April 9th, 2018

GOT7 on LieV + Cute Tweet About Jinyoung

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Markjae were such cute cuddle pups in this! And JJBam will never let Gyeom live down his newfound reading hobby lmao. Unfortunately, Jackson was in the hospital/recovering for health reasons, but according to weibo, he’s feeling much better now. Take care of yourself, Seunie!

omona, have you ever been asked to help someone sleep and woke them up instead?

Sources: Vlive, haetbitmark tweet 1, 2
Bad Boy

[ENG] SuperTV Ep.11 ft. CLC, WJSN, Gugudan, Weki Meki, & Fromis_9

Episode 11:
Openload | Google Drive parts 1 2 3

In SuperTV, six Super Junior members (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae) put their twist on popular show and movie concepts, such as We Got Married, I Live Alone, Problematic Men, etc. Episode 11's concept "Spring Field Day" is meant to be a twist on ISAC with 5 rising girl groups competing against each other.

Source: @Yubseyo

An IOI fansite (Team Ideal Subs) subbed this episode instead of the usual Suju sub team so it's out quicker than expected. There will be a second part next week too that looks pretty wild. This episode mostly just let the guys familiarize themselves with the girl groups, but there's some friendly competition between the girl groups that's pretty cute.

Korea's Next top girl groups 2018 mix - finale evaluations (3/3)

this is an omona originally written by pikapika217

And so here we are at the end. Thank you so much to everyone who's read and commented and gently educated me on both the groups discussed and who they wanted to discuss. Due to this while I planned to make this last post about up and comers instead the category IS - 'By popular demand'.

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and so that will be all for me on these. I do think there's so much to discuss when it comes to girl groups - for instance, ones in recovery? - but I'll leave that to others a little bit more qualified than me ;3

this is an omona originally written by pikapika217
peekaboo brian

Day6 to release Japanese album 'The Best Day' + to hold first Japanese concerts

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Sources: Day6 Japan Official | Naver | hey0125 | kpopherald

this post is a bit late, but YAY, day6 getting into that Japanese band scene! i'm fairly certain that the songs listed will be Japanese versions, as well as the Congratulations and You Were Beautiful English versions, but don't quote me on that

GOT7 Bambam Exempt From Military Service

- GOT7’s Bambam was set to draw a card today, April 9th, to determine if he had to serve in the military

- Enough people volunteered for his district that everybody else was exempted

Source: fanatic_got7_ twitter, naver via soompi

Jooyoung does a short cover of Red Velvet's Bad Boy

This is for Mnet's upcoming music battle show “Breakers”. The lineup includes popular R&B singers Samuel Seo and JooYoung, singer-songwriter 20 Years of Age (real name Hwang Dae Hyun), Cha Ji Hye, Mia, ALEPH’s Jeongjae, OFFONOFF’s Colde and rapper Penomeco of the crew FANXY CHILD. SHINee’s Key was previously announced as the MC of the program.

Source: ch.BREAKERS, Soompi

While you're at it, check out Jooyoung's recent album Fountain: iTunes | Spotify | "Dive" MV