February 26th, 2018


Kim Yoo Jung takes break for health issues, drama delayed

Through an official press release, SidusHQ revealed that Kim Yoo Jung has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone.

Regarding her upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now”, the agency shared, “After much discussion with the production team, we have made the decision to focus on treatment for now. As it is a project that she has prepared hard for with much affection and passion, she will return to filming once she has recovered.”

The agency concluded, “We thank the drama staff that understood the actress’s health as the priority and adjusted the schedule in consideration. We also apologize to many people that have been waiting for the drama. Please give lots of support and encouragement so that she can greet you again in good health.”

“Clean with Passion for Now”, also starring Ahn Hyo Seop and Song Jae Rim, was originally scheduled to begin airing in April via JTBC. It has now been delayed to the second half of the year.

Source: Soompi/Naver

Mystery Queen 2 Teasers

In Mystery Queen 2, Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sang-woo reprise their roles as the nosy ajumma who learned all her sleuthing from mystery novels and the homicide detective who reluctantly takes her on as his partner, and the second season is a true sequel that picks up after the cliffhanger that ended Season 1.

At the end of the first season, Choi Kang-hee’s character was well on her way to independence from her suffocating husband and in-laws, and Kwon Sang-woo’s mind was blown when a ghost from his past reentered his life. This season we pick up with the heroine having made her dream come true by joining the police force.

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Mystery Queen 2 premieres on Wednesday, February 28 on KBS.

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Jun Hyun-moo and model Han Hye-jin are dating

TV entertainer Jun Hyun-moo and model Han Hye-jin are dating, Jun's agency said Tuesday. "The two had good feelings toward each other and are getting to know each other," S.M. Culture & Contents said. "It would be appreciated if you could give the two warm support."

The two have appeared on MBC's popular reality show "I Live Alone" and have shown good chemistry. During the Lunar Year holiday, they emceed a special pilot program called "Romance Package" on SBS.

A former TV announcer, Jun, 41, has turned himself into a TV entertainer. He won the Grand Prize at the MBC Entertainment Awards last year in recognition of his contribution to the success of "I Live Alone."

The 35-year-old model debuted in 1999 and has been actively working in the entertainment industry.

OH MY GOD!!!! The noises that just came out of my mouth when I read this! He has always been kind of annoying to me in every show he's been on, but I've been watching I Live Alone since the beginning and in the past year or so it's gotten really good...mainly because of the current cast. I wonder how this news will change things up on the show.

source: Yonhap News

The Unit reveals final groups’ names & leaders + performances from special episode

KBS’s “The Unit” has announced the leaders and names for Unit B and Unit G!

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Performances from special episode

Boys vocal stage (cover of Lee Hi's Breathe) - Chan, Jun, Kijung, Feeldog, Euijin, Ji Hansol

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Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min confirmed for fantasy romance drama

Gyeryong Fairy Tale is a new drama in the works that puts a spin on the classic folktale of the fairy and the woodcutter, about a 699-year-old fairy who’s lived through a couple of dynasties while waiting for her reincarnated husband. Kang So-ra has confirmed to headline as the fairy, and Yoon Hyun-min will be playing the role of her husband.

The drama is an adaptation of a webtoon by the same name, about a fairy from Gyeryong mountain who has lived from Goryeo to the present day while waiting to reunite with her husband. She’s 699 years old and appears like a grandmother to most, but special people can see her true form, as a beautiful young woman. She runs a strange little coffee shop tucked away in the mountains that serves hand-ground coffee. She talks to animals and plants, and some of the animals around her seem to be people reincarnated in different form.

In the original webtoon, Yoon Hyun-min's character is a biology professor at a university. He suffers from very severe insomnia and is undergoing clinical trials and therapy just to find a cure, and is your general prickly, smartass, handsome young man, though probably a notch crabbier than most because he gets no sleep. He’s forbidden from drinking coffee but can’t live without it, and the hijinks begin when he breaks down and has to have coffee in the middle of nowhere, and lo and behold, there’s a coffee shop right there in the middle of nowhere.

Gyeryong Fairy Tale will be a pre-produced drama and is currently being considered for a tvN slot later this year.

Source: Dramabeans/Star Today/Naver

Super Junior’s Sungmin To Release First Solo Track In 6 Years Through SM STATION

Super Junior’s Sungmin will be releasing new music!

The idol is the next featured artist of SM STATION 2, and will be releasing a solo track titled “Day Dream.”

Described as an acoustic ballad, “Day Dream” features minimal instrumentation that grows throughout the song. Its whimsical lyrics describe a hope that is found in dreams.

This track not only marks Sungmin’s first SM STATION release, but it also is his first solo track since “Oh Wa,” an OST track from KBS2’s 2012 drama “I Need a Fairy.”

“Day Dream” will drop on March 2 at 6 p.m. KST.


Source: Naver via Soompi

shinee to release best of album, including jonghyun, in april

well, get your buckets ready: it's been confirmed that shinee will be releasing their first japanese best of album, 「 shinee world the best 2018 ~ from now on ~ 」, on april 18th. best of albums are basically greatest hits albums (ala snsd's album in released back in 2014 that featured "divine" and "indestructible"), featuring mostly older single tracks by an artist with the additional of a few new original songs. shinee's fan club, shinee world japan, has written in their press release that the album will include "from now on", one of the two new songs revealed at shinee's recent dome concerts that feature all five members in the recording. more information to come later, i guess??

source(s): enzeru_no_innen (+ translation by me) - shinee world japan

op, as in myself, kind of predicted this was coming but i didn't think they'd announce it so soon. i'm going to guess that all the new songs featured with include jonghyun - probably both the two unveiled at the domes and maybe one of the two new songs showcased at their tour last year that never got an official release. either way ... bittersweet. i have some theories on what this could mean but yeah.