkwan due to contracting sepsis after getting bitten by Choi Siwon’s family dog, Gangnam District Office has officially fined Choi Siwon’s family for negligence.

The Gangnam District Office submitted the notice for the 50,000 won (approximately $44 (or 38€)) fee on October 24. A source from the Gangnam District Office said, “An application to protest the fine was sent along with the notice but we have not received a statement of protest yet.” The reason for the fine is due to failure to use a leash on their dog outdoors.

Previously, Choi Siwon apologized for the incident and the sister of the deceased CEO forgave Choi Siwon’s family stating that they will not pursue legal action.

While the specific details regarding the CEO’s infection process have not been revealed, Choi Siwon’s family submitted results to the district office showing that the dog was screened and tested negative for pseudomonas aeruginosa (a type of gram-negative bacteria).

sources: soompi, nate

poor siwon, have his fans started a gofundme page yet?

Woman + two men involved in Park Yoochun's sex scandal sentenced to jail

On October 26, it was revealed that the first woman who accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault (hereafter referred to as “A”), as well as her boyfriend and cousin (Mr. Lee and Mr. Hwang), who attempted to blackmail Park Yoochun, have been sentenced to prison.

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I will never forget when the prosecutor asked the female victim this question: [TW]"You can avoid sexual (penetration) if you move your hips in resistance, right?"

Sources: Soompi via Naver, Netizenbuzz via Nate & Naver
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monsta x's #PROTOCOL_TERMINAL: wonho's teaser

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PRTCL TERMINAL comeback navigation:
🔩 piece of protocol: one / two
📸 concept teasers: kihyun / jooheon / shownu / wonho
🎛️ miscellaneous: schedule / album details


KARD To Reportedly Make November Comeback

KARD is gearing up for their comeback!

On October 26, industry representatives reported that they are in the final stages of preparation for their next release aimed for late November. The title track has been confirmed, and they will soon be filming for the music video.

KARD first released project singles “Oh NaNa,” “Don’t Recall,” and “Rumor,” and the co-ed group finally made their official debut in July of this year with “Hola Hola.”

In October, the group successfully completed the “2017 WILD KARD TOUR” in 25 cities across 13 countries.

source: soompi, osen, gif

Former Wassup Member Nada Opens Up About Her Legal Disputes With Agency

During a press conference held on October 25 for upcoming SBS variety show “It’s Good to Be a Little Crazy” (working title), former Wassup member Nada opened up about her return to broadcasts following her legal disputes with her agency.

Nada explained, “Because of the legal disputes with my former agency, I thought for a long time that I wouldn’t be able to promote anymore. Thankfully, I won the case quickly and the agency’s appeals were dismissed. It all ended well, but not many people seem to be aware.”

She also stated, “I’m so thankful that I was cast in the show. I was happy while filming because I was able to meet the viewers after a long time.”

“It’s Good to Be a Little Crazy” will be an observational program that gives viewers a look into the hobbies and interests of various celebrities. The first episode will air on October 29 at 12:25 a.m. KST.

source: soompi, nate

20th Century Boy and Girl Ep 9-12 Discussion Post

Synopsis: The heartwarming romantic comedy is about the friendship and love lives of three single women born in 1983. Their romantic lives begin when the boy they liked in their youth shows up one day. They live in Oksu-dong in rundown apartments, and the warm human drama will be about neighborly affection, and the meaning of home, family, and friendship.
Cast: Han Ye Seul, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Sang Woo, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Lee Sang Hee, An Se Ha, Oh Sang Jin
Director: Lee Dong-Yoon
Writer: Lee Sun-Hye
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Release Date: October 9 - November 28, 2017
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Watch Here: Viki Dramafire

Sources: AsianWiki MyDramaList

This show is amazing. Missing "We Got Married"? Characters are on the actual show. Want to see a fantastic friendship group? Got it. An adorable lead couple? Got it. Basically, watch this perfect romcom of a show.


Will be singing with Sung Si Kyung, MoonMoon, and Geeks

Tracks produced by Primary, Gureum, Davi, Yoon Jong Shin, No Reply, Yoon Hyun Sang, MIND U, and Lee Kwan.

source: official_soyou

collaboration queen!!!

"We've Done Something Wonderful" interviews

Epik High shares pensive side in new album, embraces paternity

Celebration is in order for hip-hop trio Epik High, with its ninth studio album having stormed major music charts in South Korea after being released Monday.

But the atmosphere surrounding the trio -- Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz -- carried a tone of relief as opposed to being more celebratory, with the group, now in its 14th year, stressing how each time they enter the recording studio they think "this can always be our last album."

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"She's a child but I try to consider her as an equal person." Raise her well, Tablo.

sources: Yonhap News & The Korea Times
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Because Life is Our First Ep 5-6 Discussion Post

Synopsis: House-poor Nam Se-hee and homeless Yoon Ji-ho, both unmarried in their thirties, start living together as housemates.
Cast: Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min, Esom, Park Byung eun, Kim Ga eun, Kim Min seok
Director: Park Joon hwa
Writer: Yoon Nan-joong
Network: TvN
Episodes: 16
Release date: October 9, 2017
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:30

Watch Here: Viki, dramafire

Sources: Wiki

Episode 5 had me crying and this drama is so relatable and sincere, seriously everyone should watch this!

Witch's Court discussion post: Ep. 5 & 6

Plot: Ma Yi-Deum has worked as a prosecutor for 7 years. She sometimes resorts to drastic methods to win cases. One day, Ma Yi-Deum is transferred to a special division dealing only with sex crimes.

Director: Kim Young-Kyoon
Writer: Jung Do-Yoon
Cast: Jung Ryeo-Won, Yoon Hyun-Min, Jeon Kwang-Leol, Kim Yeo-Jin, Jeon Ik-Ryung, Choi Ri, Kim Jae-Hwa, Yoon Kyung-Ho, Heo Sung-Tae, Kim Min-Seo
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release date: October 9 - November 28, 2017
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Where to watch: Dramafire, viki

Potentially triggering content for episode 5 & 6:
Sexual assault, rape, child molestation, stalking, harassment, child predator, kidnapping, attempted murder

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OP's note: this drama deals with sex crimes and can be very triggering.
Checking the plot, the list of potentially triggering content (see above) and other people's comment before starting watching could be a good thing

source: asian wiki, kDrama Freaks 1, 2

First Teasers for "Meloholic"

Yoo Eun-Ho (U-Know Yunho) has a special ability which allows him to read the minds of other people when he places his hand on them. Due to his special ability, he can't open his mind to anyone. One day, he meets Han Ye-Ri (Kyung Soo-Jin). He is able to discern that what she says is actually what she thinks, but he also learns that she has two different personalities.

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Meloholic premieres on Monday, November 6 on OCN.

Sources: HALLYU WORLD OFFICIAL | Viki Global TV 1 2 | AsianWiki

Taemin Talks 'MOVE,' Gender Stereotypes & Pushing the Boundaries of K-Pop

10/25/2017 by Tamar Herman

Upon first glance, Taemin is the epitome of a K-pop star: poised and polished after nine years in an industry built just as much on its appearances as its musicality. And he definitely is very much that. But speaking with the musician, it became apparent that his bright smile and boyish charm belie an introspective personality as he questioned the career path he has pursued since he was a teenager.

“I wanted to go beyond what K-pop typically is perceived as, and through 'MOVE' I was able to show a concept that’s more edgy, more powerful,” Taemin told Billboard, referring to his newest song. “Not only that, but regardless of the gender, I believe that all of the audience will be able to enjoy and listen to this as something different from most of what’s coming out in K-pop.”

Sensual in its subtlety, the latest single from the SHINee member is a retro-vibing R&B attempt at pushing the limits of what K-pop is in 2017. Leading his newly released album MOVE to No. 3 on the World Album charts, the track was released with three choreography-focused music videos as the 24-year-old Korean artist aimed to break gender stereotypes and the perceived limits of K-pop’s artistry.

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Source: Billboard
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웨터 (WETTER) ost tracks for YELLOW

Here's a link to the full version of the song! Next up is a slightly tweaked version of one of their singles, “이상한 나라의 로맨스 (Romance in a Weird World).”

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i really can't find much about the band themselves: a few of them were in a 10cm music video, their lead has a nirvana tattoo (the smiley, ofc) and “romance in a weird world” was their second single. this is their first ost. i can't find much about the drama, either, to be fair


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