March 20th, 2018

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IU Donates to Korean Association of the Deaf

After working hard filming her newest drama tvN's 'My Ajusshi' IU made a donation to the Korean Association of the Deaf asking for the money to be used by Seoul City Deaf Senior Citizens Support Center.

Korea's 'Little Sister' donated 50 million won (around $46,000 for the Americans, or £33,000 for the British) on March 16th 2018. The donation appears to have been inspired by her character, Lee Ji An, in the drama who cares for her deaf Grandmother and has done since the age of 6.

The Korea Association of the Deaf is an organization that provides educational, social and cultural rehabilitation services for those with hearing impairments including those with language disabilities. They also provide sign language lessons to help raise awareness. Additionally they promote social independence and combat social prejudices.

The organisation released a statement saying, “IU delivered the donations under her real name Lee Ji Eun. She said she had been wanting to help those in need and had come across the center in her search. IU explained to us that she had recently begun learning about the difficulties faced by those with hearing impairments while learning sign language. She asked that her donations be used for the elderly as they face more challenges due to their age. We are very grateful to her.”

IU frequently donates her time and money to charity both publicly and privately.

source: naver (translated by soompi and IUteamstarcandy)


Teasers for "Let's Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset"

The drama tells the touching and heartwarming story of a married couple who look back on their lives after confronting the matter of death. As they reminisce about the times they spent together, they come to realize their true love for one another.

Han Hye Jin’s character Nam Hyun Joo is a woman who is dedicated to the man she has loved since her freshman years in college. They live a happy life as a husband and wife. Kim Do-Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) works as an architect and was once thought of as a genius in his field. His refusal to make compromises and stick to his style has caused difficulties with his job. One day, Nam Hyun-Joo asks for a divorce and Kim Do-Young's first love appears.

Yoo In Young will play the role of Shin Da Hye, the director of the Asia division of an American investment company who has wealth, status, and beauty. She is the first love of Kim Do Young. After returning from the United States after about a decade, she will use her status to control Kim Do Young and wedge herself between him and Nam Hyun Joo to cause conflict and tension in their relationship. Kim Tae Hoon will appear as Jang Suk Joon, a third generation doctor who specializes in brain tumors and Nam Hyun Joo’s primary care physician. After losing his wife to a brain tumor, he threw himself into treating patients and research. However, his life goes through a drastic change once he meets Nam Hyun Joo, who has been diagnosed with an illness.

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"Let's Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset" premieres on Wednesday, March 21 on MBC.

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Seohyun, Red Velvet and Baek Ji Young among artists to perform in North Korea

South Korea will send a 160-member art troupe – including Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and K-pop girl band Red Velvet – to perform two concerts in Pyongyang from March 31 until April 3, the Ministry of Unification (MOU) announced on Tuesday.

The news follows an inter-Korean meeting on the northern side of Panmunjom, Tongilgak earlier in the day from 10.00 to 13.46 KST. The North Korean delegates to the talks were led by head of the Samjiyon Orchestra Hyon Song Wol, along with stage manager An Jong Ho and the group’s deputy director Kim Sun Ho. On the South Korean side, singer-songwriter and producer Yoon Sang participated in the meeting in his capacity as the musical director of the performing squad, along with unification ministry director-general Park Hyeong-il and senior officials from the Blue House.
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source: nknews

"My Ajusshi" teasers

Lee Sun Gyun will play Park Dong Hoon, the second oldest of the three brothers. He works as an engineer at an architectural firm and always has a safety-first approach to life. He is quiet and stoic, but also goes all in for the people he loves. IU will play Lee Ji An, who is enduring many hardships in life. She is tasked with finding out Park Dong Hoon’s weaknesses at the command of her boss, who runs a company she is temporarily working for, but soon ends up falling for his warm charms and learns to trust someone for the first time.

Park Ho San will play Park Sang Hoon, the eldest brother. He is a middle-aged man who was fired from his job and then ran two failing businesses, which ended up in him being chased out of his own home. Though he has to live under his mother’s roof, Park Sang Hoon is a romanticist at heart who always thinks about ways to find happiness. The youngest brother, Park Ki Hoon, will be played by Song Sae Byuk. He was once seen as a genius director because an independent film he shot when he was twenty was invited to the Cannes Film Festival. However, 20 years have passed since his glory days and he has yet to successfully launch his career as a movie director.

Go Doo Shim will play Byun Yo Sun, the mother of the three brothers. She will play the role of a loving mother who worries about her eldest living apart from his family and her youngest, who has yet to get married despite being over 40. Lee Ji Ah will play Kang Yoon Hee, the wife of Park Dong Hoon. Nara will be playing the role of Choi Yoo Ra, a timid, but kindhearted movie actress, and the love interest of movie producer Park Ki Hoon.

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My Ajusshi premieres on Wednesday, March 21 on tvN.

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Amore Pacific apologizes after metal traces found in cosmetics, recalls items

South Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific apologized Tuesday after several of its cosmetics products were found to contain metal traces above the permissible level.

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, six products, including skin concealers and eyebrow pencils from Aritaum and Etude House, cosmetics brands under Amorepacific, contained antimony exceeding the permissible level of 10 micrograms per gram.

“We apologize for the incident, we should have put all our focus on quality assurance. We will do our best to prevent similar cases from happening again,” said Amorepacific in a statement.

On Monday, the ministry banned sales of 13 cosmetics products sold at eight companies including Amorepacific, and ordered a recall.

The company said customers who have products on the recall list can visit Aritaum or Etude House stores to get the products exchanged or refunded.

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sources: koreaherald, @happycharm on reddit

Junho, Jung Ryeo Won and Jang Hyuk confirmed for "Greasy Melo"

2PM’s Junho, Jung Ryeo Won, and Jang Hyuk have confirmed their starring roles in the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Greasy Melo.”

Chef Seo Poong (Junho) was once a star chef and worked at the best Chinese restaurant in Korea. His popularity faded and he eventually wound up working at a small, failing Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, Doo Chil-Seo (Jang Hyuk) is the owner of a building. He is an ex-gang member and he was in jail for 5 years. Jung Ryeo Won plays the daughter of a chaebeol, her hobby is horse-riding and she is an expert in equestrianism. Although she is the daughter of a wealthy family, the chaos within her family caused her much pain.

The drama will be written by Seo Sook Hyang, the screenwriter behind “Pasta,” “Miss Korea,” and “Don’t Dare to Dream.”

“Greasy Melo” is currently scheduled to premiere in April, following the end of “Should We Kiss First.”

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Blessed to have Junho in another drama so quickly after his last!

The Return of Superman Ep 216

Donggook's children are separated from their dad and spend the vacation in Bangkok while learning in an international school. Sian tries to adjust in his own way, to the new environment where he can't communicate with his own language. Sam gathers with three of his friends who also have kids and spend a good time. Meanwhile, Hwijae and the twins get down to cleaning the house for the spring.


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Seungjae visits his country grandma and finally fulfills a promise from last year. Sam and William make some chocolate. I think Bentley has a big head lol. Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t have hair yet. They also visit Sam’s friends and have a playdate. Cristina! I haven’t seen her in forever! It seemed like there was a time when she was on every variety and talk show. Sian, Sua, Seola, Jaesi, and Jaeah go to school in Thailand. Sian adjusts very well in his new environment. The twins help Hwijae with some cleaning. I can’t believe we first meet them before they could crawl, and now they’re washing dishes and tidying up rooms by themselves. It was announced this week that they are leaving the show, I hope we get some girls added to the cast.

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