April 5th, 2018

🌸[PIMP POST] Crack open a cold one with The Boyz!🌸

(Pls forgive that title)

🌸Basic Info:🌸

The Boyz are a 12 member group under Cre.Ker Entertainment. The group started revealing members in August 2017 before debuting with the title track "Boy" on December 6th 2017.The members range in age from 21 to 17 years old. They're currently promoting their second mini album [The Start]with the title track
"Giddy Up".

The fandom name is 더비 (Romanized as The B or Deobi)
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Pls validate the ridiculous amount of work I put into this by giving my sonz a chance

Rapper Ugly Duck Charged With Physical Assault, AOMG Apologizes

Rapper Ugly Duck has been charged for assault and underwent a police investigation.

According to police statements, on December 10, 2017, the rapper has been charged with assault for injuring a DJ in their 20s who works at a bar in Itaewon. The other party is reported to have needed two weeks of medical treatment in order to recover from their injuries following the incident. According to his label AOMG, Ugly Duck and the DJ were scheduled to perform back-to-back and had got in a fight in the DJ booth.

A source from AOMG stated, “We recently learned about the charge. [Ugly Duck] has been investigated by the police and his case has been forwarded to the prosecution. After confirming with him, he acknowledges the physical assault charge. We apologize Ugly Duck has caused trouble.”

source: soompi, naver, tvdaily, star news
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Stevie Wonder Personally Invited BTS to Join #DreamStillLives Campaign

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Source: Newsen via ctrIbeat, Stevie Wonder, Dream Still Lives

Court Denies Warrant For Ahn Hee-Jung Again; Will Likely Be Indicted Next Week

The court has once again denied a warrant to detain former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An Hee-jung on sexual offense charges.

The Seoul Western District Court decided not to issue the warrant early Thursday, saying the accusations against An are arguable and there is not enough proof that he may flee or destroy evidence.

This is the second time the court has denied a warrant for Ahn, who is accused of forcing his secretary to have sex with him multiple times.

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if anyone is wondering, this is the second arrest warrant from the side of Kim Ji-eun, who filed the first arrest warrant this past March. now that he'll likely be indicted/charged eventually, it's time that he gets the 2 charges from the two victims that he deserves.

Source: Korea Herald

Produce48 roundup: filming to begin soon + first mentor revealed

Produce48 has reportedly finished selecting the trainees that will participate on the show. Recording will begin in early April in Gyeonggi with the trainees dorming. There were reportedly 1000 applicants and it took 3 audition processes to narrow it down to the final (unannounced) number.

After announcing that they are planning to broadcast the first episode in May, Mnet has now pushed back the first airing date to June, however no exact date has been set yet. This means Produce48 will debut later than the previous seasons who had their first broadcast in January (Season 1) and April (Season 2).

According to Naver, the members of I.O.I were offered the chance to appear during a recording in late April, but some agencies don't like this idea. I guess this means that we will only get to see some members and not a full I.O.I reunion, however no further details have been revealed yet.

Also, last but not least: Today the first mentor for the upcoming season was revealed. FT Island's Hongki will join the show as a vocal trainer. One of the reason why he was choosen was his proficiency in Japanese.

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Park Min Young joins Park Seo Joon in tvN Drama

tvN's new drama Why Secretary Kim (or more literally, Why Is Secretary Kim Acting Like That) is based on a popular webtoon by the same name with 4.5 million views, and it’s an office romantic comedy about a super capable secretary and her chaebol boss. Park Min-young will be playing Secretary Kim, an assistant who knows her boss’s every move before he makes it, and is basically the behind-the-scenes fixer who solves everything no matter how big the crisis. She’s a legend among secretaries, and would get blood on her hands if she had to for her job. She’s an absolute perfectionist at work, but the second she clocks out, she turns into a lazy slob who picks things up with her feet at home.

Park Seo-joon will play her boss, a vice president and second-generation chaebol graced with good looks and brains to top it off. His major malfunction is his personality, of course, which is “the prickliest in the entire universe” due to his extreme narcissism. Gee, what a ray of sunshine. The drama will be about their “heart-fluttering, roller coaster romance” as they work together.

Why Secretary Kim is scheduled to air on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning in June.

Source: Dramabeans/IS Plus

Here for this couple, not here for another asshole boss storyline.
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180405 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'The Chance Of Love'

Wanna One


Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 1714 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 410 1500
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 887 991
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 354 490
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 920 1000
Final Total 4440 9981

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Sources: Mnet K-Pop, Korean Music Shows, M2, K Pop

Pentagon's new song is so fun!

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