November 14th, 2017

Omona's Favorite Model, Han Hyun Min, Will Be Making His Variety Show Debut!


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Red Velvet #PerfectVelvet audio teaser for 'Attaboy' + group teasers and album details

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🌹 PERFECT VELVET Navigation 🌹
👌 Peak-A-Boo teaser (one)
🕯Release Schedule
🕯Tracklist: 봐 (Look) (one / two) | My Second Date | Moonlight Melody | Perfect 10 | I Just | Attaboy
🕯Teasers: Seulgi (one / two) | Joy | Yeri | Irene | Wendy | Group
🕯 Album Packaging
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MONSTA X make a comeback on the show, get #MONSTAX1STWIN 💗🎉


Daesung reportedly buys a 31 billion won building


BIGBANG’s Daesung has reportedly become the owner of a building that is estimated to be worth around 30 billion won (approximately $26.9 million).

According to real estate company Won Building, Daesung recently purchased a building in the Gangnam district of Seoul that has eight floors above ground and two floors below ground. The building is in a prime location, situated on a main road near Apgujeongrodeo Station.

The real estate in question is said to be valued at 31 billion won (approximately $27.8 million), with an added acquisition tax of 1.43 billion won (approximately $1.28 million). With rent costing approximately 90 million won (approximately $80,700) a month, Daesung’s annual rate of return from acquiring the building is expected to be around 4.4 percent.

If it's true, then I think it's great. They've worked hard for so long, and especially him alone in Japan over the past couple of years. I mean, solo Dome tours even!

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Police Recover Kim Joo Hyuk’s Black Box & Give Autopsy Results


On November 14, the Gangnam Police Station released autopsy results for actor Kim Joo Hyuk, who recently passed away in a car accident.

The police announced that the black box inside Kim Joo Hyuk’s car was finally recovered. “On November 2, the National Forensic Service carried out a thorough search of the vehicle and found the black box lying beneath the passenger seat. We checked the video and couldn’t hear any audio, so the National Forensic Service is currently checking whether any audio was recorded in the first place,” they explained.
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