January 16th, 2018

Wooyoung Money

2PM's Wooyoung 'Don't Act' Special Clip

I...I just love the way he dances. There's such a natural flow of movements through his body.
It's nothing overly intricate, but just watching his body move so fluidly... I just love to watch him dance.

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'Going Going' MV

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KOCCA at SXSW lineup

KOCCA (Korean Creative Content Agency) returns to SXSW for their 6th annual showcase. Korea Spotlight, formerly known as K-Pop Night Out, presents yet another exciting lineup of Korean artists during the 2018 SXSW Music Festival.

This year’s lineup includes YG Entertaiment’s (PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1) soulful R&B popstar Lee Hi, breakout k-pop quartet KARD, and buzzy pop-futurist CIFIKA. Indie-pop stars Hyukoh join the list fresh off the success of their debut full-length, alongside up-and-coming rap act DPR LIVE, R&B singer Crush, and 90’s-inspired indie rock quartet Say Sue Me, who recently inked a deal with UK indie Damnably.

Korea Spotlight will take place at The Belmont on Friday, March 16. SXSW Platinum and Music badgeholders receive primary access to the event. Interactive Badges, Film Badges, and Music Festival Wristbands receive secondary access. This showcase will be open to ages 18+.

source: SXSW
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girl group brand reputation rankings for jan 2018

The Korean Business Research Institute has published January’s results for brand reputation rankings among girl groups!

Taking data starting from December 11, 2017, to January 12, 2018, the Institute analyzed 88,551,030 sources of data and measured the indexes of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness.

TWICE came in first place this month with a total score of 13,060,755. Red Velvet followed up in second place with a total score of 8,018,343, while Oh My Girl came in third place with a total score of 5,987,337.

A source from the Institute revealed that TWICE, who topped brand reputation rankings for four months in a row, was highly associated with the keywords “Candy Pop,” “Jeongyeon,” and “Momo” as they came in first place this month.

Check out the top 20 below:

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src: Naver via Soompi

I'm kind of assuming this is how much familiarity they have to the gp so Twice and RV are pretty much expected, but look at my-yet-to-win-a music show girls Oh My Girl go! And momoland and laboum getting into the top 10, bless. I'm not sure how to tag this bc there are so many of them lmao...


Previews for "Return"

SBS's new drama Return, about a high society murder scandal, stars Go Hyun-jung as a lawyer who’s hired to defend one of four main suspects in a murder case, and judging from the show’s teasers, every single one of them looks guilty.

Go Hyun-jung stars as a defense attorney who comes from humble beginnings, and spent a portion of her career as a judge. But it’s through hosting a legal television show that she earns a reputation as a star attorney, and gets hired to defend the prime suspect in a high society murder case. Lee Jin-wook plays a hotheaded police detective who comes at the case sideways, through a drug investigation that lands him in the middle of a complex murder trial.

The four main suspects are a group of wealthy friends who have known each other since childhood. Among them, chaebol heir Park Ki-woong is the prime suspect, and his wife Jung Eun-chae is the one who hires Go Hyun-jung to defend her husband. The two women went to law school together and will work together to unravel the mystery. The other three friends (and suspects) will be played by Shin Sung-rok, Bong Tae-kyu, and Yoon Jong-hoon.

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Return premieres Wednesday, January 17 on SBS.

Sources: HALLYU WORLD OFFICIAL | Dramabeans/Sports Chosun | SBSNOW 1 2

Popular Idol’s Admission To Graduate School Under Investigation By Police

The police have launched an investigation into an idol’s admission into graduate school.

On January 16, SBS News reported that an unidentified member of a popular idol group (hereafter referred to as A) was accepted into the doctoral program at the graduate school of Kyung Hee University through what is being described as preferential treatment.

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Source: Naver via Soompi

👑 Kings 👑 making further history: Exo's Power first K-pop song performed at Dubai Fountain Show

Kings of K-pop™ have made further history by being having the bop Power which fans have erroneously slept on performed at the Dubai Fountain Show. This is the first k-pop song performed there.

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Omona, have your faves ever been invited out to watch a performance of their own work?

Jungkook does a short cover of Breathe by Lee Hi

Source: BTS_twt

it's not much of a post and he only does one verse and a chorus but,, i dont know. it's gonna be a month in two days and this cover was unexpected and the past few days have been rough personally and fandom-wise. plus, i have exams soon so mind's been all over the place. this gave me peace but also put me into a quiet kind of turmoil.

sorry for turning this into an impromptu counselling session the tmi lol. just hoped it could maybe give some of you the peace it gave me.