December 1st, 2017


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It's already Dec 1st! :O

tom and jerry duo jonghyun / minho to guest on night goblin!

source: @oh_mes (via naver)


the purpose of this post: what are some of your favorite interactions with idols that have the same name? (for reference: nu'est!jonghyun is a regular on night goblin, lol.) also let's welcome back jjong to variety!! get ready for that pre-comeback hype!!
taeyeon middle finger new

Real Men PD planning prison life variety show

sources: @oh_mes, naver

i know two men who would be perfect for this show...

JINHO (PENTAGON) - MAGAZINE HO #11 'On a Sleepless Night / Moon Myung Jin'

Source: United CUBE

Magazine Ho No.11 I wish they'd let Jinho continue this til next year. Which one is your favorite Magazine Ho, Omona? His duet with Hongseok is my fave!

Magazine Ho: 🎼
🎤Jung Seunghwang - If It Is You (Another Oh Haeyoung OST)
🎤Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
🎤Kotoba Ni Dekinai
🎤Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
🎤Music Soulchild - Forthenight
🎤Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower
🎤Jeremih - I Think Of You
🎤Yoon Jong Shin - Like It
🎤Charlie Puth - Attention
🎤Chris Brown - With You
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Because this Is My First life episode 15-16 finale discussion

Synopsis: House-poor Nam Se-hee and homeless Yoon Ji-ho, both unmarried in their thirties, start living together as housemates.
Cast: Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min, Esom, Park Byung eun, Kim Ga eun, Kim Min seok
Director: Park Joon hwa
Writer: Yoon Nan-joong
Network: TvN
Episodes: 16
Release date: October 9, 2017
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:30

Watch Here: Viki, dramafire

Sources: Wiki

Kitty kitty

🎄 ☃️ Omona's pick: Christmas playlist ☃️ 🎄

That's it!
It's the first day of christmas, the season of hot cocoa, warm clothes, awkward family dinner and Star Wars.
Come get in the mood with the perfect christmas playlist.

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Source: Crayon Pop, SMTOWN 1, 2, 3, 4, woolliment 1, 2, aeeda m, starshipTV, jypentertainment, CJENMMUSIC Official1, 2, 3, 4, justbeme quietlim, KBSKpop, loonatheworld, ShinaeAn, 1theK 1, 2, 3, 4,   TSENT2008, TV-People, RadioActivite, KimReiko1, 2, A Song To The Sun, JYPent., URBAN ZAKAPA, YG ent., The Barberettes,
hani running
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Streaming Post - 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong (Final Day)

Line Up: Wanna One, EXO, BTS, Red Velvet, Super Junior, GOT7, Sunmi, Taemin, Dynamic Duo, Jooheon (Monsta X), Vernon (Seventeen), Ailee, NCT127, Soyou, Day6, Jeong Sewoon

When: Friday, December 1st at 8:00 PM KST (Red Carpet at 6:00 PM KST)
Timezone conversions: 4:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 AM GMT

Stream Link Red Carpet: Twitter (Official)
Youtube (Official)

Stream Links Show:
Mwave (Official)
Aqstream: Mnet Stream 4, Mnet Stream 3


source: kimchislap

I'll join you guys for the second half (heard the show will be 4 hours long!)
lottie ♡ issue n°7
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IU set to perform stage with aspiring singers & rookies at MMA's

It looks like IU’s preparing a touching stage for the 2017 Melon Music Awards!

According to various sources from the industry, the singer will be performing with dozens of trainees and rookies who have yet to gain recognition. IU will act as a role model and mentor to these aspiring singers by helping them fulfill their wish of performing at a year-end awards ceremony.

[...] Alluding to the theme of “Music, Awake Your Dream” for this year’s Melon Music Awards, IU’s special collaboration stage will also be giving aspiring singers a chance to stand on stage.

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this is super sweet, imo! the lyrics for the cherry b song are also out (and translated), if any of you are interested in that 💗

SOURCE(s): naver (translation via soompi); dlwlrma@insta (via iuteamstarcandy@twitter [2])

Flashback Friday

Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more also from top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see what we were listening to 5 years ago, in the 1st week of December, 2012. It seems that OP was actually not listening to any of these songs, because I don’t remember most of them. This particular year was very much a hit or miss with me lol.

#3 Son Dam Bi “Dripping Tears”
I don’t remember this song at all and that makes me mad because it’s a bop! The last era I remember from her was “Queen”, so I totally missed this. That blonde wig is pretty bad, she looks so much better with her natural hair. Also, wtf are those dancers wearing?!?

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sources: Pledis Artist, 1theK, TV-People, OfficialLEEHI, B1A4 OFFICIAL + & Soompi
normani kordei // anything could happen

Kings of Kpop™️ 👑EXO👑 win historic 5th Album of the Year daesang and perform @ MAMA 2017

EXO picked up another grand prize at this year's MAMA in Hong Kong, bringing their total to a staggering 22 (or 23... its disputed) in just five years. Legendary! They also performed some of their notable songs from this year.

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SOURCES: oohsehun | Mnet K-POP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | seungbin02 | @wendysunbae (1, 2)

ears tucked in hoodie

IDOLity: GOT7's TMI Lab EP3

Watch HERE

Previous episode

Beginning: Youngjae

- how big is Youngjae's mouth? (ft. how big is Jaebum's mouth, guess who wins lol)

- how long is his hair?

- Youngjae's "one ab" workout move (ft. a zero f*cks given bottle flip game)

- how loud is his laugh?

8:50 JB

- how wide are his shoulders?

- how much food can he fit in his mouth lol

- re-creates his Dingo makeup video poorly and puts makeup on Yugyeom (poor maknae)

- how does he look like with double eyelids? (omg)

18:15 OT7

- how long does it take for each GOT7 member to fall asleep?

Source: kcontv
i smile brian

Day6 releases second concept pictures for "Moonrise"

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Source: day6official 1 2

Moonrise Navigation:
Coming Soon Teaser
Member Teasers: Sungjin | Jae | Young K | Wonpil | Dowoon
Concept Teasers 1 2

the best most talented amazing caring lovely band who deserve everything
mx ♡ loml


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let's get this over with shall we. i'll try to get the resurrection round up tomorrow.