November 26th, 2017


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I find the interview preview particularly interesting seeing as a bunch of fanaccounts of the show taping were going around on Twitter saying that BTS looked extremely uncomfortable and upset at the "have you ever hooked up with ARMY" question. I know this clip is edited but I remember people also mentioning the motions that RM was making after the question was asked, so their reaction shown in the preview couldn't just be a random clip. Also it's nice to see they have a translator, RM deserves a break lol.

So Omona do you think the hook up question was out of line and too personal or people are being too sensitive?
Also, are you excited for BTS' US daytime talk show debut?
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JTBC Announces That The Location for the 32nd Golden Disc Awards Is Not Yet Confirmed

It was previously announced by AllAccessProductions, a Philippine concert production company, that the 32nd Annual Golden Disc Awards would be held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on January 10-11, 2018. JTBC says that they haven't confirmed the location of the awards show yet.

Source: @JTBC_awards

hmm...?? this is curious.. cause there's supposed to be a pre-selling event for this today (despite there not being an official seat plan) and it hasn't been cancelled. what's happening?
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GOT7 "If You Do" MV Hits 100million views, they release a new Dance Practice as thanks

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Sources: GOT7 1 2 3 4 / J106922 K 5 6 / Just whatever infires man 7 / GOT7official 8 / jypentertainment 9

This is the song that originally made OP a fan and remains one of GOT7's best songs/concepts/MVs

Omona, do you think we'll ever get another IYD-ish concept from GOT7? Which dance practice is your favorite?
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IDOLity: GOT7's TMI Lab EP2

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Previous episode

Beginning: continues with Jackson's segment
- Jackson's bare chest in all its glory, that's all you need to know

5:30 Jinyoung
- since he's famous for his stripped down, simple style, they make him wear one of Bambam's outfits and the result is glorious Jaebum why are you looking at him like that lmao
- then they take pictures of him, he shows his excellent pararell parking skills and how good he's at douple looped jumping rope

13:00 Mark
- can he tell apart the member's handwriting?
- how many winks can he do in one minute (lol what)
- what level of spicyness can he handle (Im "just one bite" Jaebum strikes again)
- how small is his head

Next week they're gonna make JB re-create his Dingo makeup video lol
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[ENG] Master Key Episode 7

Streaming Links:
ks123 | kshowonline

Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Nayoung (Pristin), Park Chorong (APink), Seo Eunkwang (BTOB), Seo Janghoon, SoJin, SinBi (GFriend), Ong Seongwu (Wanna One), Yoon Jisung (Wanna One), Lee Sangmin, Taemin, Key

come join us at the Omona Discord Server! we'll watch this episode together at around 9:30pm KST. Invite Link
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The Unit: 2nd place team performs on Music Bank, first voting results & performances from the girls

On November 24th, the 2nd place team from the M/V Mission got to perform "My Unit" on Music Bank.

Boys - Black Team: Rayoon, Sangil, Junhyuk, Jun, Jin, Chan, Tae Eun, PK, Jungsang
Girls - White Team: Anne, Gaeul, Haein, Suji, Euna Kim, Jiwon, Chaesol, Janey, Yujeong

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sources: @oh_mes 1, 2, 3, naver, KBSKpop yt
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North Korean Defectors Are Becoming Social Media Stars In South Korea

There's a new kind of social media star in South Korea: North Korean defectors, whose videos get tens of millions of views.

The South Korean capital city of Seoul lies only 30 miles from the North Korean border, but South Koreans, like everyone else, don't know much about their neighbors to the north. Now, some defectors are becoming internet famous by shedding light on the most mysterious country in the world.

There is no internet in North Korea, but many young defectors learn to use social media within a few months.

"If I appeared in ordinary media outlets, I'd be edited," said North Korean defector Eunhee Park, who wants to teach South Koreans about North Korea with the hope of reunifying the countries one day. "So what I needed was a platform that would allow me to talk freely."

sources: vice news yt, vice

this was first posted in january but only popped up in my youtube feed today. i wonder if the NK government is watching those livestreams...

"Doubtful Victory" Promos

Yoon Kyun-sang plays an innocent death row convict who somehow escapes prison and takes on the identity of Oh Il-seung, a fake detective, and begins taking down the worst of all criminals in the community. Jung Hye-sung plays a “my-way-or-the-highway”-type of cop who is also very skilled at her work.

Kim Hee-won plays a friendly ajusshi investigator on the police force; Yoon Yoo-sun, showing a coldly logical strategist; and the master of seeing through cons and an opportunist himself, Choi Won-young. But it looks like Jang Hyun-sung might have the biggest role in how Yoon Kyun-sang goes from prisoner to police.

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Doubtful Victory premieres Monday, November 27 on SBS.

Sources: SBSNOW | KoreanPyong | Dramabeans/SE Daily | @kdrama_news

I'm having the hardest time finding any subbed trailers lately! This looks like it will be on Viki with the name "Oh, The Mysterious" if you're interested in checking it out.

"Two Cops" Teasers

Jo Jung-suk stars as a righteous cop who gets possessed by the soul of a con man, and Hyeri plays a prickly reporter he makes enemies with… which of course only means that they’ll bicker and fight until they fall in love. Jo Jung-suk plays a violent crimes detective who becomes obsessed with a case, during which he crosses paths with a con artist, played by Kim Sun-ho, who will later come to “share” his body by possessing him. The new guy is a classic con artist, with an easygoing mischievous personality and an otherworldly charm that can enchant people to do whatever he asks.

Lee Shi-un, plays Yong-pal, aka a surgeon who illicitly stitches up mobsters and treats others engaged in not-so-legal violent activities. But for his day job, he operates a small hostess bar. Because of his connections to the underground, he serves as a helpful informant to Jo Jung-suk.

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Two Cops premieres on Monday, November 27 on MBC.

Sources: Dramabeans/iMBC/MBN | For Jojeol 1 2 3 | @kdrama_news | Dramabeans/iMBC

We'll see if this drama handles the "which person does the love interest fall in love with" plot better than JJS's last possession drama. I love both Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho, but this will be a maybe for now.
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GIRIBOY starts off new era with pre-release track: “바보상자스타 (TV STAR) [ft. KIM SEUNGMIN]”

The title literally translates to “Star of the Dumb Box.” The song is a pre-release off Giriboy's next full-length album. In the track, the rapper expresses his wish for all the idol and dance musicians to be proud of themselves and become world-wide stars.

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YES, i've been waiting for even giriboy news for what seems like forever, tbh. he totally dropped this with zero notice, tho—i thought anything would come out after just music finished their us / canada tour. also, giriboy listens to yaeji and you should too!

Yoo Ah In Calls Out People Leaving Negative Comments Online + Moves To End ‘Gender Bashing' Dispute

Late at night on November 24, actor Yoo Ah In puzzled fans and lookers-on with his sudden tirade against people leaving negative comments about him online.

On his personal Twitter account, he wrote, “I’ll let you in on a great tip. If you don’t want to look at me, don’t. Unfollow me, and don’t type my name in the search bar. Please just live your own life. Take yourselves instead of me. That’s my wish. Really. Thanks for giving me the attention you crave.” He also wrote, “I will play with the people who help me and give me strength. You all play among yourselves. Why are you purposely seeking out things that make you uncomfortable? Don’t base your self-worth on things the world says. Get a life.”

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this probably explains why i saw #누가_유아인 trending on Twitter last Friday

Sources: Nate via Soompi, @seeksik, Korea Herald
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171126 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]




Wanna One


Album Sales (음반) 1 4 500
SNS 234 3500 1431
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 31 185 500
ON-AIR 319 319 1000
Digital Sales (음원) 4924 3699 4202
Final Total 5509 7707 7633

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, krungpopwendy05

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Woozi laughing but not
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Seventeen 3rd Clap Promotion Week Roundup (Media Heavy)