April 10th, 2018

Yoo Seonho 1st mini album "Spring, Brilliant" Audio Snippet

SOURCE: YOO SEONHO 유선호 (Official YouTube Channel)

Track List:
1. Prelude: Thinking Of You
Composed and Arranged by Lee Jinah

2. When Spring Comes
Composed, Lyrics, and Arranged by Lee Jinah

3. One Blue Star
Composed, Lyrics, and Arranged by Son Youngjin, Yeanice, Ferdy

4. Miss You
Composed, Lyrics by Lee Jinah
Arranged by Lee Jinah, Jo Sungjoon, Parkhyun

5. When Spring Comes (Inst.)

So happy for chick Seonho! I can feel his hard work (and voice coach Jinho's too) paid off coz his voice sounds a lot better compared to when he was on PD101
ear tug

GOT7's "Never Ever" reaches 100million views on Youtube + unreleased Dance Practise

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Sources: GOT7 1 2

I love whoever is running their twitter nowadays, the captions are cute.

Omona, have you already had your quota of GOT7 dance practise videos filled yet?

Actor Joo Won talks military life and GD on Army Facebook

On April 9, actor Joo Won, who is currently serving in the military as an instructor of Baekgol training camp, shared stories about life in the military.

Through Republic of Korea Army: ROK Army’s Facebook account, Joo Won appeared in a live broadcast as a representative of training camp instructors. In the broadcast, Joo Won explained about the first 5-week basic training procedure in military in details.

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I wonder how often they do these shows online, it must be nice for their families to see how they're doing. And seeing some of the pics from his graduation, Jiyong also looks healthier now than he did in the past year and a half. I'm so glad it looks like he put some weight back on.

sources: KPopLove & Osen

The Cry Super Concert Lineup

The full lineup: Rae Sremmurd, CL, Dok2, Zico, Giriboy, DPR Live, The Quiett, Crush, BewhY, Nucksal, Changmo, Hash Swan, Keem Hyo Eun, Deep Flow, and Huckleberry P. The concert will be held at Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul South Korea on April 28. Tickets are on sale now starting at 130 USD. The lineup was announced two weeks ago, but the article was put out today.

source: The Cry

PD48: Japanese trainees arrive in Korea + (unconfirmed) list of AKB-members participating

Japanese trainees participating in Produce48 will arrive in Korea today to prepare to begin dorming tomorrow. Filming also starts tomorrow, broadcast begins in June.

Below is a list of AKB members that were spotted at the airport in Korea:
  • Matsui Jurina

  • Kashiwagi Yuki

  • Miyawaki Sakura

  • Takahashi Juri

  • Asai Yuka

  • Nakano Ikumi

  • Kojima Mako

  • Yuka Kato

  • Miru Shiroma

sources: @oh_mes 1, 2, naver

Yoon Doo Joon and Baek Jin Hee Confirmed for Let's Eat 3

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon will officially be returning for a third season of tvN’s “Let’s Eat” with Baek Jin Hee! On April 11, a source from tvN confirmed the two actors have accepted their casting offers to star as the leads of “Let’s Eat 3.”

“Let’s Eat” first aired in 2013 and gained popularity for its relatable portrayal of people’s eating habits when living alone as well as its food scenes. It returned for a second season in 2015.

This will mark the third time Yoon Doojoon has starred in this series, as he was also the male lead in both previous seasons. Baek Jin Hee will be a new addition, following in the footsteps of Lee Soo Kyung and Seo Hyun Jin from season one and season two respectively.

“Let’s Eat 3” is set to premiere in July, following “You Who Forgot Poetry” and “About Time.”

Source: Soompi/Xports News

The Return of Superman Ep 219

This week's episode of The Return of Superman is titled, 'Like a Lie, Like a Gift'. Seungjae has an internship experience for a day at Jiyong's company and becomes a tonic for the employees while helping Daddy. As Grandma spends a quality time with Bentley, William and Sam visit a safari in Australia. Meanwhile, Sian faces his biggest rival at the birthday party of Minchae, whom he likes.


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Sian goes to Minchae's house, and gets a surprise. Seungjae visits his dad in the office. I have a feeling that guy in the restaurant was just being nice to Seungjae to get with that girl lol. William is still in Australia, and tries Vegemite for the first time. And the twins are still in Jeju...although they think they're in a foreign country lol. I think next week will their last episode.

source: KBS World 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8