December 28th, 2017

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Taeyeon 'The Magic of Christmastime' Concert Post!


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if this goes through on the first try i'll probably die i spent 4 and a half hours on this failure after going through i had to fix it like 9 more times @god please part 2.
cherry coke

Former 4Minute Member Nam Ji Hyun Changes Her Name

Former 4Minute member Nam Ji Hyun has officially announced that she will be using a new name in her future endeavors as an actress.

On December 28, the former idol posted a handwritten letter on Instagram explaining that she wishes to make a fresh start by using her mother’s maiden name, “Son,” and will now go by the name of Son Ji Hyun.

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sources: soompi, @sjh9019

U-KISS’s Soohyun Quietly Enlists In Military

U-KISS’s Soohyun has enlisted in the military.

On December 28, his agency NHemg revealed, “Soohyun expressed his wish to ‘quietly enter the military training center,’ so he quietly enlisted in the military today with just the U-KISS members and company family present.

Soohyun commented through his agency, “I will diligently work as a citizen of Korea, and I am sorry to share sudden enlistment news with fans, but I believe that you will understand. I will return as a more mature and healthy person, so please give lots of loving support to U-KISS even while I am gone. Thank you always.

Soohyun has entered the recruit training center of the 15th battalion and will continue as an active duty soldier after completing his basic training.

Serve Well!

Source: Naver via Soompi

The Swan Club Ep 3

Episode 3: "An Accidental Encounter"

Female celebrities will discover their true selves and heal their wounds through learning ballet and meeting new people. The members take a lesson for pas de deux, which is a dance duet with a male partner. Yoonah manages to surprise everyone by practicing repeatedly and performing in perfect harmony with her partner. Meanwhile, the members are shocked to be joined with the last new member of the Swan Club, Son Yeonjae.

source: KBS World TV

Dragon's Club: Overgrown Bromance Ep 3

Episode 3: "Neighborhood guys"

Although they have been best friends for the past 20 years, these five celebrities were too busy to make any special memories such as travelling together. The childish and simple-minded group of five guys will go on a naughty trip and break away from the routine of daily life! Staring Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung Mi, and Hong Kyung In.

Lots of Hyuk exercising this episode lol.

source: KBS World TV

Girl’s Day’s Sojin And Eddy Kim Revealed To Have Broken Up

Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Eddy Kim have confirmed their breakup.

On December 27, Sojin’s agency DreamT Entertainment released an official statement and said, “Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Eddy Kim recently broke up.”

They continued, “Please understand that we cannot confirm the specific time and reason due to it being their private lives.” The agency also stated that Sojin and Eddy Kim will continue to support one another as colleagues.

Eddy Kim’s agency Mystic Entertainment also confirmed the news and said, “They naturally drifted apart due to their busy schedules and decided to support one another’s futures.”

Previously, the pair’s relationship was revealed in June.

I didn't know they were dating (oops), but I knew they were on a show together

Sources: Nate (1,2) via Soompi

SoDa siblings react to Hyorin & Taeyang's marriage

Looks like Top's got some competition for flower girl/ring bearer on February 3rd. Soeul and Daeul have met Hyorin before, she worked on a movie with their father. OP knows she's been slacking on the Return of Superman updates, will post one soonish!

source: hyoyeonsubs2 Twitter via yoonj.lee IG

“What Happened In Bali” To Be Remade After 14 Years

Classic SBS drama “What Happened In Bali” is getting remade after 14 years!

On December 28, a source from the industry reported that the drama will be returning with a 2018 version. It was further reported that the remake will be directed by PD Choi Moon Suk, the same producing director who had worked on the original.

In response to these reports, a source from production company A STORY stated, “We’re working on improving the script, but we haven’t decided on a remake yet.” Another source from the company, however, issued a conflicting statement, saying, “We will be doing a remake of ‘What Happened In Bali,’ and it will be directed by the producing director of the original version.”

“The remake scheduled for next year is our company’s first production. No other details have been finalized yet,” the source added.

“What Happened In Bali” is a melodrama about love and betrayal that aired back in 2004 starring Ha Ji Won, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, and Park Ye Jin

My mom is losing her shit right now.

source: Soompi via Naver 1 2 3
tzuyu heart shaker

Fan Tells Story About How She “Stole” Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriend Because Of Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon

A fan of Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon recently shared a funny personal story about “stealing” her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend because of the singer.

On December 27, the hosts of SBS’ Power FM “Cultwo Show” read out a story submitted by a listener.

The listener had written in, “As I said in the title, I stole my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. And I really really really love Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon.”

She explained that she had become Park Ji Hoon’s fan after watching him on “Produce 101 Season 2” by chance after spending a horrible birthday alone. She wrote, “I decided to dedicate my life to Park Ji Hoon.”

The fan became an avid viewer of “Produce 101 Season 2” because of the singer, and soon became obsessed with voting for her favorite trainee. After asking all of her relatives and friends to help her vote by registering and sending her their authentication number, she decided to also recruit her ex-boyfriend.

The listener shared, “I texted him, ‘Are you busy?’ and he replied by saying, “Sorry, I already have a new girlfriend.” The fan replied, “No, it’s not about that. You’re going to receive an authentication number. Can you send me that?”

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sources: nate, soompi, picture from knowyourmeme

there's no cheating involved in this story but it still made me think of this meme lmao

omona, can you handle your ex and current partner being best friends?

Lee Hi talks Beauty and R&B with Vogue

Lee Hi stands 5 feet 1, with round, doll-like cheekbones and a slick of pigment always on her lips. Contained within her demure frame is an enormous voice, raspy yet powerful as it scales up and down experimental beats—one reason why she has emerged as a leading figure in Korea’s rising R&B scene. For years, K-pop has dominated the narrative, but thanks to singers like Lee, who is the costar of a recent documentary about the rise of the genre from Red Bull Sound Select and American R&B artist Gallant, the soundscape is shifting. Her delicate, fine-tuned visuals play no small part in that.

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sources: leehi_hi IG & Vogue

[ENG] My English Puberty Episodes 1-4

Watch Here: CCAsian

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to speak English even after learning for 10 years? Celebrities who have struggled English all their lives came to take the intense 8-week English speaking project. Watch them overcome their fear of speaking English and break out of their comfort zones!

Cast: Hyoyeon, Wheesung, Jung Si Ah, Ji Sang Ryul, Hwang Shin Hye, and Han Hyun Min.

That awkward moment when everyone thought Han Hyun Min was a fluent English speaker despite him being born and raised in Korea all his life =/

Source: CCAsian

Female Bus Drivers in Seoul

There are some 20,000 bus drivers in Seoul. Only 2 percent of them are women. Korea Exposé spoke to a couple of them to find out more about their job experience.

source: Korea Exposé, Korea Exposé youtube

Just a short little video but it was really interesting to hear about the experiences of these women working in a male-dominated field. I always feel so surprised and happy when I actually see a female bus driver here!