November 2nd, 2017

Jinho (Pentagon) - Magazine Ho #10 'With You / Chris Brown'

Source: United CUBE

Another lovely edition of Magazine Ho! I really like Jinho's english covers because he enunciates english words well when he sings. And Kino graces us with his presence on this edition of Magazine Ho! Aside from singing with Jinho, he did the choreography as well. He's such a talented kid! And I hope this post gets approved by our lovely mods.

Magazine Ho: 🎼
🎤Jung Seunghwang - If It Is You (Another Oh Haeyoung OST)
🎤Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
🎤Kotoba Ni Dekinai
🎤Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
🎤Music Soulchild - Forthenight
🎤Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower
🎤Jeremih - I Think Of You
🎤Like It - Yoon Jong Shin
🎤Attention - Charlie Puth
lottie ♡ issue n°7
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monsta x's #PROTOCOL_TERMINAL: tracklist

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PRTCL TERMINAL comeback navigation:
🔩 piece of protocol: one / two
📸 concept teasers: kihyun / jooheon / shownu / wonho / minhyuk / i.m / hyungwon
📽️ scenes: one / two / three
🎛️ miscellaneous: schedule / album details / tracklist

JinJin black and white
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ASTRO Comeback Showcase Performances

Crazy Sexy Cool and Run featuring Suitstro from the press showcase:

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Sources: TongTongTv 통통영상 1 2 | ASTRO V Live 1 2 3 4

Comeback Navigation
📚 Album Covers 📚 Teaser Images 1 and Comeback Schedule 📚 Teaser Images 2
📚 Naver Teaser Images and Album Preview 📚 Track List 📚 Highlight Medley
📚 Jacket Shooting Photos 📚 MV Teaser 📚 'Crazy Sexy Cool' MV 📚 Album Listening Post
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Wanna One Comeback Show Details Revealed!

The broadcast date for “COMEBACK WANNAONE [Nothing Without You]” has been set for November 13 at 7 p.m. KST. It will be airing as a live broadcast on both Mnet and tvN.

The comeback show will be approximately an hour long, and viewers will get to see them performing their new title track for the very first time. The members of Wanna One will be showcasing some other special events and performances on the show, and they’ll also be sharing some fun behind-the-scenes clips of their new music video.

Wanna One is dropping their repackaged album “1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)” on November 13.

Source: Naver via Soompi

this is just one hour after the MV drops. i'm so so so so excited!! will you be watching Omona?

come join the wanna_one comm for more Wanna One updates!

Suspect Accused Of Contract Killing Song Sun Mi’s Husband Pleads Guilty


The man accused of contract killing actress Song Sun Mi’s husband (hereafter A) has pleaded guilty.

During the first preparatory court proceeding held on November 2, A appeared wearing a prison uniform and stated, “I admit to the prosecution’s allegations.

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I wonder if B will get a lesser sentence now that A pleaded guilty .. hmm ..

Source: Sports Hankooki via Soompi
mx ♡ loml

💙💙 Happy #MinPuppyDay to MX's Minhyuk 💙💙

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source: officialmonstax, starshipent

hbd to the handsome, variety legend, master of lying, lovable, sexciest man the world has ever seen 💕
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171102 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Missing You'



Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 5000 734
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 824 1500
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 952 690
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1500 1332
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 870 1000
Final Total 9969 6256

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Sources: Mnet K-Pop, Korean Music Shows, Skpb K-Music Live [M]

Next week is going to be nuts with all the comebacks: Block B, EXID, gugudan, Kim So Hee,
Monsta X, Seventeen, SuJu, Victon and Wanna One!

previous week next week



H1ghr will be touring in 15+ (!!!) cities. Dates will be announced soon (OP assumes this will be during their time here for sxsw)

Source: h1ghr music instagram

I legitimately had a slight panic attack, especially as I resolved I would not be seeing them since sxsw tickets are outrageous. Praying for Chicago and Toronto dates so I can spend all my money on these bois.
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SBS 'Master Key' Cast Members for Episode 6

(click for full size)

“Master Key” is a game program where the cast will play psychologically intense games in order to find who holds the “master key.” Viewers of the show will also have the chance to actively particpate as “watchers.” Players with the most supporters will receive special benefits during the show.

Sign Up Here >> Vote Here

Voters are eligible to win a special prize via lottery. You can vote once a day.
Voting period is from November 2 to November 4.

The show changes some of their cast members each episode, with some exceptions.

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Still only two girls... but no Henry, so at least that's one less creep!

We watch subbed eps of this show together on Sundays at 9pm KST at the unofficial Omona Discord Server. Come join us! Invite Link
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Executive Producer Says BTS Will Be On Ellen's Show

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Source: RAPMON_PH, andylassner

So.. thoughts?

Edit: For people who don't read the comments, Jeff Benjamin confirmed that so far BTS are NOT scheduled to appear on Ellen but BigHit did receive an offer from them.

Singer Presses Charges Against CEO & Moon Hee Ok For Sexual Harassment & Threats

On November 1, the Seoul Nambu District Public Prosecutors’ Office stated that singer “A” (24) has pressed charges against the head of her agency “Kim” (64) for sexual harassment and fraud. Furthermore, she is also pressing charges against veteran singer and labelmate Moon Hee Ok for fraud and threatening her to keep quiet about her assault.

Last December, the plaintiff had signed a five-year-long exclusive contract with agency “Y,” which also houses Moon Hee Ok, and officially debuted as a singer on June 15 of this year.

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MHO was equally as bad for telling the victim to keep it to herself than the suspect imho & the way he lured the victim sends shivers down my spine holy sh*t

Sources: Yonhap News, Segye, Naver via Soompi (1, 2)

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