November 5th, 2017


BTOB - "Missing You" Promotions: A Look Back

"Blowin' Up" + "그리워하다 (Missing You)" Stage Mix

With the three-week promotions for BTOB's second full album 'Brother Act' and title song "그리워하다 (Missing You)" sadly coming to an end, we reflect on their new achievements as an example of the ultimate "hard work pays off" late-bloomer success story. Now in the sixth year since their debut, BTOB's recent accomplishments reflect their slow but steady growth from idols to musicians. With the digital ranking of their single hanging on in the top 10 for three weeks against strong contenders, BTOB has finally tapped into mainstream success with a song perfect for the Fall season.

🎊 Music Show Wins 🎊
BTOB had 5 music show wins to date prior to this promotion (none of which were from Inkigayo), including their highest record of 3 trophies for "봄날의 기억 (Remember That)" in April 2016. They have now received 7 wins for "그리워하다 (Missing You)".

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This promotion came and went like a dream. Sad we didn't get a lot of tv appearances, but keep an eye out for that Eunkwang-funded reality show coming to you (hopefully) early next year!
Team #MissingYou or #BlowinUp? Favorite performance?

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monsta x’s #PROTOCOL_TERMINAL: the code album preview

PRTCL TERMINAL comeback navigation:
🔩 piece of protocol: one / two
📸 concept teasers: kihyun / jooheon / shownu / wonho / minhyuk / i.m / hyungwon
📽️ scenes: one / two / three
🎛️ miscellaneous: schedule / album details / tracklist / music video teaser / album preview

THIS ERA IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD, i called it. there’s only one entry left on the schedule and it’s a “comeback spoiler”—it’s not upcoming on v live or anything, so it’ll probably just be them talking for 30 minutes, like they did for “shine forever” & “newton.” they did a live awhile ago (last week? before the scene photos came out), btw, if you haven’t seen it already

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171105 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Epik High

'Home Is Far Away (ft. Oh Hyuk)'

Epik High

'Love Story (ft. IU)'


'Missing You'

Album Sales (음반) 158 158 225
SNS 2474 0 2477
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 0 0 371
ON-AIR 0 500 864
Digital Sales (음원) 3961 5500 2657
Final Total 6593 6158 6594

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, krungpopwendy05,, Twice Update

Wow, BTOB won over Epik High by 1 point!

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The Return of Superman Ep 204

This week’s episode of The Return of Superman is titled, “We Need Secrets of Our Own”. To celebrate Seungjae’s birthday, Jiyong prepares presents for Seungjae and plans a unique event for his wife who is also celebrating four years of being a mother. Victor and Jane visit the Red Square in Moscow to spend a special time together. Sam and William spend a fun day with the child actor Lee Rowoon.

The subs are wonky (the timing is off) for the whole episode, but they're fine for the individual clips. It's Seungjae's birthday, and it's full of surprises. The twins meet up with a friend and play with tops. Are tops a thing now? Like, do all the cool kids do that? Sam knows EVERYBODY at MBC lol. Jane learns gymnastics.

source: KBS World TV
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“2 Days & 1 Night” Members Record Final Goodbye Messages For Kim Joo Hyuk

“2 Days & 1 Night” Members Record Final Goodbye Messages For Kim Joo Hyuk At The End Of Special “In Memoriam” Episode


On November 5, KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night” aired a special “in memoriam” episode in honor of former member Kim Joo Hyuk.

The “in memoriam” episode, announced only the same morning, featured highlights of his time on the variety show, including his first meeting with the cast, his earning of the nickname Gutaengie-Hyung, the appearance of his close friends like his agency head and actress Moon Geun Young, the time the show revisited photographs of his parents, and finally his last episode as a regular cast member.

At the end of the episode, the “2 Days & 1 Night” members recorded their final farewells to their former castmate, including Jung Joon Young, who was not able to attend the funeral after the news of his passing was delayed by communication issues on “Law of the Jungle.”

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The beloved actor passed away in a car accident on October 30 at the age of 45. He was a cast member of “2 Days & 1 Night” from the beginning of Season 3 until December 2015.

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Source:nate and MBN Star via Soompi, syh_bae on twitter, KBSEntertain

I'm going to be such a mess watching this once it's subbed...

Success of TV audition shows ignites turf war over control of stars

Since the creation of Mnet's "Superstar K" in 2009, TV audition shows have made deep imprints in TV programming and the music industry.

"Produce 101" has fueled demand for new idol talents by giving birth to I.O.I and Wanna One, two of K-pop's biggest breakout stars in recent years. The recent launches of "The Unit" by KBS and "Mix Nine" by JTBC suggest the genre will continue to drive TV ratings.

On the surface, it seems like a win-win situation for all players -- TV networks, entertainers and management agencies -- as the programs effectively grow K-pop's overall business pie. But a closer look reveals an intense turf war being fought over control and profit.

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source: Yonhap News

[ENG] Master Key Episode 4

Streaming Links:
VIU | KS123

(MC) Lee Soo Geun, (MC) Jun Hyun Moo, Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Sana (TWICE), Mino (WINNER), One Seongwu (Wanna One), Lee Sunbin, Jonghyun (Nu'est), Jinyoung (GOT7), Chanyeol (EXO), Key (SHINee), Henry

we're going to stream this together on the unofficial omona discord server at around 9:30pm KST! join us! invite link
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A.C.E's Donghun shuts down YG on Mix Nine

YG: When I saw the hot pants, I was like, "Ah but Why?"
Donghun: But Winner sunbaenim also had this concept for
YG: Ah-

sources: @acetranslation 1, 2

Police to place forces on highest-level alert during Tr*mp's visit

In the top photo, South Korean conservative activists hold a demonstration welcoming the visit by U.S. President Donald Trump in Seoul on Nov. 4, 2017. In the bottom photo, an anti-Trump rally is under way in another part of the capital city on Nov. 4, 2017. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Nov. 5 (Yonhap) -- Police said Sunday their force in Seoul will be on the highest-level security alert this week during U.S. President Donald Trump's visit.

The National Police Agency said it will place the entire police force in the nation's capital on top readiness from Tuesday to Wednesday, when Trump will be in South Korea as part of his first Asian trip as U.S. president.

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SK will be Tr*mp's third stop (second if you minus Hawaii) in his nearly 2-week Asian tour. He stopped by Japan on Sunday.

Source: Yonhap News