March 15th, 2018

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monsta x's #THE_CONNECT: photo #2, shownu & I.M's teasers

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these totally beat out yesterday's for me tbh #biased. i like the minimal coloring on them better too! changkyun looks amazing and shownu's looks like something out of an grungy-ish b&w editorial, i'm into it

THE CONNECT comeback navigation:
🕜 deja vu: wonho & kihyun / shownu & minhyuk / jooheon & i.m / hyungwon
📸 concept photos: wonho & jooheon / shownu & i.m
🎛 miscellaneous: coming soon / schedule

SOURCE(s): officialmonstax@twitter (shownu | i.m)
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More Cast Members Announced for MBC's Dangerous Outside The Blankets

Source: Naver via @OH_mes

not the Minseok everyone was expecting, but still a Minseok that I adore
샤이니 -> FIVE

New JTBC dance variety to star SHINee Taemin, Super Junior Eunhyuk & Highlight Kikwang


SHINee Taemin, Super Junior Eunhyuk, Highlight Kikwang will appear on new JTBC dance variety show 'The Dancer', and 2 more idols will also join the show.

The show will have the 5 idols collab with 5 famous international dancers and create choreography for other groups.
They will leave for the United States at the end of March, with the show to be broadcast in April.
The groups that they create choreographies for could be Korean groups, or foreign groups, its unknown at the moment.

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Sources: @OH_mes (1, 2) via OSEN, MyDaily, @whynot_thedancer

Official Produce 101 China news: WJSN Mei Qi & Xuan Yi join show, Exodus member becomes main MC

Today, Starship Entertainment announced that WJSN's Mei Qi and Xuan Yi will appear as trainees on the Official Produce 101 China show. They will continue to promote with WJSN while they are on the show.

Funfact 1: Their bandmember Cheng Xiao is currently a dance mentor on Broduce 101 China.

It was also announced that former EXO member Tao will join the show as the main MC. Which brings us to...

Funfact 2: Current EXO member Lay is the main MC of Broduce 101 China.

sources: @oh_mes, naver, @pd101trainee

[TW] Second Victim Reveals More Information About Disgraced Governor Ahn Hee-Jung

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About 10 days after an allegation of multiple rapes was made public against former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An Hee-jung, a second alleged victim filed a legal complaint against him for sexual assault on Wednesday.

The woman says she was sexually assaulted by An seven times over the course of more than a year, from October 2015 until January last year. Of the seven assaults, the victim alleges she was raped on three occasions.

The woman worked for a think tank founded by An. In the most recent instance, the woman said An raped her in a hotel room in Yeouido, Seoul, last year. She also said she was raped by the ex-governor in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province, at a religious facility in 2016.

Her complaint was submitted to the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office on Wednesday afternoon.

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good for her for filing a complaint against that monster

Source: Korea Herald

TVXQ to drop new album on March 28th

TVXQ, a leader in the Asianwide fever of K-pop music, will return with a new album this month, the group's management agency said Friday. S.M. Entertainment said the duo's eighth full-length album will hit record stores on March 28.

The two members put out their solo pieces through SM Station, a digital music project by the entertainment company, in September after they returned from mandatory military duty in April and August, respectively. But this will mark the first team album from TVXQ since 2015.

In November, the duo rewrote Japanese Oricon music chart history by having a sixth album hit the top of the weekly chart, a first by any foreign artist group. "FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~" became their latest album to rank first on the weekly chart. The duo's previous five albums -- "Best Selection 2010," "Tone" in 2011, "Time" in 2013, and "Tree" and "With" in 2014 -- also topped the chart.

The duo will perform at Yokohama's 75,000-seat Nissan Stadium for three days in June on the final leg of its third Japanese dome tour.

source: Yonhap News

Small Town Cinema : Overgrown Bromance Ep 3-5

Famous Korean actors Sung Dong Il, Go Chang Suk, Lee Jun Hyuk, and Lee Sung Kyoung visit the remote villages to open a cinema. It may not have a large size screen, state-of-the-art sound system or comfy seats, but it allows the village people of all generations to get together. While they share steamed corn instead of popcorn, and rice punch instead of coke, the elderly reminisce their memories of their first visit to the cinema, and the young children experience cinema for the first time in their lives. It's the smallest cinema in the world!

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I really, really, really liked this show a lot and am sad that it is over. It was refreshing to see a show where the celebrities really weren't the main focus. So much of this show was just doing something nice for someone else. And they really seemed genuinely happy doing it. And it did a nice job of introducing the films, I really want to check out that last one. I really hope they'll resurrect the show again, they can go to other towns and swamp out different celebrities.

sources: KBS World TV 1 2 3

Ahn Sohee & Yeon Woo Jin act in short film in Mongolian

Former member of early generation K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, Ahn Sohee showed talent not only in acting but also in the Mongolian language in a recently released short film.

On March 8, Lancome Korea unveiled an 11-minute short film titled “Anu and Huyga.” Set in a ger in the middle of a wide snowfield, the film presents beautiful scenery of the wildland, as well as it speaks for a powerful message about women’s autonomy.

The short film, which was collaboratively produced by Lancome Korea and Marie Claire Korea, celebrates 2018 International Women’s Day. In the film, Ahn Sohee acts a Mongolian girl Anu, who wants to explore the bigger world.

Comments to the film appreciate the film’s message about women’s autonomous choice, not to mention the stars’ efforts in learning an unfamiliar language.

Just maybe a tiny bit of product placement?

source: KPopLove & Lancome Korea
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Stray Kids releases round two of debut teaser pics

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Source: Stray Kids

Stray Kids "I Am Not" Debut Navigation:
'I Am Not Trailer'
Teaser Pics #1
Teaser Pics #2: Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know | Changbin, Hyunjin, Han

missed posting the first round, so have them together. looks like jype is releasing them in rounds of 3. in other news, i'm still not over bang chan's black hair