April 4th, 2018


VIXX about to out-kinky themselves drop image teasers for EAU DE VIXX

Visualising Teaser

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SS501 sings acapella on Dingo Music

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Because I'm Stupid (from Boys Over Flowers OST)
Love Ya (from the album Destination)
Love Like this (from the album Rebirth)
Snow Prince (released as a single)

SS501, My first love in kpop! It's so nice to hear them sing their hit songs again (which are still on my own playlist) specially "Snow Prince" and lemme just say Heo Young Saeng remains flawless.
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Netmarble Games Becomes 2nd Largest Shareholder Of Big Hit Entertainment

Netmarble Games and Big Hit Entertainment have further expanded their partnership!

Previously in February, chairman Bang Joon Hyuk of Netmarble Games announced the cinematic game BTS World.

It has now been revealed that Netmarble Games has acquired 25.71 percent of Big Hit Entertainment’s shares, worth 201.4 billion won (approximately $189.3 million), becoming the second largest shareholder. The investment was made to increase their influence in the global music and game industries and to expand the business synergy of the two companies.

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BTS also joined other celebrities in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination by posting a link to a countdown to #DreamStillLives on twitter.

New FNC music platform to be called "FNC Lab", teases Hongki/Nflying Hweseung's ballad collab

FNC Entertainment Introduces New Music Platform “FNC Lab”

FNC Entertainment has launched a new experimental music platform called “FNC Lab.”

“FNC Lab” is a music platform that will allow free experimentation with a new combination of music. The platform will produce digital music and aims to discover new possibilities. The participating artists will experiment with a new combination of music in a variety of fields. It is expected to find new charms as it will try fresh combinations that are not limited to traditional musical styles or team colors.

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki And N.Flying’s Yoo Hoe Seung Announce Details And Release Date Of Duet Track
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"new music combinations" "traditional ballad" okay fnc
rosé h8s yg

The Great Seducer Eps 13-16 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Kwon Shi-Hyun (Woo Do-Hwan) bets his life on a dangerous game to seduce Eun Tae-Hee (Joy). His target is 20-years-old and believes people that are swayed by love are pathetic. After Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her view on love changes.
~Loosely based on the classic French novel "Les Liaisons dangereuses".
Cast: Woo Do Hwan, Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Jae, Joy, Moon Hee Kyung, Jung Ha Dam, Lee Jae Kyoon, Park Hye Jeong, Jun Mi Sun, Kwon Seok Woo, Kim Suh Hyung
Director: Kang In, Lee Dong-Hyun
Writer: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (novel), Kim Bo-Yeon
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Release Date: March 12 - May 1, 2018
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Watch Here: fastdrama

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RUN BTS! 2018 - Ep 47

Click the image or this link to watch on vlive

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this came out yesterday so i thought i'd make a post. who do y'all think is from blue village, omona? i'm terrible at these things and everyone is acting so suspicious but i think jimin has to be a red herring from the editing team.

bless them for making AUs come to life!!!! RIP in pieces, yoongi stans (myself included).


Snail-paced new reality show documents stars' journey for happiness

There is no sparks-flying romance, hand-wringing suspense, adrenaline-pumping action or breathtaking landscapes. Even the producer, Na Young-seok, warned that TV viewers might fall asleep while watching his new reality show.

But a media event Wednesday for tvN's "Little House in the Forest" was filled with anticipation of a yet another hit show from the highly successful producer.

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I never would have guessed that these two would be doing a reality show. And So Ji-sub's teaser photo is gorgeous!

source: Yonhap News

MBC fires drama PD after sexual harassment investigation #metoo

Follow up to this post

Back in February, a prominent drama PD ("A") at MBC was accused of repeatedly sexual harassing another PD (“B”). According to the allegations, A sexually harassed B in the editing studio while working together on a MBC drama that aired last year. A served as the drama’s main PD, while B was part of the editing team.

MBC said that they would temporarily suspend the PD and conduct an extensive investigation, and today it was announced that they ultimately fired the PD.

sources: @oh_mes, naver

CUBE Ent. Wins Back 'Big 4' Title?

✨April 3rd marked Shin Dae Nam's first full year as the CEO of Cube Entertainment.
✨Within this year, they saw a return in profits, restoration of staff confidence, and promotion of their artists' songwriting/composition skills.
✨A CUBE Ent. concert including HyunA, BTOB, Pentagon, CLC, Pentagon, Yoo Seon Ho, Lee Hwi Jae, etc. is planned for June.
✨Cube Ent.'s sales increased by 24% to 24.4 billion won
✨Under Shin, the company transformed a 5.7 billion won deficit in 2016 to an operating profit of 211.1 million won
✨Shin started his career as a reporter, then as Yedang Media president
✨Recalled internal conflicts including fraud among management and staff when he first took his position at CUBE
✨Shin rejected the staff's proposed 3,000-seat venue for BTOB's concert, opting for the 12,000-seat KINTEX stadium, which then sold out for the concert's two nights.
✨Shin encourages lyric-writing, composing, and producing lessons for CUBE's artists who have not actively participated in songwriting. He states, "Someone who understands how a song is composed can better interpret and convey the song to others."
✨CUBE's artists have also played a large role in restoring confidence in the company in the past year, with BTOB hitting #1 on music charts with "Missing You" and CLC and Pentagon finding popularity overseas.
✨Financial success still a work in progress with a current net profit of -997 million won, with deficits due to a merger involving subsidiary Starline Ent. last year
✨CUBE Ent. world tour hopefully in the works as a long-term goal
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Has CUBE earned its way back into your heart?

Zion.T live in the US/Canada wrap-up post

Zion.T wrapped up his first solo tour in North America, and we're going to look back at some of the highlights!

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Did any other Omonians see him on tour? Which shows?

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