February 7th, 2018

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NCT sets a new record on V APP for most hearts registered on a video with over 500 million hearts

NCT are currently well underway of introducing their new unit, NCT 2018, set to debut soon, which includes all their 18 current members. Yesterday, February 6th, they held their first appearance as a full group on v-live as a way to introduce themselves and their three new additions, Jungwoo, Lucas and Kun. NCTzens have been greatly anticipating the group's return since their last comeback in summer and have managed to snag this little record to show their support.

The video had a little over 300 million hearts before the show started and almost doubled during its live broadcast, breaking the previous record of 287 million hearts. The members have even taken to their twitter account to thank their fans for their effort and for waiting so patiently.

NCT is slated for a huge February comeback. Until then, you can rewatch the show on V-App and congratulations NCT and NCTzens!

source: vapp

Third Unit αγυρτης for WJSN's comeback Dream Your Dream

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comeback schedule: announcement, φορευς (unit i), ενυπνιον (unit ii), αγυρτης (unit iii), μαγικος (about), dream unit i, dream unit ii, dream unit iii, dream wjsn, teaser i, teaser ii, teaser iii, secret film, track list, music video teaser, preview, album release

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which unit are you most excited about? and if you could make any changes what would they be?

Supreme Boi accidentally(?) teases Hixtape, OP found dead in a ditch

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it's like 6 secs but idc it's a banger already i've waited so long i'm starving for some hixtape i have been fed bye. also he seems to have deleted it so yeah i don't think he meant to post it.

Dragon's Club: Overgrown Bromance Binge Watching Special

Although they have been best friends for the past 20 years, these five celebrities were too busy to make any special memories such as travelling together. The childish and simple-minded group of five guys will go on a naughty trip and break away from the routine of daily life! Staring Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung Mi, and Hong Kyung In.

This is basically an recap of the show.

source: KBS World TV

Go Hyun Jung leaves "Return" after conflict with production team

Go Hyun-jung is being removed from the TV series "Return" on SBS amid conflicts between the actress and the production team, her agency said Thursday.

IOK Co. said: "She has repeatedly had a difference of opinion with the production team, and the gap couldn't be narrowed despite continued efforts. ... We've decided after much discussion that it is hard to continue filming."

The agency emphasized that it is not her decision to leave the drama but that she was "notified by SBS" to drop out. "Rather than trying to determine whose fault it is, we think the person at the center of controversy should leave, taking into consideration that so many people are involved in the production. We sincerely apologize that she failed to fulfill her responsibility as a main cast and offer our apology to the production team and other actors," it said.

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Source: Yonhap News

There is no new episode on Thursday (due to previously scheduled Olympics coverage), but no update as of yet on recasting or if the show will be airing next week. The show has aired 14 out of a planned 32 episodes

Small Town Cinema : Overgrown Bromance Ep 1

Famous Korean actors Sung Dong Il, Go Chang Suk, Lee Jun Hyuk, and Lee Sung Kyoung visit the remote villages to open a cinema. It may not have a large size screen, state-of-the-art sound system or comfy seats, but it allows the village people of all generations to get together. While they share steamed corn instead of popcorn, and rice punch instead of coke, the elderly reminisce their memories of their first visit to the cinema, and the young children experience cinema for the first time in their lives. It's the smallest cinema in the world!

I like this sooo much! It's basically Dragon's Club but instead of opening up a tent bar, they open up a movie theatre in the countryside. I haven't liked Sung Don Il since "Dad! Where Are We Going?", but the other three are so lovely! They just seem genuinely excited to be doing it. Sung Kyoung is so pretty!

source: KBS World TV

Jo Kwon Asks Why He Has Become A Sacrificial Lamb In Kyung Hee University Controversy

← a follow up to this post

Both Jo Kwon and his agency Cube Entertainment have issued statements regarding the recent controversy surrounding his graduation from a master’s program at Kyung Hee University.

On February 6, Kyung Hee University came under fire once again after a report from SBS News stated that an idol had received their master’s degree from the university through a lackluster performance video instead of a thesis. The artist was later reported to be Jo Kwon.

Cube Entertainment has now released the following statement regarding the accusations.

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Sources: @kwon_jo (1, 2, 3) & Naver via Soompi