June 14th, 2018

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Jae gets coached by two pro-LoL players to get revenge on Dowoon

Basically, Jae lost a match to Dowoon on a previous episode of JaeSix, so he went and got coaching from two pro-players, Crown and CuVee, and then challenged Dowoon to a rematch.

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Sources: Gen.G Esports | JaeSix

If you want more info on K-pop x League of Legends as a whole, you can check out my old and now very outdated K-pop x LoL post!

SNSD news: Tiffany to make comeback, and more

Tiffany to make summer comeback!

Obviously today's biggest Soshi-news: According to OSEN, Tiffany will make her solo comeback this summer with a new album. She has already completed recording the song(s) and is filming the music video next. Amazon later revealed a possible single cover and release date, stating that "Over My Skin" will be released on June 28, however nothing has been confirmed yet.

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#HOWHAVEYUBIN Episode 03 - "Beloved"

Yubin's reality mini-series continues to explore the preparation behind her solo debut. IN this episode, Yubin pays a visit to a vocal coach, goes shopping in L.A. for her music video looks, and continues to discuss her younger years as a Wonder Girl, and why now is the time for her to shine as a soloist.

Source: Yubin's Official Youtube Channel

The vocal coach play a version of Lady without the backing vocals and I think I like it better? Oh, and she sounds pretty good with proper guidance.

Former Dal Shabet Member Gaeun Announces Upcoming Marriage

Former Dal Shabet member Gaeun has shared some happy news with fans!

On June 14, it was reported that Gaeun will be tying the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend on June 23. Her boyfriend was described as being four years older than her, and the pair are said to run a clothes business together. It was reported that the members of Dal Shabet all took part in shooting her bridal photos, except for Woohee who is busy with UNI.T but sent her congratulations to Gaeun.

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she looks so beautiful ;__;

Sources: Naver via Soompi, @jjojjo_eun